Tsunami 135

13' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Tsunami 135 Description

Ideal for female and small-framed paddlers. The lowered cockpit height and moderate length make this kayak and excellent performer, yet easy to manage.

Tsunami 135 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Wilderness Systems
Tsunami 135 Reviews

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I have had this kayak for 7…

Submitted by: perksdlx on 7/29/2019

I have had this kayak for 7 years now and am still excited every time I take it out. It is comfortable and paddles easily, especially with carbon fiber paddles. Have done rivers, lakes and even the Gulf of Mexico and over lots of rocks. I've best it up pretty good and it has stood all I have given it. The design is very good with easy access to the storage areas. I bought it with a rudder but barely use it.


I found the Tsunami 135…

Submitted by: Nicole99 on 6/20/2019

I found the Tsunami 135 tracks and handles very well. It is the right size for someone who has many needs in a kayak. I've been on moving rivers and lakes with it. The seat is comfortable and fits a smaller adult well. My only dislike is the small cockpit size which makes you feel very confined and restrained even for someone who is 130 lbs and 5'7"


I LOVE this kayak! I paddle…

Submitted by: KayakerEA on 10/15/2018

I LOVE this kayak! I paddle in Wisconsin on Lakes, Bays, and anything else wet I can find! It's safe (I've been in some fairly rough bay of Green Bay conditions), tracks well ( I have a rudder), and is an absolute joy to paddle. Can't say enough good about this kayak although I wish it had an optional deck for drinks and phone. Great ride!


I moved from Upstate NY back…

Submitted by: maryjbhere on 6/19/2018

I moved from Upstate NY back to PA and needed a smaller boat as I was not going to be using it on the Hudson River or coastal waters so my 17' seemed like overkill. I looked at many. I settled on this boat because when I get in I truly do become one with it. It sits low on the water, which I love. It glides across the water so easily. There is no need for a rudder because it tracks so well. As an older woman and have no problem lifting it up and sliding it across my car roof racks. There are enough compartments to fill my needs. The large one I store my Molly (wheels) and in the one behind me, my small cooler. The front one I keep a blanket should I want to get out and sit. I can do a 4-hour paddle without getting out and still feel quite comfortable with no cramping or stiffness. I had one boat that pressed on a nerve at my thighs, not with this one. I love it!!


I bought this kayak after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/18/2018

I bought this kayak after going to an annual Demo Day in Farmville, VA. It was a great way to try out different kayaks! I am very happy with it! It is lightweight, stable, yet not as bulky as the wider kayaks. Previously I had a Wilderness Pungo. It is built for a small framed person. I have had it out on numerous rivers and am very happy with how it handles! Tracks great!


I got my tsunami last year…

Submitted by: paddler409515 on 12/12/2017

I got my tsunami last year and have been 100% satisfied with it. I'm about 5'10" and 125 lb and I find the boat easy to get in and out of, and to paddle. It tracks well without a rudder. The narrower cockpit is ideal for smaller people but there is still plenty of leg room. For shorter people or kids, my 5foot 10 year old moved the footrests up and was easily able to paddle it himself. My only minor complaint is that it doesn't have the paddle holding loop like my husband's 145.


Love my kayak!

Submitted by: Newboater on 8/3/2017

I love my Tsunami 135! I am 5'6" and weigh 120# and it fits me great!
I may be out 2 to 3 times a week paddling.
My only complaint is, there are times I feel I don't have enough foot room, but that only seems to be on longer paddles... And I do wish there was a small hatch in front of the cockpit, instead of behind the seat.
But overall, I love it! It is not cumbersome like some of the wider kayaks I have tried.


Fantastic kayak

Submitted by: Kevin_Miller on 8/1/2017

Our Tsunami 135 is roto poly without rudder (and in the only nice color -- red). My wife is 5'2" & 95 lbs, and I'm 5'10" 150 lbs, so we are on each end of the recommended body size spectrum. It fits both of us well by simply adjusting the thigh pads and foot rests -- a <5 minute adjustment. Stability is exceptional because of the hull design, low cockpit height, and the fact it sits so low in the water (which also looks great, especially because it is red). Handling and maneuverability is also excellent; a rudder is unnecessary except on a large body of water in high wind. Weight is a fairly low at 48 lbs -- add 3 lbs for a rudder or subtract 3 lbs for fiberglass, which we appreciate when it's out of the water. The cost (Canadian dollars) was very reasonable for such a well-designed/well-engineered/good-looking (did I mention that it's red?) kayak.


