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I had the Land sharks mounted on my new magenta trailer by the dealer to fit our Dagger Balckwater & Perception Carolina. They rode great with no problems on the first two short trips. but after our 5 Hr haul back from a weekend with pickup shuttles on gravel roads we noticed damage at all 4 saddle points on both Kayaks. i see reviews of problems with Fibergalss boats but ours are plastic, the gravel road dust/grit under wet boats may be the culprit. Rubbed out blems with sandpaper and steel wool, then 303'd the boats. Next Time I'll wipe down the boats at pick-up and check closer at stops on the long trips. Or add a towel buffer between boat & Land shark.

My wife & I bought our RS 230cm Paddles as part of a package with two new Kayaks. Higher end paddles were offered-for a price. But we stayed with the RS. We've done lake paddling for a month and just finnished our first stream trips. we were in low water conditions and a cold Sunday morning paddle. They are light, comfortable durable paddles showing no noticable wear for the amound of low water paddling we did. I only noticed flex when heading up stream against shallow ripples or swift narrow channel with a loaded 14' Carolina. Pretty good for a Paddle under $100. I give it a 9 because of lack of color choice.