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Name: lojbeck

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I upgraded to this kayak from a small starter rec boat two years ago. After comparing a lot of boats in this price range and trying different ones at demo days, I was sold. At 52 years old, I don't fold up like I used to and need back support. The seat system along with the performance of the boat made the difference. I settled on the plastic model only because of budget limits.

Most of my paddling is done on day trips lasting 10-20 miles and 4-6 hours in length. The boat has been great in waves and chop up to 3 feet and tracks extremely well. I have not tried to roll it, but normally I don't wear a spray skirt.

The cons associated with this boat are: Hatches are difficult to attach (but have never leaked), foot pegs are small, and knee braces are pretty much non-existent (corrected on new models). I would recommend this kayak to anyone wanting to upgrade from a starter boat. It is forgiving to inexperienced paddlers, but has enough performance features to keep up with a developing paddler's skills.

I also purchased this product as a replacement for foam blocks. I am using two vehicles for transport. After reviewing various options and rack systems, I decided to give them a try. The Land Sharks happen to mount directly to my factory mount on the car but require use of two sets of Mightymount adapters on my Jeep Cherokee. Once set up, the mounting is rock solid when transporting my plastic yak. They are easily transfered from car to jeep. I have not seen any hull wear due to rubbing, but if I do I will add foam pads as noted in other reviews. Overall an excellent product for a very reasonable price.

I wanted an affordable multi-purpose beginners kayak. I have put approximately 75 miles on this kayak in a varity of conditions, ranging from flat water to 1-2 foot waves with 15mph winds. Tracking is good and it handles waves quite well, considering my inexperience. Once I gained confidence and made the paddling transition from canoe to kayak, I found the boat to be very stable. I would reccomend a spray skirt as waves in rough water do tend to enter the cockpit, but then it is a water sport. Thanks to Victory for producing such a great kayak for a very reasonable price.