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I have both a double boat, attach to the wall, Suspenz rack for 2 kayaks in Door county, Wisconsin. I also have a single boat Suspenz attach to the wall rack for my home in Middleton, Wisconsin. Both are absolutely terrific. The kayaks are suspended on straps rather than metal. Very easy to install, and easy to load and unload the boats. Saves a lot of space without having to lift up high or hassle with pulleys etc. Great products in my opinion and well worth the money. Very durable.

Terrific kayak. I already own a Wilderness Systems Sealution which has been on numerous week long trips in the upper midwest. Great boat (kevlar, rudder), but I now keep it in Door county, Wisconsin and wanted a smaller and less expensive kayak for our home in the Madison area. I am now 70 and wanted a boat that was relatively easy to load and unload off my Crosstrek. After scouting around and checking with the staff at Rutabaga Paddlesports and taking a test paddle, I purchased the Santee 126. I think the smaller cockpit provides more control than the Santee 126 Sport. I have used the boat a lot over the past couple years. It tracks well without a rudder, is very comfortable, and is light as advertised (40 pounds). It is perfect for taking 1-4 hour day trips on the Madison lakes or surrounding rivers and smaller lakes. The small storage area is very convenient. Both the foot pegs and the seat are easily adjustable. This boat has exceeded all my expectations for a fun and easy paddle, relatively inexpensive, and light. I love the Santee 126.

I wanted a light, versatile kayak mostly for short paddles on Madison lakes and surrounding area. I got rid of a bulky and heavy fishing kayak which I seldom used, and the Santee 126 has proven to be just what wanted. Easy to get on and off top of car alone. Paddles easily and tracks very well with no rudder. I keep a really good kayak (with rudder) in Door county for longer trips, but this has proven be perfect so far. As with previous reviews, I am cautious about putting too much weight on cockpit, but after several paddles this has not been a problem. Great boat for the money.

I enjoy this boat for fishing which I do off and on, especially with 2 of my sons. Since I also have a great sea kayak, I am spoiled, so the effort in paddling this boat means I do not paddle for long distances. My boat is polyethylene and reasonable weight though again, heavier than my kevlar sea kayak. The pouches and pole holders and small bells and whistles typical of a fishing kayak are all great.

Overall, I like this boat a lot and it serves its purpose, though I am not a real avid fisherman. Well worth the moderate price.

I have had this boat for many years and it is absolutely outstanding. Have taken numerous longer trips (Apostle Islands, Isle Royale, north shore Lake Superior and several rivers in Wisconsin), and it paddles great, comfortable, ample cargo room and great rudder. Mine is kevlar so only 44# which I really like. I feel very spoiled as I find paddling other boats now take way too much effort. I suspect the new generation Sealutions must be even better. Obviously I love this boat and would recommend to anyone.