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Father’s Day Paddling Gift Ideas And Ways To Celebrate

Whether you have a father or a son who’s a father himself, the odds are there is a dad in the family who enjoys paddling. You might even have a father in the family who is paddling-obsessed. Most dads have a hobby, and Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate all the dads out there while also embracing their passions.

If you have a paddling enthusiast dad in the family, you should consider getting him a Father’s Day gift he can use and enjoy with his favorite hobby. From an upgraded paddle to dry bags filled with his favorite snacks, there are lots of gift ideas at many price points. When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day itself, you can take a paddle as a family, or at least a trip to a water sports store.

Regardless of whether you live close to the water, or if it is sunny or rainy on the holiday weekend, there is always something you can do to incorporate paddling into Father’s Day. We have outlined some top gift ideas for paddling dads as well as great ways you can incorporate paddling (or at least the theme of paddling) into the actual holiday. So if you are struggling with what to do for a kayaking, canoeing, or SUP-loving father, look no further than these ideas below.

9 Father’s Day Gifts For Paddling Dads Gifts For Paddling Dads

1. A New PFD For Paddling

Paddling safety equipment might not be the most exciting gift, but it is definitely the most important. There are so many different PFDs to choose from, and selecting a comfortable and quality life jacket can really elevate the paddling experience. So consider buying the paddling dad in your life a new PFD, especially if his current one looks like it could use an upgrade. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing he is safe while paddling thanks to your gift.

2. Paddling Gloves

Paddling gloves are a great accessory for paddling enthusiasts. Gloves are particularly handy for those who paddle long distances or in colder and windy conditions. They help protect your hands from getting dry and raw. But not all paddlers have paddling gloves. In fact, many do not. Even if the paddling dad in your life has a pair, gloves are an item that needs upgrading every few years, so another pair is always welcome.

3. An Upgraded Paddle

One quintessential gift for a paddler is a brand-new paddle. The more someone paddles, the more it becomes clear that a well-designed and light paddle can make a world of difference. But good paddles aren’t cheap. So if you have a paddling dad who is passionate about paddling, but the paddle doesn’t seem to match the level of his passion, see if the family can all chip in to help him buy a new paddle.

Check out our Paddle’s Buyer’s Guide& Paddle Reviews for help on choosing the perfect paddle.

4. Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat

Rays from the sun can be one of the most dangerous aspects of paddling. This is particularly true for those who live closer to the equator, or those who go on longer-distance paddling rides. There are all sorts of wide-brimmed hats for paddlers.

A flat-brimmed or long-brimmed hat is a great gift for any paddling dad. A hat like this will help protect his face and eyes, and even help keep him cool on those longer paddling trips. This is also a lower-cost gift for those on a tighter budget.

5. Polarized Sunglasses

Another crucial paddling accessory to protect against the sun is a pair of sunglasses. When the sun reflects off the water, this reflection can cause damage to the eyes. It can also make it difficult to see.

So consider buying the paddling dad in your life a pair of polarized and UV-protected sunglasses. These will keep his eyes protected, and make seeing the uncharted waters ahead much easier. They can also be quite fashionable.

6. A Dry Bag Filled With His Favorite Snacks

Any father who has a love for the water is always in need of a dry bag. There are all sorts of dry bag designs and sizes, so finding a new and unique one to purchase as a gift should be easy.

Dry bags are very handy, versatile, and affordable. To make this gift a bit more personal and fun, consider filling the bag - almost treating the dry bag as a gift bag. You can stuff it with anything, but perhaps some of Dad’s favorite paddling snacks like trail mix, energy bars, and other treats is a great way to add to this gift.

Shop our picks for best dry bags of 2023.

7. UV Protectant Clothing

Whether the paddling dad you are shopping for is a fan of SUP boarding, kayaking or canoeing, the odds are he could use some new functional clothing while he’s out on the water. From board shorts to UV protectant clothing, there are all sorts of garments to choose from.

If he likes longer distance paddles, consider a rash guard or shirt with UV protectant. This is a great way to add additional sun protection without him having to constantly re-apply sunscreen.

