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7 Cold-Weather Paddling Products

The weather is changing and even if the air feels warm, the water might not be. Best to be prepared for the worst and be ready for cold weather by checking out these 7 products picked to make your next cold weather paddling experience one to remember.

1. NRS Men's Radiant 4/3mm Wetsuit

by NRS

The NRS Men's Radiant 4/3 Wetsuit, with its blend of 4 mm and 3 mm neoprene, gives you maximum warmth without limiting mobility. Or check out all wetsuits, including men's and women's, in the gear guide!

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2. Solution Paddle Gloves

by Sea to Summit

For those of us who are predisposed to icy fingers, a durable pair of neoprene paddling gloves is a must. These articulated neoprene gloves have pre-bent fingers to help maintain grip on your paddle. They keep hands warm and the neoprene will reduce the chance of getting blisters... Check out everything from partial finger gloves to full on paddling mittens in the gear guide.

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3. Paddle Float

by North Water

Staying safe is equally as important as staying warm in colder weather. Regardless of the season, having a paddle float can be crucial for self-rescue. Click here to view several options for paddle floats.

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4. Kiwa Drysuit

by Mythic Gear

Sometimes getting exposed to the elements can come through a quick encounter with a rock, branch, or wave. Having an adequate dry suit will keep you protected and warm while still allowing for flexibility and comfort. Check out all of your dry wear options here.

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5. Kayalite

by Kayalu

Remember how it always feels like night time in the colder months? Even if you're out for a day paddle, chances are you could catch a portion of night paddling. While peaceful, make sure you have a light that can help you safely navigate. 

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6. Slipstream PFD

by MTI Adventurewear

Fleece handwarmer pockets are perfect for cool mornings or when the fun begins at dusk. With so many life jacket options, you don't have an excuse not to wear one!

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7. Blitz Booties

by Sea to Summit

The Blitz Bootie is a heavy duty workhorse when it comes to paddling footwear. Protection from rocks and with excellent traction, make sure that you've got your feet secured.

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