I am thrilled with my tsunami 135. I chose this after trying out…

Submitted by: Hfenclk on 8/10/2016

I am thrilled with my tsunami 135.

I chose this after trying out a half dozen kayaks during demos. I am 5' 2 " and find the weight and width ideal. I thoroughly enjoy on Lake Erie shore lines, bays and nearby rivers. It is my foundation for a new hobby that I hope to learn more about. Very happy with this purchase!


I've had my Tsunami 135 for 6…

Submitted by: Caf655 on 9/8/2015
I've had my Tsunami 135 for 6 weeks and I love it! Light enough that I can load by myself (5'6" woman, 60 years young), and it has just about everything I need for day or short weekend trips. Very comfortable and responsive. Handles like a charm in both calm and choppy water, and served me well on a recent open water trip. I have a rudder, but only use it when I absolutely need to do so; the boat tracks really well, and has no trouble keeping up with longer touring boats. I have not regretted this purchase one bit.

I bought this kayak for my 10…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2015
I bought this kayak for my 10 yr. old daughter. I wanted a kayak that she could handle but one that was still long enough to keep pace with me in my 14 foot kayak. The first and secondary stability are great, a big plus with a young paddler. The cockpit fits her well, but she is at the extreme end of the minimum height.

The Tsunami longs to go straight. Turning is difficult even on edge. We do not have the optional rudder installed but will have soon. In a current or stiff wind I have to give her a bow to stern rudder assist to keep her coarse.

This is not a fast boat even in the 14' class. I paddled it myself, and compared to my Dagger Alchemy 14OL it is slow. I am 5'8" and 158Lb and it is a tight fit for me. I would say the perfect size paddler for this boat would be in the 100- 150 range and no taller than 5'5".

One big problem is the rigidity of the poly used in this kayak. Even a few hours strapped down in a kayak carrier causes deformation. I do not over tighten my lashings and have padded supports and still I get dents in the body.

This is a good starter kayak for a small person looking for a affordable entry level boat to learn the sport.


I love my Wilderness Tsunami…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2015
I love my Wilderness Tsunami 135! I am a petite woman and other kayaks never fit me, could never adjust the footpegs so that my feet could reach- this kayak fits me like a glove and is extremely stable-feels as secure as a fat rec boat but can track and move through the water great-it's a little harder to turn than other kayaks but if you learn your paddle techniques you can make up for that.

The only reason I gave it an 9 is because the seat has kind of a high back so self rescue is a little more challenging to get back in- but it is so stable you are not likely to tip- I played in some really large lake swells and the hull design really gives you that secondary stability preventing you from going over- great hatch space, comfy seat- this boat is a blast and I would recommend it to anyone who is small and wants a tighter fitting boat so that they can learn technique to grow in the sport- i feel safe in this boat, unlike other narrow kayaks I have been in- have been kayaking for about 3 years now-average skill level- this is a perfect boat for a beginner that wants to take the next step up to a touring boat without being intimidated and the more experienced paddler (like my boyfriend who has been paddling for years) will enjoy it too!


Recently just purchased the…

Submitted by: maryjbhere on 5/14/2015
Recently just purchased the Tsunami 135 and I love it. So far after 4 paddles, I find nothing that I don't love about it. The seat is very comfortable, although the back is a bit high when getting in the way I do. It tracks beautifully without a rudder. Pretty fast too. It fits me perfectly, I'm 5'5 female - medium build. I love that it sits so close to the water. I would refer this boat to a friend.

I've been kayaking for 12 years, and had a 17' Dagger Halifax and a 15'8 Swift Fiberglass Caspian Sea - sold them due to the fact I moved from NY (Mid Hudson Val) down to PA where we just have small lakes so I needed a shorter kayak.
The Tsunami 135 fits my needs.


Purchased a Wilderness…

Submitted by: paddler235970 on 9/9/2014
Purchased a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 new from our local shop. Being a smaller male paddler (5ft 6"), this boat fits me perfectly, with one of the most comfortable seats out there. Very stable, tracks well, (I never use the rudder), and the hatch covers have kept everything dry so far (and they are not impossible to take off). I have been out about 10 times so far, including a couple of full day (6-8 hour) paddles on the West Coast of B.C. Mostly calm ocean water, but a couple of times in strong current and 2ft choppy water.

