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Jensen Reviews


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Jensen Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Advanced

Wenonah Canoe, Inc.
Jensen Reviews

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I have a fiberglass…

Submitted by: L7T8S4 on 8/7/2013
I have a fiberglass Jensen-18. This has been a great boat for our family. We have used it on small local waters, we have raced with it, and we have tripped with it in BWCA and Alonguin PP. It is a pleasure to paddle.

Great all around boat. I…

Submitted by: Redbone311 on 8/15/2006
Great all around boat. I bought mine used for only $300. White gel coated fibreglass w/ crossribs at about 66 lbs. Boat is super fast, the low cut helps keep it mostly wind free (so the wind doesn't push you around sideways) most of the time. Very long glide for each stroke. Which helps in the speed and distance dept. For those times that you want an indestructable and/or fast turning boat I switch to my Old Town Penobscot 16 in royalex. I love We No Nah models. Have this one - plus Prism 16.5 ft solo, Solitude 15.5 ft solo, Rendezvous 15'8 Solo downriver racer and all around wilderness downriver tripper, and a Madriver Rage 13 whitewater boat.

I was given my Jensen…

Submitted by: baldpaddler on 1/9/2006
I was given my Jensen Eighteen for one of my many twentyninth birthdays. I walked into the Great outdoors Provision Company with my wife and saw a beautiful Alaskan Ivory Jensen in kevlar Cross ribs. My wife bought it and I have had it ever since.

I have raced the Jensen in Two 70 miler Clintons, one Ninety miler Fall Classic in NY, Many 40 miler LumberRiver Challenges here in NC. It is a great boat. I have had it loaded down with gear on boy scout trips and still ran circles (Literally) around the other boats, even though I only had a scout up front. Last year I took a non canoe racer who only knew pig boats out and convinced her to paddle the 70 miler. Even though she was middle aged and less then limber she found the Jensen stable, as do I.

As with all long boats the Jensen is succectable to winds and wanting to weathercock when riding high. When I had a load of gear in the boat I did not noticed it. Rear Quarting waves are and issue, but it is less of an issue in this boat then in many other 18 footers I have paddled. Many people run these boats in the standard traditional Class(Stock) as a dedicated racer. I think they are missing out by not throwing in a few packs and seeing how well the canoe runs loaded.

As I said my boat is kevlar/crossrib/gelcoat which puts it at about 60 pounds. It carries well with a sculpted yolk that I had bought in Canada.

I would rate this boat 9 1/2 if I had it in skin coat ultralight lay up. Since it is heavier then I want at my advance age of twentynine(plus)i only rate it an eight. Gene Jensen and WeNoNah have done a great job on this boat and I recommend it to any body who wants to enjoy Paddling a fine canoe.


I have an 18' Jensen in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/17/2005
I have an 18' Jensen in Kevlar ultralight layup. It's a good all around boat. It handles moderate waves and boat wakes without any problems. While not as fast as a 3x27 pro boat or cruiser, it holds its own when pushed hard. Raced it a couple of times this summer. Makes a great boat for the canoe leg of team triathlons. Highly recommended for the NYMCRA stock racing class. I agree with other reviews, if you could only own one canoe, this one is definitely worth considering. The only improvement Wenonah could make to this boat would be to build it in carbon/kevlar. 10 all the way.

I picked up my Wenonah…

Submitted by: paddler231203 on 7/18/2005
I picked up my Wenonah Jensen18 ultra light last week. This is the way to go if you're looking for the Jensen18 model. At 39lbs it is zero work to carry and on the water she guides forever with easy paddling. I sold my Jensen18 in the toughweave to get the the ultra light layup. Awesome move. The only thing I did, was add a kneeling thwart so soloing comfort is there. I rate this canoe an easy 10 !! all the way.

Tuffweave cross rib…

Submitted by: paddler232009 on 7/21/2004
Tuffweave cross rib construction, this construction is no longer available, too bad, Kevlar is only superior out of the water, truly one of the finest canoes to paddle ever designed. Also a very nice boat to solo (put rocks up front or sit on a cooler in the middle like I do with a 2" longer paddle) There is no finer canoe for recreational paddling period.

