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I've used all the Yakima and…

Submitted by: Oregonpaddler on 7/13/2014
I've used all the Yakima and Thule saddles on the market at one time or another and like the Land Sharks best because of price and design. Price factors heavily for me. I've used them on Yakima bars, and even with the hardware tightened as tight as I can get them, the saddles will oftentimes spin on the bars while loading the kayak.

I've since purchased a set of Inno bars, which are the same as Thule (perhaps the ARE Thule), and the Land Sharks stay put. There's the advantage of square bars---nothing can spin on them. The Yak hardware (Snap-Arounds) works with square bars, so that's not a problem. As for discoloration on 'glass boats from the saddles, there are a few suggestions on the previous reviews that will alleviate that problem. My boats are plastic and they all float, so a few scuff marks are just part of the aging process, just like me.

So there's my review... Thule, Inno and Yakima parts together work very well for me... they all have their pros and cons. Take the Middle Ground and compromise and configure a set up that works well for you.


I just purchased a Necky…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/20/2007
I just purchased a Necky Manitou 14 and transported it home on my newly installed Land Shark saddles. I couldn't have been happier with how the boat rested within the cradles and how snug it remained for the 1.5 hr trip home.

With my sunroof open, the Land Sharks do make quite a bit of whistling noise; but when the roof's closed, it becomes significantly quieter, to the point that you may even forget they're on the car.

I would definitely recommend the Yakima Land Shark saddles to anyone looking to safely secure their kayak for any journey.


To everyone having a problem…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/18/2007
To everyone having a problem with the Land Sharks making grey spot on their kayaks, I came up with an easy fix that took no time and cost nearly nothing. Go to Walmart or similar and grab a set of 10inch automobile orbital waxer bonnets. They cost 5$ for 4, and fit the LandSahrk like a glove. It's easier than sticking on foam and it won't grab dust and rocks like the foam. Just remember to take them off when driving without the kayak.

$5 to save your $3000 kayak finish... worth it.


I also purchased this product…

Submitted by: lojbeck on 11/13/2006
I also purchased this product as a replacement for foam blocks. I am using two vehicles for transport. After reviewing various options and rack systems, I decided to give them a try. The Land Sharks happen to mount directly to my factory mount on the car but require use of two sets of Mightymount adapters on my Jeep Cherokee. Once set up, the mounting is rock solid when transporting my plastic yak. They are easily transfered from car to jeep. I have not seen any hull wear due to rubbing, but if I do I will add foam pads as noted in other reviews. Overall an excellent product for a very reasonable price.

I purchased the Land Shark…

Submitted by: paddler231063 on 5/2/2005
I purchased the Land Shark saddles to replace foam pads. What an improvement! Saddles shape nice to both kayaks (Dagger Catalyst & Perception Carolina-both poly). No more oil canning or side-to-side movement of the kayaks. Great product!

Only been using the saddles…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2003
Only been using the saddles for 5 trips or so, maybe 100 miles. Holds my plastic 'yak much better than the foam pads I started with. No oil canning when cinched (even in 90 degree heat) Easily adapted to SARIS racks as well. No chafing of the hull finish yet butI still plan on gluing some closed cell foam when I get a chance. Installation was a bit of a hassle when figuring width placement, but I guess that's the same with any 2 piece saddle setup. Wind whistle starts at around 30-40 mph, seems to be drowned out at higher speeds. Decent product for the price.

I suspect the problem…

Submitted by: jmcphoto1 on 9/9/2003
I suspect the problem described below by robertec is created by the poly of the saddle and the poly of the boat hull chaffing, I first experienced this problem with another set of poly saddles (from a company on Long Island that is no longer in business.) creating gray patches on the yellow hull of my Loon 138. I tried solvents and rubbing compounds to remove them to no avail, will try some sandpaper. To remedy the problem I contacted cemented some closed cell foam to the saddles, gray foam appx. 1/8" thick with one smooth surface and one suede like surface (up) and this at least seemed to not make the gray patches worse. The foam did not seem to effect sliding the kayak on, but actually seemed to grip the hull better as they were cinched down. As the fleet grew I acquired a set of Thule Stackers and have the original saddles flanking that to support the hulls of the stacked boats and have not noticed any graying where the hulls contact the saddles on my two shorter yellow boats. (Yes I have a fleet of bananas, better to be seen by the power boaters and jet skiers, easily the most visible color on the water and not in the red/green colorblind range.)

