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Using and Installing Depth Finders on Fishing Kayaks

This alternate depth finder or other types of electronics is not a new concept to Kayak Anglers, however, mo…

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Using Anchors From a Kayak

Let's talk about using your anchor trolley system. Now the reason that I use the word "system" is when you're …

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How to Land Fish in a Kayak Without a Net

Chad Hoover here. I see a lot of folks making the mistake of walking their hand up the rod when catching bass,…

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Kayak Fishing: Paddle or Pedal?

One of the biggest questions that I'm asked is, "Should I be paddling or should I be pedaling?" And that's a g…

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Kayak Fishing Narrow Creeks

Hey guys, welcome to this week's episode. I'm Chad Hoover and we're on a beautiful middle Tennessee River, rem…

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Managing your Kayak Fishing Gear

We're going to talk about organizing your gear for kayak bass fishing. Basically, my gear management system is…

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