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The Sealution is a kayak brought to you by Wilderness Systems. Read Sealution reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Sealution Reviews


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Sealution Reviews

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Recently bought the 1996…

Submitted by: mixed1 on 7/16/2018

Recently bought the 1996 Sealution XS for $400 from Craigslist. It's 14'9" I've had it on calmer lakes and a very choppy Lake Superior with high rollers underneath. I will have to say that this boat is extremely stable and tracks very well even in significant waves. It's so calm at times it doesn't even seem like its moving, yet you look back and are surprised by how far you've gone. It's unusual hull design with a heavy line down the center makes it so you don't really need a rudder or a skeg. The biggest qualms I have with it is the very small cockpit, it's why the previous owner at 6'2" and not getting any younger sold it and the seat which only seemed partly original and which I ended up replacing some straps and adding another layer of foam (from Axman) under the cover. The additions to the seat helped but I haven't tried it since without wearing a life vest. The small opening for the cockpit was actually a good thing on Lake Superior as not much water got in as I've yet to find and purchase a fitting spray skirt (my large fish cooler deck bag may also of helped). On the biggest waves the bow could dip under a bit and a little water got in the front hatch which has a solid cover over a stretch neoprene cover. So far I am very happy with it, but wonder how it will perform in river situations like the St. Croix, I can imagine some awkward times getting in and out in the current and wonder how easy it will turn on the river's back streams. At 54 lbs, it's manageable to get on and off the roof of my car, but can be a little difficult after a long paddle.


I have had this boat for many…

Submitted by: weenerminr on 8/12/2016
I have had this boat for many years and it is absolutely outstanding. Have taken numerous longer trips (Apostle Islands, Isle Royale, north shore Lake Superior and several rivers in Wisconsin), and it paddles great, comfortable, ample cargo room and great rudder. Mine is kevlar so only 44# which I really like. I feel very spoiled as I find paddling other boats now take way too much effort. I suspect the new generation Sealutions must be even better. Obviously I love this boat and would recommend to anyone.