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Escape The Cold Winter to Paddle A Warm Paradise

As temperatures continue to drop for paddlers who reside up north, the pull towards a warm, tropical paddle intensifies and brings a thawing grin to our otherwise frosty faces.

Lighthouse Reef Adventure (Belize)

Lighthouse Reef Adventure

by Island Expeditions Co

This Belize trip starts with an overnight inland discovery of Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, then out to the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp. Lighthouse Reef Atoll is a tropical marine park and designated UNESCO world heritage site offering unparalleled snorkeling and paddling. Enjoy a choice of daily guided reef activities, with snorkeling excursions to ‘the Aquarium’ and to Jacques Cousteau’s legendary Blue Hole.

Alligators and Orchids Kayak Eco Tour (Florida)

Alligators and Orchids Kayak Eco Tour

by Everglades Area Tours

Beautiful butterflies, abundant bromeliads, fabulous ferns and gorgeous wildflowers- including at least seven different species of wild orchids blooming at various times of the year. Of course, what Everglades experience would be complete without seeing the Everglades’ most famous resident, the American Alligator? The unobtrusive stealth of your kayak often affords you the opportunity to observe these iconic, magnificent creatures from a safe distance, yet close enough to take good pictures. The early morning reflections on the water can be spectacular, with the slick-calm surface appearing as a mirror to Nature’s surrounding beauty. 

12 More Trips that'll Thaw You Out

by Burnham Guides LLC

Florida Keys

by Sea Kayak Baja Mexico


by Southern Sea Ventures


by Spirit of the West Adventures


by Spirit of the West Adventures


by Epic Kayaks Costa Rica

Costa Rica

by Paraty Explorer


by Southern Sea Ventures


by ROW Sea Kayak Adventures


by Biotrek


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