I rented about 15 different boats over the last couple of years before purchasing, and as soon as tried this one out, I knew it was what I wanted! This one suits all my needs so far.

The only issues was a 2 month wait for the boat, when we were told it would be a 1 month wait, but our local shop gave us a couple of free rentals to cover for this. Also my wife's boat (a Focus) came the wrong colour...
Anyways, really enjoy paddling my Tsunami!


I have a good amount of…

Submitted by: paddler235956 on 9/6/2014
I have a good amount of experience in canoes, but until recently little experience in kayaks. I purchased a Delta 12.10 and was pleased with its maneuverability, stability and workmanship. It was a thermoform kayak. But it was work to paddle and tracked poorly. It had no glide.

Demoed a rotomolded Wilderness Tsunami 135. The difference was evident with one paddle stroke. The boat took off and went straight and the glide made me smile. The Delta got returned. Since I purchased this boat, I have had the Tsunami in dead calm lake water, loaded up on a 3-day 2-night paddle in upstate NY, in turbulent and swift Ohio River water, and in choppy ocean swells off the coast of Nova Scotia. The boat is stable and glides well. It has been a good platform for my wife and I (each of us own a Tsunami 135) to learn on. Although the boat takes work to maneuver in tight spaces, I find that it does what I need to do as I learn to edge and carve my turns. The boat tracks well. It does weathervane somewhat, but only in stronger winds. I rolled the boat in active ocean water (my mistake) and found self rescue was easy without a paddle float. I was surprised, expecting some kind of epic, but the boat let me roll it up, hop on and climb in. Surmounting the seat back was the only challenge in the process.

I am in my middle 60s and can easily handle this boat, putting it on my car by myself, getting it in and out of the water, etc. The seat is comfortable and super adjustable.

I may want a longer, faster boat with more storage for some serious multi-day touring at some point, but for now this boat is simply great. I can see myself picking up some real skill before I move onto another boat... IF I move onto another boat.


I'm a canoe guy but spent…

Submitted by: paddler235471 on 3/20/2014
I'm a canoe guy but spent quite a bit of time paddling a friends Tsunami 135 on the Kalamazoo River in Plainwell, MI. I have owned a WS Manteo and a WS Pamlico in the past and the Tsunami is a much better boat than either of those. It's faster than either boat, a lot lighter than the Manteo and surprisingly easy to turn.

My friend and I would paddle two Tsunamis upstream on the Kalamazoo Mill Race to a control dam, portage around the dam and paddle downstream back to town. The upstream portion was a serious workout but the Tsunamis blew away all the boats we paddled with for speed and handled well against the current.

Any boat is a compromise but the Tsunami 135 checks a lot of boxes.


This is my first year for…

Submitted by: paddler235366 on 10/2/2013
This is my first year for serious paddling and after shopping around a bit, I chose the 2013 Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 as my first boat. Since putting my boat in the water in late April, I have paddled rivers, lakes and some coastal waters.

This boat is awesome. It has given me the feeling of security I needed to really get serious about paddling. We typically paddle for 2-3 hours each time we go out and this boat is very comfortable. It is stable and more than capable of handling anything from flat water to 'active' coastal water! It instinctively cuts through waves and allows the paddler to relax and enjoy the ride. I took a couple lessons early in the season and was taught assisted rescue and self rescue. The hardest part about the lesson was actually getting my boat to flip over! For this boat, that was counter intuitive!

My husband has the WS Tempest 170 and although my boat is not built for the same speed as his is, I don't usually have any trouble keeping up... the Tsunami 135 is a real work horse and will give back whatever you put into it. While this may not be my 'forever' kayak, it certainly was THE kayak to get into the sport with. As I become a more skilled paddler, I may move up to sleeker boat - more of a true 'sea' kayak, but for now, I'm loving every minute I spend in my Tsunami 135.


Perfect for small frame…

Submitted by: jrzyrock on 7/27/2013
Perfect for small frame people, this kayak cuts through waves and wind as if they are not even there. I now have no fear of not being able to get back to where I started if the wind picks up. Seat is very comfortable. Not a problem on long trip. Highly recommended kayak!