8. An Inflatable Kayak or SUP Board

If you and the family want to splurge on Father’s Day, consider buying an inflatable SUP board or kayak for your paddling dad. There are several reasons this can be the ultimate Father’s Day gift for a paddling dad. For one, inflatable boards are highly transportable. This means the paddling dad in your life will likely now have even more opportunities to easily find a way to paddle, even when storage space and time is limited.

Further, having a second paddling vessel means you or someone else can accompany the paddling dad on adventures. This way any time he feels like having company on the water, all you need to do is blow up the board and head on out with him.

9. A Vacation To A Paddling Destination

If you are wrestling with where exactly you should vacation next with your family, consider choosing a destination with epic and unique paddling opportunities. Whether it is a weekend camping trip away with the family on a tight budget or an elaborate trip to a bucket-list paddling destination, the paddling dad in your life will undoubtedly love this gift and selfless gesture.

Five Fun Ways To Incorporate Paddling Into Father’s Day

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate paddling, or the theme of paddling, into your Father’s Day celebration. Some involve being on the water, but even if that isn’t a possibility, you are likely to find something perfect for your paddling family in one of these ideas.

1. Organize A Daytime Paddle With The Family

If you have the means and the equipment, then perhaps the best way to celebrate Father’s Day with your family is to paddle as a family. You can rent board or boats at a rental facility or bring your own equipment to one of his favorite spots.

Paddling as a family is a great activity, even if it can sometimes be difficult to organize. Pack some of the paddling dad’s favorite snacks, and head to one of his favorite restaurants for a post-paddling meal. This is a great way to honor the paddling dad in your life while also reading a day that’s fun and memorable for the whole family.

2. Have A Beach Day And Pack Paddling Gear

Since Father’s Day is in late June, this means it will be a nice beach day in many parts of the country. If you have access to a beach that also allows for some great paddling, then a well-planned beach day could be a great way to celebrate the paddling dad in your life.

A day at the beach is a way to get the whole family together. It also makes paddling an option but not an obligation. The family can take turns paddling out with Dad while others enjoy swimming, lounging, and walking in the sand. This is a great activity for families who aren’t all passionate about paddling, but want to spend the day together outdoors.

3. Make A Meal Reservations On The Water

Paddling might not be on the menu for Father’s Day, but delicious food with a view certainly can be. If weather or logistics simply don’t allow for a paddling activity, then try to organize a brunch or dinner with a view.

Choose a place where you can view boats, paddlers, or surfers if possible. This is a way to incorporate your paddling dad’s love of the water and watersports, even if getting out on the water isn’t an option.

4. Take An Organized Paddling Trip

You may also consider having an adventure with the whole family. Depending on where you live, you might be able to sign the family up for an organized paddling trip. You can take a trip with a nature guide, or an adventure paddle with an expert. Regardless, these fun organized trips are a great way to get the family together for a memorable excursion. You are also likely to get some pretty amazing pictures courtesy of the guide company.

5. Take A Trip To An Outdoor Or Watersports Store

If Father’s Day is rained out, or the nearest body of water is hours away, don’t get discouraged, you still have options. While paddling, or even gazing out at the water might not be possible, you can still treat your dad to a paddling-themed day.

You can take the paddling dad in your family to the best outdoors and watersports store you can find in the area. While this is no substitute for a paddle o the water, it is a way to spark his sense of imagination and adventure. It’s also a great time to stock up on paddling gear for the summer, and even treat him to a nice gift or two.

Wrapping Up How To Celebrate Father’s Day With A Paddling Dad

If you have a paddling dad in your life, then incorporating this activity into Father’s Day is a great way to spend the holiday. You can take the family out for a morning paddle, or even sign up for an organized tour. For something more casual but just as fun, consider bringing the paddling equipment along with the cooler to the beach. If you can’t paddle on Father’s Day, consider making reservations at a restaurant that overlooks those enjoying watersports, or take him to an outdoors and watersports store for some shopping. Regardless of how you spend the day, as long as you do your best to help incorporate his favorite hobby, the paddling dad in your life is sure to be happy and grateful.

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