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I purchased a Necky Rip WW…

Submitted by: paddler545073 on 8/20/2019

I purchased a Necky Rip WW based on the recommendation of my WW Instructor Trainer and Tony Hernandez, a true river god.

The Rip really helped me a lot in my training to be an instructor because the narrow hull (24"), secure outfitting, and railed edges facilitated snappy eddy turns and peel outs. The Rip responds to aggressive lean with a slalom boat feel and rewards precise strokes.

The planing hull and moderate rocker make the Rip and excellent surfer.

But the best characteristic for a new paddler (or an instructor making demos) is ease of rolling. The narrower hull and secure outfitting inspire confidence and the Rip responds excellently to either the C-to-C or Sweep Roll technique, and even better to the combination Combo Roll now known as "the New Whitewater Roll".

Some called the 9' 2" , 61 gallon Rip a planning hull RPM, which is a good description. Both were in that 2000 nine foot, 60 gallon sweet spot. In the mid 2010's the 9 foot sweet spot came back but with much more volume ((Jackson Zen, Pyranha 9R & Ripper, and many others)

BTW the original Necky Rip was designed as a glass ocean surfer.


Excellent Kayak for starting…

Submitted by: paddler540558 on 8/12/2019

Excellent Kayak for starting out. Love the drop down rudder on the back end, eliminates all the wiggle you get with the others. To bad they discontinued this, I would buy another today.


White water, river runner,…

Submitted by: swimmerone on 8/6/2019

White water, river runner, and ocean surfing kayak. The latter is its best characteristic. I wanted to save, for posterity, the dimensions of this boat as Necky is closed and was not able to able to find the kayaks specs anywhere until I spoke to Tom at TopKayaker in Ossippee NH. He retrieved most of the information from a 1999 catalog (paper). The outer cockpit and circumference I measured. Also, Seals Skirts' Joe and Kelly, great folks, have a template of the cockpit outer dimensions from which they modified a skirt for me. Length - 9'2" (Mine is 9'3") Width = 23" Cockpit = 31"x 15 1/2" Inner, 33.5" x 17.25" outer, and circumference is 83.5" Volume = 61 Gallons


I have a '90's whitewater…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2011
I have a '90's whitewater Rip. It is very solid as a river runner. Fast, catches eddies well, predictable. Sharp edges allow for precise (and fun!) carving when turning, either downriver or on a wave. With the flat, planing hull, it surfs like a champ, the bigger the wave, the better! Slightly narrower than most playboats/river runners, it rolls very easily and easier to make vertical strokes, without striking the boat.

A good beginners boat. Didn't get it in the ocean, but should surf great there, too. Necky plastic also among the best. It is a bit heavy though, and the outfitting is minimal.
Old school, but still a decent boat.


Although my wife and I are,…

Submitted by: paddler233680 on 7/7/2010
Although my wife and I are, essentially, new to kayaking (we did just a bit when we lived in the PACNORWEST) we found our new Rips to be excellent for waters without huge chop. This is a superb boat for those new to kayaking: a great boat for a good price. Easy to maneuver in and out of the water. If you are just starting, start here....don't think you need to get something more extravagant.
Get a Rip, you won't be "ripped"-off!!

This is a good downriver boat…

Submitted by: paddler228915 on 9/18/2000
This is a good downriver boat that surfs incredibly well. It is a good beginning boat which rolls easily and tracks well. It can do some of the play moves, but is relatively long for cartwheeling etc. Where it is at its best is on a wave, either in the river, or in the ocean.