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Name: Vancouver1

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This canoe is an impressive multi-tasker. One of the best all-arounder canoes on the market, the Penobscot is efficient and straight-tracking on flatwater. It's nimble and responsive in class I & II (maybe III) rapids. It has enough cargo room for extended trips, but if you're going it alone for a day, you can easily paddle it solo.

I've owned the royalex layup for more than 11 years, and I grow to love this canoe more and more every year. It's incredibly durable, yet lightweight enough to not be a back breaker on portages. The fit and finish is nice, even the molded grab handles are comfortable. Its primary stability is a little touchier than some other boats, but it makes up for it in performance.

Great canoe!

I purchased my first XY Company Meany Original bent shaft paddle ten years ago. It's been a trustworthy best-friend ever since, and is always by my side in my canoe. Without doubt, it's the most well-balanced paddle I've ever used. It's practically perfect ergonomically, with a fantastically comfortable grip. The unique blade shape allows for a powerful draw. Aesthetically, it's just as pleasing, with quality craftsmanship and lovely wood species combinations. This lightweight wonder has stood up to thousands of miles of rivers, lakes and portages and still looks great. Loved it so much, I bought another.