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Caribbean Kayaking in Guna Yala Nation - San Blas Archipelago

$2,495.00 / person

Trip Overview

9 day trip: 5 days kayaking and jungle hikes

This trip starts with an arrival transfer from Panama City airport to the group hotel. You’ll meet your guide at the hotel for a trip briefing. The next morning, the group travels overland from Panama City to the port of Barsuggum, before a short boat ride to Isla Tigre. On arrival, you’ll be introduced to the community and Tigre’s local chief. It’s a privilege to be a guest of the Guna communities and to experience a taste of their way of life. The Guna women still wear nose rings and traditional vibrant rainbow-colored dresses emblazoned with the world famous mola patterns of fishes, birds, jungle animals or geometric designs. After a night on Isla Tigre you start your kayak adventure, paddling from one tropical island to the next. A local panga boat is used to carry fresh food and water as the outlying islands are quite remote. The overnight camp spots include the islands of Diadup, Sichirdup and Estrellita. You spend one day exploring the pristine banks of the crystal-clear Rio Paloma river on the coastal mainland. This is a great opportunity to wash in the fresh clean river water and hike along the creek bed among primary rainforest, with many opportunities for wildlife viewing. After six days of island life, you’ll head back to Panama City and explore the canal before a celebration dinner. The last night of the trip is spent at a Panama City group hotel. The trip finishes the next morning with an optional transfer to the airport.

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