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Kayak Re-Enter & Roll Self-Rescue

One of the very best self-rescues is called the re-enter and roll. Let's take a look at how to practice this self-rescue technique to make your paddling safe and more enjoyable.

The kayak re-enter and roll is one of the very best self-rescues and is one you can learn and practice in a pool before practicing in your own paddling environments. In the re-enter and roll, if a person has the ability to roll, it's very simple, no equipment required. If one doesn't have the ability to do a roll, then you can still do a re-enter and roll by using the paddle float on the end of the paddle and rolling up using it. So we're going to take a look at how to do this.

It's better because it doesn't require you to climb on top of the boat. Face the kayak. You've got your leg in the boat to keep it from drifting away. Put the paddle float on the blade and give it a rap. Then inflate the paddle float. When you are in the water facing your kayak, it'll be your hand nearest to stern that is going to stay on the cockpit coming nearest you when you begin this self-rescue.

So I am facing the kayak. My right hand would be towards the bow, my left hand would be towards the stern. My left hand is going to stay out and clinch the paddle shaft to the cockpit coming nearest me. I'm going to put my legs in, hold myself in with my right hand. It's going to go underneath to the other side of the cockpit coming. Yet my seat glued to the seat of kayak, my feet on the foot pegs. Then I'm going to reach back out with that right hand and get the paddle shaft and sweep it away from the kayak to do the roll.

I hope we'll be seeing you on the water!

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