As a canoe fan for 40 years,…

Submitted by: paddler229977 on 11/4/2002
As a canoe fan for 40 years, I had a 200 lb fiberglass lake luxury cruser, a perfect canoe for 2 week down a slow river. Also the last comment is from my son Erik. His 110% right, it is a delight to push thru the water with so little power output.

Recently bought a 1987 Jensen…

Submitted by: paddler229948 on 10/2/2002
Recently bought a 1987 Jensen in Tuff-weave/ultralight core. Wow. This boat is amazing. It tracks and handles extremely well. It is so quiet that the only audible clue that you are canoeing is the sound of the water dribbling back into the water off the blades as we move the paddles forward. This boat made my favorite paddling lake seem smaller. 4-5 mph cruising speed was easy to maintain. Truly magnificent!

I purchased my Jensen 18…

Submitted by: danzinn on 9/23/2002
I purchased my Jensen 18 about a year ago based on the reviews on this site and a test paddle I took at Rudabagas in Madison, WI, the day before "9/11". My criteria was a fast light weight day and weekend tripper. The Jensen kevlar was all that and more. Previously my wife and I paddled in seperate kevlar kayaks, but when she paddled with me in the Jensen, she sold her kayak and only paddles with me in in the canoe. The canoe is fast, quiet and stable. It very easy to put on the top of our SUV and carry to the water. It is worth very penny. The people at Wenonah and Rudabegas were very nice and helpful too. They made the decision very easy.

The We-no-nah Jensen 18 is a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2002
The We-no-nah Jensen 18 is a real great canoe. It's design lets you do it all...a straight tracking, fast racer...a weekend lighter load tripper, an awesome cruiser. This canoe even solo's great too. Take one out for a test, enjoy the lines and the way she cuts through the water with ease. Great travel per stroke allows you to cover a great distance without working hard. But if you want to fly, she's waiting and ready. 10+ rating all the way.

What can I say about the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2002
What can I say about the awesome Jensen 18', stable, good lines, and the list goes on !! If you looking for a great canoe that can take a fair load, travel real quick, and tracks with ease..than test drive the Jensen 18' you'll be a happy canoer. Mine is an older model of the tuff-weave ultra light construction. It weighs about 57lbs. If I was rich like some brother I know..I'd buy the kevlar ultra light lay-up. If I had to pick only one canoe to have for life, the Jensen 18' wins all the way.

Just got off the river today…

Submitted by: paddler228789 on 7/30/2000
Just got off the river today after a 10 mile jaunt in my 16 yeay okd 18 jensen. It still performs as well today as it did when I bought it. Im a little older an a lot more out of shape than I was when I bought it but the miles still flew by. A great boat.

I have canoed for forty years…

Submitted by: Richard295 on 7/6/2000
I have canoed for forty years in a wide range of canoes via the waterways of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and California. I currently own three canoes, an 18' Jensen, a 17' Tripper, and a 17' Grumman.
The 18' Jensen is used for all paddling except those times when I will in a twisty river or will be loaded with gear for a week or more. It is extremely fast, quiet, and seaworthy for cruising situations. Mine is the non-pigmented Kevlar gel-coat with cross ribs version and weighs 52 lbs. With a pair of bent shaft paddles and two people in reasonable physical shape, it quickly glides across the water with no noise, no wake, and astonishing speed. This boat is a tribute to what can be accomplished with a beautiful design and human power.

It's Kevlar, all wood trim,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/6/2000
It's Kevlar, all wood trim, blue gel coat, tractor seats and gorgeous. It is about 5 years old now and has been to a couple of wars. My wife and I total some 133 years many of them owning canoes and kayaks. This is our favorite boat of all time.At our age we are not into a lot of heavy, macho trips, or racing, but we deeply appreciate quality, smoothness, glide, quiet travel, observing wildlife. The Jensen 18 gives all of this to us and more. It has given us an onwater life in New Hampshire, the Adirondacks, Maine, and on the coast of Maine in salt water.

Gene Jensen has designed…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/4/1999
Gene Jensen has designed close to the perfect cruiser. Fast!, easy to paddle, nice to look at. The Jensen 18 paddles like a dream and is usually considered the best of its class. I've raced mine with my son in class II downriver races and it is hard to beat. We lost to a Kevlar Sundowner17 with two pros in it. If you are looking for a racer/cruiser/fast tripper you can't go wrong with the "18".