Name: DGW

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I recently purchased a pair of NRS boundary shoes to provide a little more protection for my dry suit. The thought of walking in a pair of wet shoes with sand and or what ever grinding away at my suit’s gortex socks didn’t set real well with me. So I purchased a pair of these boots and have been using them ever since the ice has melted off the local lakes.

So far the socks have been dry and clean. However the protection is only good as long as you don’t step into water deeper than the boot is high. If you find yourself swimming, these boots provide an additional layer of thermal protection. The strap that goes over the top of the foot helps keep the boot in place, and I did not find my feet sliding around inside the boot when walking either up hill or down. I’ll be using these boots even when I transition from the dry suit to a wet suit, the boots are that comfortable. I would give these boots a rating of ten.

I recently purchased this video (This is the Sea), and although I did enjoy it, I thought it could be improved on. It was great to see a video that showed places and conditions that others have paddled. I particularly enjoyed the trip where the two woman and the young Russian take a three week coastal trip. But this is also where I thought there could have been improvement to the video. Such as maybe how they over came some of the logistical problems of their trip. More footage of camp life, packing and unpacking their kayaks. Perhaps some discussion on the equipment that they chose to use on their trip. I guess I was hoping for some helpful hints and suggestions, for extended trips in a kayak. Don't get me wrong, this video was by far the best that I have come to watch as compared to the " how to stuff". I even ordered the "This is the Sea Two" video. I enjoyed it for the entertainment value. For something a little different form the other videos, I would suggest watching this DVD.

I recently submitted a review for a Current Designs fiberglass Solstice GT HV XL kayak. I had found a few problems with it. I didn't feel comfortable in keeping this boat and wanted to return it. However I did mention that I felt strongly enough about the Solstice's attributes, that I would still want to own a new Solstice despite the problems that I discovered with the first one. I went to Rutabaga not knowing what to expect. I went to the store and had the store rep., come out and examine the boat, and they apologized and went out of their way to refit me into another Solstice kayak. I cannot say enough good things about Rutabaga's costumer service. I would highly recommend checking out your next kayak at the Rutabaga paddling shop.

I inspected this new kayak very carefully and found it to be in perfect shape and one to be very proud of. I am looking forward to paddling this kayak in my favorite waters. With this new boat I have to readjust my rating of the kayak. I am familiar with it's handling, and now have a new kayak that I am proud of and I can't help but give the Solstice a "10". :)

I recently purchase a Current Designs fiberglass Solstice GT HV XL, while at this years Canoecopia, hosted by Rutabaga out of Madison Wisc. I think the boat is a wonderfully designed kayak, and fell in love with it. I unfortunately discovered a few problems after I purchased it. First, I found that where the rudder cables came out of the hull that the sealant was cracked, and the short cable sheaves were sliding out of the hull and along the cable. I called Rutabaga and they were very helpful in describing how to fix this. It didn't seam like a big problem.

Then when on nice spring day I decided to wash my new kayak and found a small area where the gelcoat was cracked. This was located just under the chine area under the seat. Other than the show room, I hadn't even sat in it yet. Now I am beginning to wonder just what I got myself into. I contacted Rutabaga again with my concern and desire to exchange this boat. To my surprise I received an e-mail from them saying to bring the boat down and that they would take a look at it, and they would try to find a boat to my liking. Which was nice, because I thought I was up the creek with out a paddle. However, I must admit and despite this I still believe that CD has a nice boat design. I still would like to own a Solstice. I'll be taking my kayak down this weekend and afterward will let everyone know how much CD stands behind their warranty.