I purchased a set of Land Sharks to haul the Loon and as the gray patches didn't appear to worsen, I did not bother adding the foam pads. I recently purchased another banana and after the first trip did notice the same type of gray blemish. Back to the foam pads, and I did find a better (neater) of attaching the foam. It is a product called Visual Pursuits Galerie Mount, intended for mounting photographs. It is available in camera stores, marketed by BKA should your local store need to order it. It is available in 8X10 and 11X14 sheets in packs of 6, one 11X14 sheet does 2 saddles, and is a ultra thin polyester film on with contact adhesive both sides, covered with a heavy release paper. This also works well for adding padding in the cockpit or under the front deck. Make a cardboard template of the saddle and cut the pads to size with a scissors or exacta knife. Cut the Galerie Mount from the same template, remove the release paper from one side and press it to the smooth side of the foam, if you gently set it in place you an reposition it (same when applying foam to saddle) and once positioned, apply firm pressure for permanent seal. Repeat the same process on the saddles making sure they are clean and free of 303 or the such. I was able to mount the pads on the saddles mounted on the rack on top of my mini van. The whole process takes about 15 to 30 minutes and is much simpler than my instructions may lead you to believe.

The Land Sharks do hold the kayak extremely securely, had the kayak on the rack for a month long trip to Florida, with some warm sunshine without any oil canning at all. I agree with the previous poster ti would be advisable to keep the hull and pads as clean as possible and those with composit hulls may still want to use a soft cloth between the pad and the boat. My brother just purchased a set of Rode Gear Universal Saddles for his Surburban factory rack and we will be padding those this week. These appear to be made by Yakima (store brand?) with wide U-bolts and only $60 for the 4 saddles complete with straps and front and rear tie-downs included. Not much more than the foam blocks and a muchmore secure way to carry a kayak.


I've been using the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2003
I've been using the Landsharks for a couple of months with my poly yak. They're easy to mount, strong, fit the boat well, and very easy to use. It's especially easy to use the straps with these saddles. The only problem is that they tend to rotate on the bars if not tightened down enough but that's a problem with all round bars. Good product.

I had the Land sharks mounted…

Submitted by: robertec on 10/17/2002
I had the Land sharks mounted on my new magenta trailer by the dealer to fit our Dagger Balckwater & Perception Carolina. They rode great with no problems on the first two short trips. but after our 5 Hr haul back from a weekend with pickup shuttles on gravel roads we noticed damage at all 4 saddle points on both Kayaks. i see reviews of problems with Fibergalss boats but ours are plastic, the gravel road dust/grit under wet boats may be the culprit. Rubbed out blems with sandpaper and steel wool, then 303'd the boats. Next Time I'll wipe down the boats at pick-up and check closer at stops on the long trips. Or add a towel buffer between boat & Land shark.

This is an addendum to my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2002
This is an addendum to my previous review of the LandShark saddles. I'm upgrading them to a 10. Here's why...I called Yakima about the problem. Before I even got it out of my mouth, they asked if I had a gless boat. Yup! "Oh, so sorry, but the LandSharks are designed specifically for plastic boats. They'll eat your gelcoat if you put glass on them." So, used as intended, they get a 10.

Now about Yakima...They gave me full credit on the LandSharks against an upgrade to a set of Mako's with special pads to protect my boat from further damage. Since they can't do anything about the chafing that already occurred, I call that downright upright. I'll continue to do business with them for anything I need to carry my toys!


I intended to buy Thule's…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2002
I intended to buy Thule's Hull-a-port but changed my mind due to the reviews I read. Instead, I ordered Yakima's Landshark saddles and Mighty Mounts for my Pathfinder factory rack...they got almost universal raves from the reviewers.

First off, I had a couple of misconceptions. I expected a soft, closed cell foam surface on flexible saddles. Nope. The surface is hard, ribbed plastic, and the vaunted flexibility is only slight. Still, that was MY misconception. They installed without frustration or tools in about 20 minutes. Great! I loaded my boat up and took off for a three week, 4000-mile trip. Fantastic trip, btw, but that's a different story. The boat rode rock solid, with never a quiver or was like part of the car!!! And sound was no problem. It was noticeable but by no means irritating. All this without snugging the ties down so much as to distort the hull at all. So far, Raves!

