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After years of debating the merits verses cost of the Thule Hullavator I finally broke down and bought one. I had read a lot of reviews and heard a lot of complaints about difficulty in assembly and operation and noise levels. I experienced none of these issues. It took about a half hour to put together, works flawlessly and there is virtually no wind noise.

It's great I'm pushing 60 and the energy saved loading and unloading equals longer paddling time. Everything thule says about it is true. Don't hesitate like I won't be sorry

I recently had the chance to try a family members Mirage Outback. It is an interesting craft with it's unique pedal power feature but I'm not sure it is what I would consider a kayak. But that said, it certainly is fast and fun. With little effort I could best my all out sprinting speed in my traditional kayak. Using only pedal power I can see how the Outback would be great for fishing. You do have the option with the Outback to paddle and pedal at the same time but I think few will do that.

The only cons I see with the Outback are one the weight 75 pounds a lot for a single kayak and two it draws a little more water than a normal kayak making beach landings a little more difficult. I think the Outback is a good choice for anyone looking for a different kayaking experience and especially for someone with shoulder problems that wants to enjoy a paddle. Or should I say pedal.

We have owned our Walden Spirit tandem for over 15 years now it was the first kayak we owned and it is still in great shape. The Spirit is a very dependable and versatile. With it's adjustable seats it can be paddle as a single, tandem and even has a child seat so that we can paddle as a trio with our grand daughter. We have own several sea kayaks but you can't beat the spirit for flat water or slow moving rivers. At fourteen feet it is easy to load and ideal to paddle in tight spaces. When we bought it the salesman told us it was completely recyclable but it does appear that will happen anytime soon.

This kayak is one of the lightest tandems you will find on the market making it a great boat to paddle and breeze to load. At about 46 lbs. it weighs about half the Wilderness System sea-two it replaced. It has a quality rudder system which I have never found the need to use. Where the sea -two handled like an aircraft carrier the Two Lights turns and tracks like a Ferrari in all kinds of seas. Storage may be a concern for multi day trips but other than that, after 3 yrs. of paddling, I have not found anything to complain about. Love this boat!

I bought my Cape Horn 150 as a used rental from EMS 4 yrs ago. Love it. I have paddled mostly in tandems with my wife. Compared to the tandems or some rec. kayaks I have paddled, this handles like a dream in every way.