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The Pungo Classic is a kayak brought to you by Wilderness Systems. Read Pungo Classic reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Pungo Classic Reviews

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I absolutely LOVE this…

Submitted by: paddler2706166 on 12/27/2023

I absolutely LOVE this kayak. It's SO STABLE and even when it's windy, this is rock solid. We have 3 of them


I have had this Pungo 12,…

Submitted by: paddler813959 on 7/3/2020
I have had this Pungo 12, the solid brown, that I bought new in 2002. For me it is all about the lines. This kayak with it's deep keel and hard chines is not only pleasing to the eye but paddles straight as an arrow, slips easily through the water with great stability. Eighteen years later the shape is still true. I did have to replace the seat padding because they were chewed by chip monks. Hard use fishing and sliding in the reeds for ducks. Wife bought a Pungo 12 in 2017. It is not the same, keel and chines are softer and the over all look is just too soft for my eye. It does have nicer amenities, knee pads, nicer seat and a large stern compartment and detachable dash where the old 2002 is a basic hull. Still, I would never consider any other than the 2002 Pungo 12 unless WS came out with the same lines with upgrades. 6' 2" 185 LBS 69 yrs

As a teenager (years ago!)…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/16/2020

As a teenager (years ago!) my husband had to learn to roll an old-style kayak - and he swore he'd never kayak again. He rarely went out with me but when he did, used our Pack canoe while I paddled circles around him in my Old Town Otter. Last summer, I happened to see an original 12' brown Pungo on Facebook Marketplace for $150. It is SO stable and has big open cockpit - he was willing to try it. Well, he loved it! Our first trip on the river, we were out for over 4 hours! (I had to paddle non-stop in my little kayak to keep up with him!) So - I started looking for something similar for myself. I found a Pungo Classic (yellow) on Fb Marketplace, again for only $150! I drove over an hour to get it. We used them every weekend and several afternoons after work until the snow started flying. They are straight, smooth, easy to paddle, glide nicely, and are very stable, we love them! We added paddle clips and seat pads. (And yeah - I put a Chiquita sticker on mine!) The original is heavier than the Classic - but really, not bad when we go together. We would highly recommend them!


I picked up a used…

Submitted by: dpross2525 on 6/7/2018

I picked up a used Wilderness System 12 foot Pongo Classic this spring. This kayak's cockpit is very roomy, seat is quite comfortable, it tracks nicely for a short vessel and is surprisingly stable; seems in calm waters one would almost have to flip it intentionally. There is one exception, pulling ashore and trying to stand instead of first sitting on rear deck behind seat and extending legs to the side. Initially attempting to stand and exit led to flipping in less than a foot of water with onlookers. This kayak is also pretty darn durable.


Have loved my old yellow one…

Submitted by: paddler412872 on 1/8/2018

Have loved my old yellow one for many years. Highlight was a three-day (two nights camping) on the Buffalo River in Arkansas.


I am new to the sport of…

Submitted by: paddler237024 on 8/11/2016
I am new to the sport of kayaking! I have many friends that have been kayaking for years and they are into it big time! I have used many of there kayaks and all are top of the line. I finally got to use a Wilderness Pungo Classic yak. Wow! night and day difference! Made my paddling so much easier and alot more comfortable. Only one I will use now! Easier on my back and easier to load by myself! I am one happy Wilderness customer. Try one today! You will love it!

This kayak is awesome. It has…

Submitted by: zoomchey48 on 9/25/2015
This kayak is awesome. It has the most stable cockpit that you could even stand up in it if you wish. the front is like a dagger to slice thru the waves while giving you a good ride. The adjustable foot braces work extremely well even for very tall people. The seat is also very comfortable. It is a joy to paddle because it glides and tracks very nice. You would have no trouble keeping up with a group of kayakers with minimum effort. It has a nice waterproof pouch under the rear hatch cover to store valuables.It is extra roomy and stable and I love it. I would give it a 10 for sure

The original Pungo was the…

Submitted by: jvryak on 2/17/2014
The original Pungo was the first recreational style boat that introduced kayaking to the average person. I own several - they are EXTREMELY stable, can be paddled by anyone from a child to the heavier than average person. Easy to get into with the long, wide kayak. Very efficient, easy to paddle and comfortable - you'll do circles around canoers with no training required. Used ones are hundreds less then the new styles. Was later marketed by Victory model called Navigator.

I recently purchase my first…

Submitted by: LynnMc57 on 9/5/2006
I recently purchase my first kayak. My wife has a couple of Dagger Blackwaters 10.5' and 11.5' and they just didn't fit well (at least for my 6'1" @ 350# frame). Tried on a Pungo and it fit in the showroom. Took out the first night I bought it on a chain of local lakes here in the Twin Cities. It felt good like the old confrontable sneaker. Handled outstanding without any tracking issues. I would recommend this boat for anyone that is a beginner and of the largers sizes.