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Purchased yellow Walden…

Submitted by: paddler455340 on 8/9/2018

Purchased yellow Walden Spirit in 2001. Enjoyed it with three daughters, my wife and my sheltie.
Now 2018, enjoying it with my grandson and lab mix. It's in great shape and looks really nice. At 61, I can still lift it easily onto my Jeep Cherokee (remove the seats first). I've crabbed, fished, and toured with it in the Delaware, Manasquan, and Shark Rivers, Carnegie Lake, and Barnegate Bay. It is a special part of my family.


The Walden Spirit was (is)…

Submitted by: tbh7169 on 8/12/2015
The Walden Spirit was (is) our first kayak. We wanted some thing my disabled wife could get into, and that is one of the pluses of this boat. This is a very easy kayak to get into and out of even if you have limitations as to what your legs and arms can do. There is lots of room for your stuff, too.

We have taken it out on rivers, lakes and the ocean (on a very calm day) It is extremely stable, being 30" wide and 14 ft long. The bottom is flat. The down side is the hull is not stiff. It tends to sag in places which makes it want to go in circles when you set it up to use a as a solo kayak. Being wide and flat bottomed it is also a good bit of work to paddle. I don't mind the exercise, but we do envy those sleek v hulled boats that go effortlessly by us.

All that said my wife and I regularly enjoy getting out together in our Walden. This is the best boat for our circumstances.


We have owned our Walden…

Submitted by: bbike44 on 7/7/2014
We have owned our Walden Spirit tandem for over 15 years now it was the first kayak we owned and it is still in great shape. The Spirit is a very dependable and versatile. With it's adjustable seats it can be paddle as a single, tandem and even has a child seat so that we can paddle as a trio with our grand daughter. We have own several sea kayaks but you can't beat the spirit for flat water or slow moving rivers. At fourteen feet it is easy to load and ideal to paddle in tight spaces. When we bought it the salesman told us it was completely recyclable but it does appear that will happen anytime soon.

The 14' tandem convertible…

Submitted by: paddler234783 on 9/22/2012
The 14' tandem convertible kayak is great for fishing or paddling with wife and kids. The seats are uncomfortable but can be configured any way you want, even facing backwards. Adding a raised seat is a must for fishing. It paddles like a barge but has tons of space for people or cargo.

I bought a purple one of…

Submitted by: Rotaryfiend on 8/17/2007
I bought a purple one of these used a few weeks ago and have had it on a few flat-water lakes and creeks (2 trips a weekend, 5 weekends). The boat is nice. If left stock, it is a plain-jane kayak with a large singular cockpit, earning it the "Kayoo" moniker. Because of the kayak characteristics, it can go where canoe's do not dare. Because of the canoe characteristics, it can hold tons of gear (14+ feet) and is good for those claustrophobic types not liking hip hugging kayak fitting.

The seats are neat due to the ability to reconfigure them, but they are hard plastic, without cushioning... so take heed. I have padded the seats with after market self-adhesive pads (much better), added paddle clips (convenient), deck rigging (bow) and two cat-bag dry hatches (5.5 inch) in the stern. She is now a custom, comfy and convenient kayak for two suitable for 6-8 hour trips anywhere.

I wouldn't trade her for the world.


We have had our Walden Spirit…

Submitted by: paddler230926 on 1/9/2005
We have had our Walden Spirit tandem for just over a year now. My wife and I enjoy nature photography, fishing and just general paddling. It is a very stable yak for all of the above.

I was a little worried about how the boat would handle when I was alone. I had nothing to worry about. The seat adjustment is very efficient and the yak tracks well and steers better than I expected. We are going to Texas in a month and plan to take it with us to fish the shallow salt marshes along the Texas coast.

We would rate it first class.


This is the fifth kayak I've…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/14/2002
This is the fifth kayak I've owned. I've had single seaters, tandems and a folding double. I'm 240 lb and often paddle by myself. Occasionally I'll paddle myself and one of my two sons. I've paddled this kayak on lakes for just over a year, at least once a week and often twice on the weekends. This kayak tracks well and is very stable. I use it rather harshly along shore lines, paddling over logs, rocks, etc. and find that it handles the "abuse" quite well. I've found that the bottom of the hull does not hold it's form (tends to bow upward) after only a few uses. I store the kayak indoors and out of the sun so I don't think it is from material distortion due to the sun. It could very well be that my size has a bit to do with that too. Rarely I find that the molded fixtures on the side of the seat (that slide on the rails) want to disengage from the rail, also probably due to my larger frame. Lastly, I wish it had a drink holder (this is not that big of a deal). All that being said the kayak was very reasonably priced and I don't regret the purchase one bit! I would purchase another one in a heartbeat if I didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars more for a upgrade.

This is the 1st kayak we…

Submitted by: paddler229429 on 8/23/2001
This is the 1st kayak we bought. We've used it in a variety of water (calm to some rough waves) and have found it handles very well in any condition. It's great when our child wants to go out for a yak ride, or when we have company - they can go out for a paddle and not have to worry about "not knowing what to do" - they can ride w/someone who does. It is very well made, and easy to car top - I can get it onto our racks by myself.