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Glide-N-Set Description

The Glide-N-Set is a accessory brought to you by Thule. Read Glide-N-Set reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Glide-N-Set Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Glide-N-Set.

Glide-N-Set Reviews

Read reviews for the Glide-N-Set by Thule as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Just got into kayaking and…

Submitted by: HammockPaddler on 8/8/2016

Just got into kayaking and needed to pick up a rack to protect the roof of my car. The plan was the Hull-a-Port for me and the Glide and Set for the wife so she can load and unload her own when she wants to go out solo.

These are easy to set up on my Aeroblade bars and the kayak does slide easily on the felt pads and is gripped by the set and go cradle. In addition the friction straps and bow and stern ratchet lines are great.

The think I don't like is that the felt pads only pivot in and out to follow the hull. They do not pivot front and back to maintain in contact. They are also very flexible. This meant that the yak slides on them but when it's all the way on and ready to go, the aft half of the pad isn't touching anything, so the footprint is reduced and the pressure on the hull more localized. The Aeroblade bars prevent any real adjustment of the felt saddles to realign them with the hull.

So, eight of ten. I would give it a ten if the felt pads pivoted lengthwise as well and were more rigid to spread out the load when strapped down.


I am new to kayak fishing,…

Submitted by: paddler235960 on 9/8/2014
I am new to kayak fishing, but not new to carrying items on top of my vehicle. I have a Stealth 14. I had to try a few things and find that the Thule Glide and Set works best for me.

I've had the glide n set…

Submitted by: shooter-x on 8/4/2013
I've had the glide n set saddles for 5 years, they have faded some and I had to get Lexel to reglue the felt pads. I really love the straps and ratchets that came with them. The felt pads let the boat slid and then be set on rubber front saddles that grip the boat. No Worries

Excellent product. Somewhat…

Submitted by: jen724 on 3/8/2010
Excellent product. Somewhat expensive, but comes with ratcheting bow and stern tie-downs as well as regular tie-down straps. The rear saddles have a felt covering that allows the kayak to slip on easily. These saddles have spring tensioning to conform to hull shape. The front saddles have a rubber surface to grip and also adjust to conform to hull shape.
If you have to load your kayak solo, this is an excellent option.

After uncounted hours…

Submitted by: paddler233376 on 9/21/2009
After uncounted hours researching how to secure my 17.5' Anadyr onto heavy duty Westin racks atop a Tacoma cap, Thule Glide-n-Set got the call.
Efficient function, secure performance and economical price (compared to yakyma charging for every single component, thus costing a fortune). Loading and unloading are a breeze. Only a mentally challenged spammer spreading FUD would have problems with this rig.
Nothing created by man is perfect, so I rate it 9.

I started out using one Thule…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2008
I started out using one Thule 883 Glide-n-Set system with my Current Designs Kestral TCS 14'kayak. It took a while to figure out I needed a mat on the back of my 2005 Chevy Equinox SUV and a rug or two under the stern. The technique became to lift the bow way up and than work my way to the back of the 'yak and tilt it up the rest of the way. I then added a Yakima J-bar for my friend's Kestral (same model boat, different color). There wasn't enough room on the factory rack for two Glide-n-Sets side by side. I had great difficult loading the second kayak by myself as it tended to twist as I was shoving it into position. The final concern about the J-bar was one of the mounts almost twisted off the bar during a heavy gust of wind while driving over a very high bridge even though I had it secured fore and aft as well as to the J-bars. Scary!

So I added a Thule rack with a 65" crossbar system which accommodated a second set of Glide-n-Set. Just came back from a 500 mile trip which entailed removing and mounting both kayaks many times for paddling. The side by side setup was as solid as a rock at highway speeds, over bumpy road and through rain.

I would hardily endorse them. Note that the mounts worked equally well with my wide factory crossbars and the square Thule crossbars.


