BoatLoader EVO

BoatLoader EVO Description

An easy way to make load up less of a chore, the BoatLoader EVO telescopes out 28" from your roof rack to help get canoes, kayaks, and boards up to the roof. When not in use, it stows neatly inside your RoundBar or CoreBar crossbar, ready and waiting for the next trip to the water. It's easier on your back, your boat and your car's paint job.

Additional Attributes

  • Telescoping boat load-assist arm helps you easily get big boats and boards up to your roof
  • Protects kayaks, canoes, and your car from dings, scratches and dents
  • Extends 28" from end of bar for superior clearance and ease of use
  • Retracts into the bar for instant storage
  • Corrosion-resistant material provides years of rugged use
  • Fits Yakima CoreBar and RoundBar crossbars only

Yakima Products, Inc.
BoatLoader EVO Reviews

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I bought a 82 lb fishing…

Submitted by: MattHarlow on 9/4/2019

I bought a 82 lb fishing kayak this spring and I just could not get it on top of my truck alone. The Boatloader fixed that. It's takes a few tries to get it down but once you figure it out with your boat and vehicle, it's pretty easy!

A great accessory!


I am a short (5 feet) woman…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2013
I am a short (5 feet) woman paddler, and I can barely reach my own kitchen cupboards, so naturally getting a boat on top of my car was a big concern to me. I bought the whole Yakima rack system (round bars and towers) and just a few weeks later added the Yakima BoatLoader. It's great!

I have three kayaks: 1) a rotomolded 15.5 foot Necky (48 pounds), 2) a Wilderness Systems Ultralite 13 footer (38 pounds), and 3) a fiberglass/kevlar Epic V6 (16 feet, 34 pounds). I can use the BoatLoader for any of these kayaks without a problem. Strangely, the heaviest boat seems to be the easiest to load. The composite seems to slip a little, but it may be due to hull shape or the gloss.

I would give this a solid 10 except I, like another reviewer, have a little difficulty with the rubber insert that is supposed to hold the boatloader inside the round rack bar. I have to pull it as far as possible, then push it back in to find a stable point.
This has definitely been worth the investment.


I am only 5ft 4inches tall…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2013
I am only 5ft 4inches tall and so getting a kayak on and off of my SUV is a little tough for me to do alone. I have a Subaru Forester so it isn't a really tall SUV...

I purchased the entire Yakima system for my Forester as it only had factory rails installed. I bought the round Yakima rails specifically so I could use the BoatLoader accessory. I have found the BoatLoader to be a great way for me to load my kayaks. My heaviest kayak is just over 50lbs and I have no problem loading it by myself now.

The BoatLoader seems sturdy enough. And I like that it doesn't stick out very far from the rack when not extended. When extended the width is just right for any of my kayaks. My husband likes that I don't have to always ask for his help now.

I love my BoatLoader by Yakima!


A ski accident left me with a…

Submitted by: rdmcclary on 7/13/2009
A ski accident left me with a few shoulder issues. The BoatLoader makes putting my boats up on top a non-event.
I foolishly bought two of these - one for each side. I soon found that, once a boat is on top, it can be "walked" on across to make room for the second boat.

My down-rating comes from this... Unless your bars are new or nearly new, you will have installation issues! My bars were about 4 years old and had been left outside (mounted) most of this time. There was enough corrosion inside the bar to keep the "catch" from moving. (HINT - it took a great deal of cutting to get the plastic end plug off.) I eventually got one bar to slide all right (although roughly). The second bar was too badly corroded. I did remove the plastic catch piece, and now it slides in and out. However, I must watch for the hole (which would have held the catch), then move the bar back in a few inches
Oh yeah, the sand dollar graphic on the end of the loader is great!


Nice addition to a good…

Submitted by: Oregonpaddler on 7/11/2009
Nice addition to a good Yakima line. I had the Thule version on my older car and it's the same principle. Both work well. With a bad shoulder, it's difficult sometimes to get a 55 pound boat on top of the old Subaru. This pull-out bar helps. The reviewer who gave it a 1 out of ten probably wants a microwave oven installed in his kayak...

Although my kayak only weighs…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2009
Although my kayak only weighs 40 pounds, I am not strong enough to lift it into the rack by myself. Its a sit-on-top and bulky which makes it harder to handle.

The boat loader is easy once you get the hang of it - and makes it a breeze. Before loading was a long struggle and now I can get my kayaks up there fast and easy. It doesn't mar my car in any way and works like a dream.

My only wish is that when I bought the rack it would have been sold as an option - so I would have never have been without it. I have several car scratches from trying to load before the boat loader. Get it - you won't regret it.


Installs very easily and is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2006
Installs very easily and is well made. typical Yakima. I also have a 4 Runner and it made loading my heavy Old Town doable, where before it was suicide. I now have a lighter Wenonah but it still comes in handy. The previous reviewer that said this is worthless is a sourpus who probably doesn't read directions and use it right. Park somewhere there is grass if possible, move canoe up alongside vehicle, extend boatloader bar out, lift front of canoe/kayak up to rest on the bar, move to back and lift rear of canoe/kayak up and walk over the back of vehicle. You can roll the canoe 180 degrees in this same process and then shimmy the boat over into place as needed. Works like a charm with a little skill and care. Boatloader mounts and stores in the end of the Yakima round bars for easy access. Great item, plain and simple.

An awesome addition to my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/10/2005
An awesome addition to my rack. I've got a high vehicle (4Runner) and could not load my boat on my own. Rollers won't work because of the location of the rack. This thing is just the ticket. Super easy to install and use.

I use a Yakima Boat Loader to…

Submitted by: paddler231167 on 6/28/2005
I use a Yakima Boat Loader to cartop a Tarpon 120 and a Porta-Bote on a Forester.. The Porta-Bote weighs 69lbs; the Tarpon 60lbs. Both are 12ft long. I am 60 years old 5'9 and 170 lbs.and to lift them on to the Forester before I got the boatloader was a struggle. The is an excellent aid well worth investing in.

I would have to disagree with…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/15/2005
I would have to disagree with the other review. Without this item, it would be impossible for me to load my sit on top kayak onto the top of my Jeep. It is like having a second person with you. Great item.

Absolutely useless. Loading…

Submitted by: BIRDZONE on 6/14/2005
Absolutely useless. Loading from the side might work on a low car, but on a truck or SUV, it's too high. Plan on a system that allows you to load from the rear.