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White water, river runner, and ocean surfing kayak. The latter is its best characteristic. I wanted to save, for posterity, the dimensions of this boat as Necky is closed and was not able to able to find the kayaks specs anywhere until I spoke to Tom at TopKayaker in Ossippee NH. He retrieved most of the information from a 1999 catalog (paper). The outer cockpit and circumference I measured. Also, Seals Skirts' Joe and Kelly, great folks, have a template of the cockpit outer dimensions from which they modified a skirt for me. Length - 9'2" (Mine is 9'3") Width = 23" Cockpit = 31"x 15 1/2" Inner, 33.5" x 17.25" outer, and circumference is 83.5" Volume = 61 Gallons

I've used an Animas on and off for years. I borrowed one from a friend and finally purchased another 3 years ago to add to my 'quiver' of yaks. Couldn't be happier. Easy to roll, attain, and run rivers. I'm getting ready to do the Potomac Downriver race this weekend and 10' should hit the sweet spot between my 8.1 Mamba and 17' P&H Sea kayak for this trip. Highly ecommend adding an IR Backband to upgrade the fit.

I've owned my Seayak for 5 years now (a review I did earlier is the first posting here). The Seayak was my first kayak; it now shares my house with 3 other kayaks. I have paddled this boat on the Potomac River in both flat water and whitewater. It's been in the Atlantic off NC and NH. It spent three days fishing with me in Lake George surrounded by motorboats. I learned to run rapids and roll in this kayak. Simply stated, this is a damn good boat. Sure, it's not as fast and nimble as my P&H Sirius M nor a rollable as my Necky Rip or Wave Sport Z. It is what it is - a rigid, agile(for plasic) boat with good primary and excellent secondary stability. I can edge in this boat and keep it there like it was nailed. I took off the rudder to roll and turn better. I love the look of the prow. For most people who kayak, this is all the boat you would need - you can begin here and grow into it's capabilities.

60 lbs, bright yellow (of course) 24" beam, rudder opt., two hatches, foot peddles, viking prow, webbing fore and aft of cockpit, stiff polyethelyne, quick and fast.