Best Bass Fishing Lure Ever

In this video, Chad Hoover explains why the Gary Yamamoto Senko is the best bass fishing lure ever.

Parameters for the Best Lure

As Chad mentions in his video, this is his criteria for the best lure:

  • The lure has to be easy to fish
  • The lure has to fish well in multiple conditions - pretty much fishes anywhere in the country, any time of the year, shallow deep and everything in between
  • The lure has to catch us fish

Gary Yamamoto Senko

Why is the Gary Yamamoto Senko the best bass fishing lure? The Senko is versatile and consistent. You can fish it shallow or deep, you can fish it fast or slow. Another criteria for best lure is how well the pros do with that lure, or how much money they win in competitions. The Senko is the lure that consistently has won more money than any other lure, due to its versatility. So if you are looking for a lure that will guarantee more fish in the boat, a Gary Yamamoto Senko should be your go-to.

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