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Top 5 Ways to Customize Your Fishing Kayak

One of the funnest parts of kayak fishing is customizing your fishing kayak to fit your individual needs. So in this video we're gonna look at the top five ways to customize your fishing kayak.

Number one, install gear tracks on your kayak. Gear tracks allow you to quickly attach and remove accessories from your kayak, so that you can modify your layout to fit the type of fishing that you're going to be doing that day. Although the higher end kayaks already come with gear tracks installed, you might want to consider adding a few extra gear tracks to make your kayak as customizable as possible.

Number two, use a light and a flagpole on your kayak. One of the problems with kayak fishing is that kayaks are much smaller and lower profile than other boats, and so a light or flagpole are important pieces of safety gear to let others know you're out there.

Number three, add a fish finder to your kayak. Fish finders are extremely helpful for finding fish or finding fish holding against structure in deep water. If you do get one, I highly recommend getting a fish finder that has GPS. GPS can let you mark and find your way back to great fishing spots, or even more importantly, it can help you find your way back to the launch, especially when it's getting dark or when there is fog rolling in.

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Number four, add deck padding to your kayak. One of the huge advantages of kayak fishing over boat fishing is how quiet they are, and how they will let you sneak up on fish. But if you knock your boat with your paddle, or drop anything on the deck of your kayak, it's like beating a loud fish spooking drum. This is why deck padding is making a big but quiet splash in the kayak fishing market. By placing the padding anywhere on the boat that your prone to knocking the boat, you will dramatically improve yourself on the water.

The fifth and final top way to customize your kayak is to use an anchor system. One of the great things about fishing kayaks is that they're so maneuverable, but the trade-off is that even a light wind can blow you all over the place. That's why having an anchor is so important. The most common anchoring system for shallow water kayak fishing is the stake out pole, which you plant in the ground through a scupper hole or through a loop attached to the side of your kayak. Better yet, you can even get a remote-controlled stake out pole that mounts to the stern of your kayak. In deeper water, typical anchoring systems work best, and it's a good idea to attach them to your kayak with some type of quick release mechanism, so that you can break free anytime you need to. One other thing about anchoring is that if you're anchoring in fast-moving water, you can flip your kayak in a heartbeat. So I suggest not anchoring if you're in significant current.

So there you have it, the top five ways to customize your fishing kayak. I hope you found this video helpful, and if you did, subscribe to  KayakFishing Tales YouTube channel. Until next time, I'm Jeff Herman,
hoping you have a safe and successful kayak fishing trip.

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