Then I took the boat off the rack in Rockport, MA...what's that funny white powder on the saddles??? And why is there a big dull patch on my formerly pristine gel coat??? Bummer! Guess somebody should have warned me that these saddles require padding. As it was, I basically hauled my boat around on an automatic sander.

Still like the saddles, but I had to cover them with pieces of an old terry towel to protect the boat, though some damage had already been done. Fortunately, its not so bad that a good wax job won't cover it up...I hope. Bottom line...they are easy, solid and secure but no product intended to protect a $2000 boat should do that to the gel coat!!! The saddles would have gotten a 10, were it not for that.


Half the price of Thule…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2002
Half the price of Thule system racks and twice the price of foam blocks, what a deal. It fits Thule racks as well. Holds my 13' touring on my 325i at 85 mph with confidence. Very nice is how the 'spring' action conforms to the shape of the hull.

Just used my Land Shark's…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/29/2002
Just used my Land Shark's with a new kayak (Wilderness Systems Shaman) this weekend on my Ford Explorer factory rack using Yakima Might Mounts, and it worked like a charm. The boat car-topped pretty easily off to the side of the cradle's and slid right into the front cradle, then a simple lift and shift of the back of the boat into the rear cradle and i was done! I tied down using cam-buckles, and used the Thule ratchet bow-and-stern tie down (another WONDERFUL product). The boat didn't move at all over more than 500 miles of road, some very rough, and a lot of it at highway speeds. I'd love the Hully Roller for even easier car-topping, but if you're on a budget, the Land Shark's are the way to go without a doubt. They are made to conform to the boats hull design when the straps are tightned, and i think would work with nearly any boat. Two thumbs up and then some.

I have two sets of Land…

Submitted by: paddler229679 on 5/8/2002
I have two sets of Land Sharks on my Yakima Rack. I carry one or two of four different Kayaks on them. Ocena Kayak Malibu Two, Yak Board a Walden Scout or Prijon Calabria. I can swap from one to the other without making adjustments to the Sharks. Carries them all well. The Pads flex to the form of the boats and no slippage. I am using the Yakima straps at both bar points and a front tie down (also yakima).. There is a lot to be said for buying good quality straps.

I bought my Land Sharks about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/6/2001
I bought my Land Sharks about a month ago and have been very pleased. I am especially happy with how the saddles mold to the hull. I have a Current Designs Caribou, an extremely hard-chined boat, and the saddles fit great when the straps are tightened. I recently took my boat on a 900 mile trip without any notable slipping. When not loaded, the saddles will rotate around on the round Yak bars, but I haven't had them move under the weight of a boat. Great saddles at a very good price.

My yakima landsharks are on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/6/2001
My yakima landsharks are on my square bars and I have had no problems. They install easily and they mold to my kayak great. For the price these are great saddles!

I've been using the Y. Land…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2001
I've been using the Y. Land Sharks for a few months now and still think they are great!!! In the past securing the two boats to my rack (a WS Ride & a Cobra Explorer) was a pain to say the least, due to the different hull configurations. The land sharks changed this for the better. Because the pads adjust to the hull shape when you tighten down on the straps, the boats ride like they are glued to the rack. I've made a couple of 400+ mile trips since I installed them on my racks, and the boats stay put, even at highway speeds. I deducted 2 points because no matter how much you tighten the wing nuts on the Sharks, they still tend to pivot on the round bars of my rack.

Just installed a set of "Land…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2001
Just installed a set of "Land Sharks" by Yakima on my Thule "Tracker II" roof rack. After using Foam Cradles to carry my Kayak, I noticed some movement in the kayak while traveling at highway speeds. If I tightened up the "Tie-Downs" it would create distortion on the hull of the kayak. I purchased the Yakima "LandSharks" after getting some feedback from other kayakers on several forums. Installed the Thule "Tracker II" system, then installed the Yakima "LandSharks". What a difference! With proper tie-downs across the kayak, it is very secure! Please Note, that on longer travel distances it may be wise to add Bow & Stern tie-downs as well!