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Name: Richard295

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Excellent design other than the black plastic material that they used for the "Side Rails". This part fatigues and breaks frequently.

I have canoed for forty years in a wide range of canoes via the waterways of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and California. I currently own three canoes, an 18' Jensen, a 17' Tripper, and a 17' Grumman.
The 18' Jensen is used for all paddling except those times when I will in a twisty river or will be loaded with gear for a week or more. It is extremely fast, quiet, and seaworthy for cruising situations. Mine is the non-pigmented Kevlar gel-coat with cross ribs version and weighs 52 lbs. With a pair of bent shaft paddles and two people in reasonable physical shape, it quickly glides across the water with no noise, no wake, and astonishing speed. This boat is a tribute to what can be accomplished with a beautiful design and human power.