Top 5 Kayak Fishing Mistakes

In this video, Chad Hoover goes through the top 5 mistakes people make when kayak fishing, and offers suggestions on how you can avoid these mistakes.

1. Do not fish without WEARING a PFD.

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    2. Do not go fishing in a kayak without a paddle

    Regardless of whether or not you have a motor or pedal drive, you should have an actual kayak paddle on your boat at all times. Mechanics can fail at any time, so have your paddle accessible.

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      3. Do not overload your fishing kayak.

      Stay at about 75% of the max capacity.

      4. Do not exceed your limitations of where you and your kayak can go.

      Test yourself on the water and learn to get back on your kayak. Realize that if it is difficult to re-enter your kayak in calm conditions, it will be even harder to do this in rough conditions.

      5. Do not buy a kayak without trying it out first.

      If demo days are not accessible to you, see if you can join a local fishing group and borrow a kayak from a fellow angler.

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