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The XY Meany paddle is the…

Submitted by: paddler235287 on 8/14/2013
The XY Meany paddle is the easies and well balanced paddle around. My son and I both bought a paddle for a resent trip in the BWCA and will never switch to another. Once an XY paddle user, always a XY paddle user.

I purchased my first XY…

Submitted by: Vancouver1 on 8/1/2013
I purchased my first XY Company Meany Original bent shaft paddle ten years ago. It's been a trustworthy best-friend ever since, and is always by my side in my canoe. Without doubt, it's the most well-balanced paddle I've ever used. It's practically perfect ergonomically, with a fantastically comfortable grip. The unique blade shape allows for a powerful draw. Aesthetically, it's just as pleasing, with quality craftsmanship and lovely wood species combinations. This lightweight wonder has stood up to thousands of miles of rivers, lakes and portages and still looks great. Loved it so much, I bought another.

I grew up listening to Don…

Submitted by: paddler235036 on 6/5/2013
I grew up listening to Don and his brother Joe swap stories with my father, stories that included the making of paddles. I saw the evolution of the bent shaft, from an early version given to my father as a gift that I now have. I have paddled only Meany paddles, and continue to marvel at the design each time. It truly is an honour to paddle these works of art. Don always said, XY paddles are not for hanging on the wall.

My son & I both have XY bent…

Submitted by: paddler232618 on 6/4/2008
My son & I both have XY bent shaft paddles and we both love them. Every canoe trip we constantly have to steal our paddles back from our buddies, because they are always the most comfortable paddles on the trip.

I don't believe I have ever…

Submitted by: paddler231919 on 1/24/2007
I don't believe I have ever used another type of paddle from the day I got an XY paddle. Don is a legend in the Atikokan area and I am honoured to know him and use his works of art. I own five of his paddles and cherish each one.

My Meany paddle laughs in the…

Submitted by: paddler231568 on 5/18/2006
My Meany paddle laughs in the face of danger. Living in Oregon and running white water all the time I have wondered what I have been doing all these years without it.

I just ordered my second…

Submitted by: paddler231269 on 8/22/2005
I just ordered my second Meany paddle and although Don has pretty much retired, his son Spencer does just as good a job as his old man did. They are gorgeous and I echo the others in my doubt that there is a better paddle out there. And for a custom built paddle, the price is unbeatable.

I was directed to Don Meany…

Submitted by: paddler230995 on 3/20/2005
I was directed to Don Meany by chance. We talked for at least an hour and a half. I learned more about canoeing that day than the rest of my life combined. If you are in Atikokin you must stop in and chat. Don Meany makes the most functional and beautiful paddle, hands down. The look of the paddle makes you fall in love and its performance puts you in awe. I’ve paddled with min for 6 years. Each of my groomsmen got a paddle on my wedding. This is one purchase you will cherish.

I own 4 Meany paddles, and…

Submitted by: paddler230866 on 11/8/2004
I own 4 Meany paddles, and many other bent and straight paddles, and the Meany paddles are the best. I was a canoe guide in MN and Quetico for 3 Seasons, and have paddled well over 1200 miles, and I would never set foot in a canoe without one of, if not two of, my Meany paddles. The grip feels awesome, and the way the paddle is made, gives an ease and control and the best results out of any other paddle.

Like a sound old truck with…

Submitted by: paddler230722 on 8/2/2004
Like a sound old truck with high mileage, my Meany paddle deserves praise - I have 'put' 8000 miles on my paddle so far and still look forward to every time I get to feel that paddle in my hands and move to explore a new waterway!

I was a canoe guide over the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/25/2003
I was a canoe guide over the summer of 03 and used a Meany to traverse over five hundered miles and I would'nt have done it with anything less than a Meany.

Our family has 5 XY paddles.…

Submitted by: paddler230332 on 8/21/2003
Our family has 5 XY paddles. They are ergonomic, pull water beautifully, hold up to being banged around in portages, and are so beautiful that when they aren't in the water, they are above our mantel in the living room.

I have 4 of his paddles, 2…

Submitted by: paddler230177 on 6/9/2003
I have 4 of his paddles, 2 Frasiers, a Mcgilvry, and another the name I can't remember. Every other paddle I see gets a close look-see. XY Paddles beat everything I have ever compared because they have Don Meany's knowledge behind them. They're the lightest, strongest, and coolest looking. I've also used them for 100's of miles of paddling and the're extremely efficient and comfortable.If you break one of Don Meany's paddles, it your own fault for doing something stupid that you shouldn't be doing in the first place. These tools of the water get treated with respect!!

Don Meany is the artist who…

Submitted by: paddler229332 on 7/17/2001
Don Meany is the artist who creates these wonderful to look at and even better to use paddles. From Beaver Tails to Otter Tails, he puts the years of experience he accquired as a champion canoe racer in Canada. I strongly reccommend his paddles for all types of canoeing. Stop by his shop for the best stories and warmest hospatility.