Kayak Fishing: Paddle or Pedal?

One of the biggest questions that I'm asked is, "Should I be paddling or should I be pedaling?" And that's a great question because with both of those options available, an angler should really be prepared to make the proper selection based on how they fish and what their preferences are.

Probably the biggest reason that I choose the paddle is because I grew up fishing in Piros, in canoes, in traditional paddle craft. So I was naturally drawn to the paddle style boats. Big reasons that I continue to paddle is most of the boats that I use, I drag through the woods. I take 'em into super shallow water, and there's a lot of cover that comes up within inches of the surface or sticks up above the surface. So I feel like a paddle craft is best suited for that type of fishing. Most of the places that I go I don't feel like I could use pedals, so I've never really opted for it.

Again, I choose the paddle because it fits the way that I fish, it's inexpensive, and it's a great way to maintain stealth and get into the tight places that I get into to catch the fish that I catch. And really, in my opinion, it helps me catch them where others can't.

That's the basic reasons that I choose to paddle, and there probably are several others, but with that, I'm gonna turn it over to Marty [Mood] and let him tell you about the reasons that he uses a pedal kayak rather than a paddle kayak.

Marty Mood:
Thanks, Chad, and you're right, I get asked the question all the time, "Why do I pedal?" And the most obvious reason and one I always start off with is hands-free fishing. I don't have to ever drop my rod and pick up my paddle to adjust position, or propel myself, or anything like that. What that equates to is a lot more time with your rod in your hand and your lure in the water which is gonna mean more fish.

Another aspect that makes this boat an advantage over the paddle is if you do a lot of trolling. There's two things, you control with the rod in your hand which allows you to literally feel everything that lure is doing. If it's just caught up on some grass, whatever debris, you're gonna feel that if the rod is in your hand.

And lastly, with the efficiency of the pedal system, this boat allows you to go into a lot of conditions and get out fishing on days when you normally wouldn't be able to do that.

Chad Hoover:
So whether you paddle or pedal, For your next Kayak Bassin adventure, make sure you visit your local kayak fishing specialty retailer so that they can set you up with a demo to help you choose the right boat.

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