Kayak Ceiling Storage

Kayak Ceiling Storage Buyers Guide & Kayak Ceiling Storage Reviews

Kayak Ceiling Storage Buyers Guide - Find all the latest and greatest Kayak Ceiling Storage solutions available. Compare options, prices, read reviews and where to buy!

Kayak Ceiling Storage Overview

Garages, car ports and other overhead frameworks offer yet another option for stowing kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards - ceiling storage.  Vertical hoist mechanisms can literally lift your boat up off your car and secure it high up into the rafters. The ease at which some systems can be installed immediately above where a can with roof racks can be positioned is very efficient and space saving. The biggest concern with ceiling storage is the assurance that the mechanisms are strong enough to hold the boat securely and won’t be compromised by all the weight hanging from it - and that the overhead platform (ceiling or otherwise) is strong enough to support the mechanism when loaded.

Most hoist systems use the basic mechanical advantages of a block-and-tackle/pulley system. Weight distribution and “resistance” is reduced by applying various mechanical advantage ratios. For example, a 3:1 advantage means hoisting a 60-pound kayak will feel like only about 20 pounds - and can be done with one hand.  Rope and pulley configurations vary among manufacturers, but in principle each offers rigging with a significant advantage over direct lifting. You can also install ceiling mounted brackets that align parallel to ceiling joists and enables you to stow crafts directly onto support arms overhead.

Key Features for Kayak Ceiling Storage

  • All components and sub-components must be made of strong, high-quality materials including hardware, ropes, etc.
  • Rope network should pull evenly; consider one-hand operation with some models
  • Components and accessories aren’t subject to excessive wear
  • Secure grip on lower/lifting ropes
  • Self-locking cleats or other arrest mechanisms in case of accidental rope release/lose of grip
  • Requires solid structural anchoring points in ceiling
  • Consider additional security if elements or conditions threaten the integrity of the hoist system.