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Animas Reviews


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Animas Reviews

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I've used an Animas on and…

Submitted by: swimmerone on 5/10/2018

I've used an Animas on and off for years. I borrowed one from a friend and finally purchased another 3 years ago to add to my 'quiver' of yaks. Couldn't be happier. Easy to roll, attain, and run rivers. I'm getting ready to do the Potomac Downriver race this weekend and 10' should hit the sweet spot between my 8.1 Mamba and 17' P&H Sea kayak for this trip. Highly ecommend adding an IR Backband to upgrade the fit.


A 10 because there are few…

Submitted by: Acewray on 6/10/2014
A 10 because there are few boats out there for 'big boys'. With a 13 foot and 200+ lbs this is a great whitewater boat. Very maneuverable for size, thick construction, ample cockpit. Responsive, good initial stability, fun in ocean surf. NOT for smaller people.

I got this boat used over the…

Submitted by: penglehart1 on 2/14/2012
I got this boat used over the winter. It has been out on flat water training and pool sessions so far. Rolls very easily. Feel the difference in speed and size. Legs are very happy under thigh braces with nice bend in knees. Looking forward to attainment from Angler's Inn put in. Even though boat is over ten years old its held up well.

This boat is still my…

Submitted by: paddler232564 on 5/12/2008
This boat is still my favorite after years of paddling. Granted you can't play to much in it, but if you find a deep enough hole you can pull some squirts. This boat really comes into its own when running really big water. I've taken this boat through some of the biggest rapids around, specifically the Gauley River and New River gorge. I've never felt so secure on those rapids. I probably wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 6 feet, but if your tall enough, it is as nimble as anything I've ever paddled, and way faster than most whitewater boats. Its high volume also makes it a decent creek boat, and it surfs ocean waves like a dream. Also incredibly easy to roll.

The Animas is a great…

Submitted by: budiii on 7/19/2004
The Animas is a great beginner boat. It’s fast & very stable. I was able to learn how to paddle and roll in a comfortable boat. Rounded edges gives you time to make a correction before you start counting fish. At 5’11 w/ 32” inseam, it has plenty of room left. Tons of storage in the stern. I pitied watching people my size paddle all day in smaller boats, they couldn’t w/ out getting out to stretch. While it’s not a rodeo boat, it will play some on waves and get you down the river with amazing speed. I’ve got 2 now, & I plan on always keeping one in my arsenal.

I have canoed since I was 7…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/25/2004
I have canoed since I was 7 years old and now I am well past 50. About 5 years ago I bought my first kayak. It was a Old Town loon and I loved it and still do. However, I always wanted to experience the thrill of fast water and big waves in a yak. To make a long story short, since I am bigger than average guy, I took the advice of a river guide and tried the Animas. He said "It was an old school boat" The plastic barely had a spot on the surface that was not scratched. Anyway, it was "love at first stroke." I eventually found a new one that had been stored for about 4 years and purchased it. This yak is stable, and it is forgiving. Usually a quick brace and a sweep stroke and you are back up and on your way. I now run with extreme confidence very choppy class 2 rapids with hay stacks and re-actionary waves. This boat is stable. I have never had to roll it in rapid conditions, but I have practiced on still water and found that it will roll without a great amount of force. Just bring your head up last and it will go right back over and you are on your way. I would assume that experts my find this boat too big to "play in." I do not think a person under 5'8" could handle it without a lot of padding. Anyway, if you want a fast, stable yak to learn with and give you a great deal of paddleing satisfaction, find one, buy it, and paddle it. If you are an old dog like me, it will make you feel like a young pup again.

Just bought my second WWboat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/4/2002
Just bought my second WWboat An Animas As you guested. Had an rpm before good boat but not alot of room as compaired to the Animas. I have only paddled a few times in this boat but it handles like a dream. You can ferry over to eddies like a sunday drive in a park. It handles the big water like an aircraft carrier. And the price,, Hard to beat many times lower than its competitors.. Good boat for anyone running ww..

Good boat for starting out…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/14/2001
Good boat for starting out paddling whitewater if you are a big guy. Very stable, punches through holes/big waves very well and can handle catching micro-eddies (although it will blow through eddies if you aren't careful about its speed). The only negative I can think of is it is a VERY fast boat compared with newer boats which are sort of slow. I like the speed part as it helps in making positioning (ferrying or avoiding stuffs) moves. It is also not the best boat to surf with as it won't stick on waves like most play boats. It is a good boat to do bow-squirts with if the hole is deep enough which is sort of impressive. It is easier to roll than play boats, that's for sure. If you can't find it used buy a new one as it is a boat that you should keep (big water, new paddlers, ect.).

I demoed this boat at a kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/16/2000
I demoed this boat at a kayak camp for a couple of days. This was the first boat I ever used. It performed well, we only ran class I and II. I was learning to roll with it. The only problem was, it felt like I was swimming in it. I am 5' 6" and the boat was too big for me.

I have had my Animas for two…

Submitted by: paddler228408 on 1/6/2000
I have had my Animas for two years. It is comfortable, stable, and just plain fun to paddle. It is not your new style playboat, but if you are larger and run rivers it is a great boat. 6'1", 32" inseam, size 12's..

Good boat ..I've been boating…

Submitted by: paddler228323 on 10/11/1999
Good boat ..I've been boating about 15 years.. weigh about 225.. I've paddled a dancer for eons.. and finally got in a boat that handled ..didn't submarine and performed...spent a week on the south fork of the poudre at about 800 cfs.. little bone ridden but the boat handle drops well.. made the tight turns and met the challenge of making whitewater fun and helping a bigger guy keep up .. id recommend to any paddler.. of any level of experience..

Great boat for the big and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/1999
Great boat for the big and big footed. I am 6'2"/210lbs and love this boat (my second WW yak). The only thing that caught me by suprise (and continues to) is the flat back deck that get's grabbed as you cross eddy lines. Once you learn to lean forward as transitioning or when moving through areas of cross current you will be much happier (drier!). Great boat overall and I can run for hours with the family on river floats without going numb (rare for a WW boat). Great outfitting too!

This is one stable boat.It is…

Submitted by: paddler228098 on 5/24/1999
This is one stable boat.It is very forgiving if you don't quite have your skills down pat. I've had it on class 4 water ( a little steep creek) and about all I had to do was keep the bow pointed down stream and paddle hard.