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Name: Redbone311

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Love this boat, as I seem to do for all Wenonah Boats. It is a fun and effecient boat for most all applications most people have. I find it to be maneuverable and yet fast enough for practical purposes. It is not as fast and efficient as my Wenonah Prism to be sure. That that is a straight ahead type of boat. For the twists in twisty rivers I use this boat.

What a nice sweet little boat! Especially good for beginners as it has nice primary stability, as well as lots of secondary stability. I got this for my wife in an ultra light kevlar layup. Under 40 lbs so she can walk it around by herself. And she feels confident out on the water. My Prism was a little too much for her. The speed of the boat is quite good as well. And I like using it in small streams and rivers with lots of twists and turns as it's pretty maneuverable.

Awesome canoe for a solo person. I've used it to go canoe camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, general fish, general recreation, exercise, down river racing, and exploring. Great long glide for each stroke. Fast, very maneuverable considering the speed type of design. Great secondary stability. And even a great looking boat in the lightweight kevlar layup or better. I've gotten all sorts of admiring words from strangers. Many of which are not even fellow canoe people.

Kind of an odd little boat. But fun non the less. Way over-priced. But I got mine used (1st owner bought it and never put it in the water for over a decade) for a few hundred dollars.

Forget about sitting in the middle position in the boat for solo use. It makes the bow plow in the water and the boat wanders - big or small paddler. Sit in the rear position and it works out much better. Never tried it with two paddlers. Looked like it would be too crowded. But then I am 6'2" and 230 lbs, so with two smaller people it might be fine. My girlfriend uses the boat and likes it as she is a novice paddler and enjoys the stability.

Pros: Very stable, and quite quick for the effort expended. Canoe paddle or kayak paddle works well. Whatever you prefer. I tried both in the boat and to my surprise I like using the canoe paddle in it better.

Cons: Very uncomfortable seating. The seat is a nightmare, and the sides of the boat itself are too narrow. No room for your legs. Even less room in the boat for gear.

Final thought: My advice - get a canoe if you want access to gear, or a kayak if you want the efficiency.

Great all around boat. I bought mine used for only $300. White gel coated fibreglass w/ crossribs at about 66 lbs. Boat is super fast, the low cut helps keep it mostly wind free (so the wind doesn't push you around sideways) most of the time. Very long glide for each stroke. Which helps in the speed and distance dept. For those times that you want an indestructable and/or fast turning boat I switch to my Old Town Penobscot 16 in royalex. I love We No Nah models. Have this one - plus Prism 16.5 ft solo, Solitude 15.5 ft solo, Rendezvous 15'8 Solo downriver racer and all around wilderness downriver tripper, and a Madriver Rage 13 whitewater boat.

What a great all around canoe! I bought this used for a song. Kevlar ultralight layup. Which weighs 30 lbs. Bought it so my girlfriend can paddle with me and can even carry it around herself if she wants. Super stable boat w/ lots of tumblehome so paddling is easy. Pretty good forward speed also for being so manuverable. This was a long time We No Nah model. They should have never dropped it. I love their boats... also have their 18' Jensen, and Solo Prism. As well as two of the Current Design kayaks (manufactured by WeNoNah). For a faster solo (less stable & less manuverable) get the Prism - which is the best Solo out there - period. Tried all the others.