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Kayak Sculling Brace vs. Sculling Draw

Let's segue from doing the Sculling Brace, which is to provide pressure to allow the kayak to be leaned without capsizing, to the Sculling Draw. The Sculling Draw is part of the draw family that's going to pull the kayak sideways. The good news is it's the same motion.


This is your motion for the Sculling Brace. If you turn a sculling brace, and you turn the paddle where the paddle shaft becomes vertical, and the power face of the paddle towards the kayak then you have a Sculling Draw that pulls the kayak towards the paddle.

For the Sculling Brace where you're trying to support yourself with the paddle blade out to the side you're going to want to have your paddle shaft very horizontal, so the blade's surface is right on top of the water. Horizontal gives you the support as opposed to with the Sculling Draw you're going to have the paddle vertical, but they're both essentially the same blade movement.

This has been Mike Aronoff with Canoe Kayak and Paddle Company (CKAPCO). I hope we'll be seeing you on the water!

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