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How to choose right length SUP paddle

Rule of thumb: paddle should be about 8" over your standing height. However, if you're usually surfing, paddle…

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Kids Life Jackets

Of all the safety gear used by those who enjoy on-water sports, none should be scrutinized more than the famil…

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The Case for Buying a Used Boat

Are you in the market for a new boat? But is your bank statement saying, "Not now"? Then Tamia suggests you ma…

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SUP Paddle Length

The correct paddle length should be anywhere from eight inches to twelve inches above your head. Another wa…

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Facts About Foam SUPs

So you took a lesson, tried a rental, or borrowed a friend’s paddle board and are considering buying one of yo…

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What Seat is Best for You?

Now that I'm back on the water again, I'm a lot more conscious and protective of my back. And to be honest, up…

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GPS – A Paddler's Convenient Nav' Tool

The access point on Lake Monson is at the head of a small inlet on the amoeba-shaped, glacial formed lake. Pad…

Jerks and Hard Heads

No, I'm not speaking of jet skis, charter captains, air boats, and tourists. OK, they all can fall in to the c…

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Papa's Got A Brand New Boat

First, a moment of silence for the hardest working man in show business. The Godfather of soul - James Brown. …

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