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Articles by Mike Aronoff

Kayak Low Brace Stroke

One of our all-time favorite strokes is the anti-capsize stroke (pretty important!); a stroke and a maneuver t…

Tags: Video, Kayak, basics, Strokes

The Kayak Reverse Stroke

Sometimes you want to go backwards; maybe because you've explored a narrow creek that's so narrow you can't tu…

Tags: Video, Kayak, basics, Strokes

Kayak Wet Exit

A lot of kayakers wear spray skirts and they're a great asset to a paddler because they keep the water out of …

Tags: Video, Kayak, Safety

How to Hold a Kayak Paddle

Before we talk about how to hold the paddle, let's take a quick look at the parts of the paddle. The very tip,…

Tags: Video, Kayak, Paddles, basics

Entering a Kayak & Attaching Sprayskirt

Sprayskirt Sometimes some people with some boats are going to want to wear a thing called a spray skirt or sp…

Tags: Video, Kayak, Spray Cover

Kayak Draw Stroke w/ in-water Recovery

Sometimes you're going to want to go sideways in your kayak, and one way of doing that is a Draw Stroke with a…

Tags: Video, Kayak, Strokes

The Kayak Draw Stroke

Quite often, you'll want to go sideways with your kayak, maybe to get to a dock, maybe just to pull up beside …

Tags: Video, Kayak

The Kayak Rudder Stroke

A stroke that will make the kayak glide straight, for example, when you have a wind behind you, and it's picki…

Tags: Video, Kayak

The Kayak Forward Stroke

Paddling a kayak is mostly about going from point A to point B. The stroke that you use for that is the forwar…

Tags: Video, Kayak, basics, Strokes, technique

Kayak Sweep Strokes

Quite often you're going to want to turn or spin the kayak around or pivot so that you want to be turned aroun…

Tags: Video, Kayak, technique, Strokes

Kayak Sculling Draw Stroke

Sometimes you want to make your kayak go sideways and the most elegant way to do that is by using a stroke cal…

Tags: Video, Kayak, Strokes

Kayak Sculling Brace vs. Sculling Draw

Let's segue from doing the Sculling Brace, which is to provide pressure to allow the kayak to be leaned withou…

Tags: Video, Kayak, Strokes, basics
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