Absolutely LOVE this kayak.…

Submitted by: jrzyrock on 3/20/2013
Absolutely LOVE this kayak. Priced right, it moves through wind and waves with little extra effort. Previously I had to worry about wind direction, how rough it would get, and if I would be able to get back to where I started. Even had to get towed in a few times because of the wind changing direction after I got far from where I started. With the Tsunami 135 I can confidently kayak by myself without worry about returning to my vehicle.

My wife absolutely loves this…

Submitted by: jchiap1 on 9/7/2011
My wife absolutely loves this boat. Seat is real comfortable, perfect size for a 5'4", 118 lb paddler. Easy to turn, tracks well, fairly light for its size. Recommend to people who want the versatility of a long boat, but turning ability of a small one.

As one of the few…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2011
As one of the few women-specific kayaks out there, this boat has a lot to offer. It's 13.5 feet, keeping the Tsunami 135 relatively light and easy to manage. It also has an optional rudder, allowing the kayak to be controlled a little bit easier on windy lakes or open ocean. It tracks very well and yet is still easy to turn. The Tsunami 135 is lower in volume, fitting a smaller body better then other kayaks in this family. The lower deck makes it easier to reach my deck bag, too. This boat is a joy to paddle!

This boat tracks well and has…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2011
This boat tracks well and has a very nice glide. The boat fits me well, too (I am 5'5") and I felt comfortably snug in the cockpit. Plenty of room around the hips and just the right amount of tight fit with the thigh pads. It has great initial and secondary stability. It feels a little heavy in the water, but this does not effect its performance, glide, or ability to get up to speed. I like boats that go fast and this boat was fun and enjoyable to paddle. Ultimately, this is the kayak for you if you want a stable, day cruising boat that fits well (snugly, but not wedged in there) with a sea kayak kind of feel!

Finally, a boat that fits me…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2011
Finally, a boat that fits me perfectly! At a bit over 5ft tall I have a hard time finding a stable boat that doesn't feel like a bathtub. Well, here it is! I was looking for a fast boat that wasn't a full-on sea kayak but that had some length to it for some camping gear storage for an overnight or two. I also needed a cockpit opening that wasn't too big that I couldn't touch the sides with my legs for better control. This kayak is stable, yet sleek, and something that I can improve my paddling skills in. Everyone told me to get a Tsunami and I now understand why!

A Near Perfect Match... As a former WW paddler, and canoe sailor, I…

Submitted by: QuebraRegra on 2/25/2009
A Near Perfect Match...
As a former WW paddler, and canoe sailor, I needed a kayak with decent performance for the purposes of exploring the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately I had a few pre-requisites that narrowed the field a bit for my selection of kayaks. I needed a length sub 14' so it could be brought indoors and stored reasonably, I needed the hull to be poly (all my property is subjected to use not unlike a demolition derby), the boat would have to hold my 200lb 5'8" (size 12 shoes) Welsh mountain goat of a body, and I needed the design to be narrow enough to offer performance without compromising reasonable stability (I anticipated adding a sail and doing some photography). I settled upon the WILDERNESS SYSTEMS TSUNAMI 135, and have found I made an excellent choice.

Firstly, among the TSUNAMI line (described as transitional touring), the 135 had one of the narrowest hulls, which translates to better speed to some degree. The TSUNAMI 135 boat is rather hard chined, so initial stability is quite good (this helps when I use my 2.2 sq meter sail, and with climbing in and out on the water). The kayak paddles well, tracks quite well (hard to turn sometimes... DON'T BOTHER WITH THE RUDDER), and the hatches are sufficiently water tight by comparison.

Unfortunately I could call it perfect except for the following:

  • PHASE 3 seating - worthless, and gets in the way during re-entry on the water (needs to be replaced with a backband).
  • COCKPIT TOO ROOMY - the TSUNAMI 135 is listed as a boat for women and small paddlers. I'm fairly wide but had to install hip pads to keep my bum from sliding around while rolling this kayak.
  • HARD CHINED - this is a blessing and a curse. The hard chines make this a labour to roll, but to add stability for sailing and relaxing.
All in all, I find it a fantastic kayak for my purposes, a veritable 9 out of 10.