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Greenland Paddle vs. Euro Blade

What's the differences between Greenland style paddles and the Euro blade? Pros and cons, what's better, what'…

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How to Size a Canoe Paddle

You can't do good work without the right tools. A paddle that's too long is awkward, while one that is too sh…

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All About the Canoe Paddle

I seem to put more emphasis on paying tribute to old canoe paddles then canoes. The walls in my living room, k…

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Canoe Bent Paddles - Why Use them

I resisted bent-shaft paddles long after they were in vogue. I thought they looked goofy and in whitewater, I…

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Canoe Paddle Types

Canoe Paddle Types Aside from personal grit, determination and sweat, it is your paddle that ultimately transf…

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Up The Creek with the Right Paddle

Considering that you are likely to paddle well over 1000 strokes an hour on an average canoe trip, which adds …

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Safety Tricks for Canoeing Big Water

Even the best paddlers goof up occasionally, which is why they take small stuff so seriously. When things go w…

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Kayak Paddle Shafts

The backbone of any paddle - the one structure that ties every part of the paddle together, from the shape of …

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Basic Kayak Paddle Shapes

The first paddle was probably created to move a raft across water so deep a push pole couldn’t reach the botto…

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