Thule Glide-n-Set works great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/29/2007
Thule Glide-n-Set works great on our Highlander to carry our 14'-8", 75 pound Nicky Manitou II tandem kayak. I can easily load and unload the kayak by myself, though I'm not terribly strong (though I am 6' tall, which helps). Using a bath mat set over the rear edge of the roof/rear hatch door, I can lift the front end of the kayak up onto the mat, then hold the kayak steady as I move back to the rear of the kayak still sitting on the ground, lift it and easily slide the kayak forward onto the front "Set" part of the rack, which grabs the kayak securely. Adjusting the position is as simple and pulling down on the rear of the kayak to lift the front end slightly and easily sliding it forward or back. It takes a little time to get the tie-down straps around it and get it secured, but I don't know of any way that it could be done more easily. I always use front and rear tie-down ropes with tightening ratchets, as well. The large size of both the front and rear parts of this set seem like they cause less warping of the polymer kayak that the wheels of a Hully-roller would, but I still try not to tighten the straps too much, or leave the kayak on for too long, especially in hot weather. I use the Thule rectangular bars with their roof mount system that easily mounts to the side-rails of the factory rack. Mounting and removing the entire rack is much easier than removing the Glide-n-Set components from the rack, so I just put the whole rack on only when using it. I also use Thule Port Side J-style carrier next to the Glide-N-Set to hold a 13' solo kayak.

We purchased the Thule…

Submitted by: judiski on 5/14/2007
We purchased the Thule Glide-n-set to carry two Tarpon 16 ft SOT kayaks on a medium sized SUV. They are mounted on a set of Thule racks attached to our factory side rails. Once installed these are very easy to use. It takes a little practice and creativity to determine the best way to run the straps, but once a system is developed this becomes quite easy. Since we drive mainly on interstates we always use front and rear tie downs. You'll have to look hard to find a spot to hook these to metal on some cars. (For a Toyota Highlander we discovered there was a screw in "tow hook" that went into the front bumper. By ordering a second hook from our dealer we had great front hooks.) We remove the kayak saddles when not in use and reattaching them to the racks is a quick process if you mark their locations on the bar with paint or tape. The wing nuts do mean that someone could take them if they wanted. We lock our kayaks to the car by running bike cables through the scupper holes and around the roof rack. We are very pleased with these racks and easily give them a 10.

I just got the 883 Glide N…

Submitted by: paddler231775 on 9/5/2006
I just got the 883 Glide N Set two weeks ago but I am very pleased. It has made loading my 69 lb. tandem rec kayak doable by myself on the top of my SUV. The saddles attached right to my factory rack and are easy to adjust. Comes with nice tie straps and bow and stern tie downs (which I have not had to use yet). It takes up more room on the top than the J racks but it's much easier to load I believe. Feels very secure when it's all tightened.

I would give it a 10 except that I feel I need to replace the Thule wingnuts with something that requires a tool in case someone tries to steal it. Thule should give you the option of either way (quick adjust or security).


We have this set installed on…

Submitted by: aorourke on 12/16/2005
We have this set installed on Thule square bars. Installation is quick and easy. There is no movement - the set is very secure. I like the hydro-glides - I have to say I prefer them to the hully rollers that we also own. The kayak moves pretty effortlessly onto the hydro-glides which are installed at the rear of the vehicle. The set-to-go saddles are on the front, and they're adjustable, so you get good contact with the kayak. Definitely recommended. I'm pretty sure you can't install these on Yakimas though.

On the advice of a dealer who…

Submitted by: BIRDZONE on 4/14/2005
On the advice of a dealer who carried both brands, I purchased a pair of Yakima bars, Q-Towers and Thule Glide N Set kayak racks.

Not a good combination. The Q-Tower rack system is actually very good, solid and easy to put on and take off.

The Glide N Set kayak racks are another matter. Mostly plastic, cannot be tightened enough to stay put on the bars. The tie-downs are extremely time-consuming to tie the kayaks down.

I needed the Q-Tower system for my racks due to the vehicle I use (F-150 SuperCrew). I should have insisted on Yakima kayak holders even though the Thule's are supposed to work on the round bars.