The Catch 100

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The Catch 100 Description

The CATCH 100 is made for the more advanced angler looking for a kayak packed with convenient and comfortable features for the ultimate fishing experience. All of Pelican's boats have been thoughtfully designed with the most convenient and comfortable features to suit each paddler’s specific needs. The outdoors is now within your reach with the perfect boat waiting for you.

The Catch 100 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Attributes

  • Tunnel Hull offers maximum stability giving you a secure and steady ride
  • Ergocast G2 Dual Position Seating System
  • Many pockets located on the chair provide more space to store your gear and fishing tools
  • Packed with the most convenient features and storage compartments
  • Four flush mount rod holders, accessory eyelets, an angler ruler and 4 in. rigging tracks to install your favorite accessories
  • Additional flotation inside the hull of all of our sit-on-tops meets or surpasses ABYC Standards
  • Exceptionally durable high molecular density polyethylene means less material is needed to produce each boat

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The Catch 100 Reviews

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This kayak has the features…

Submitted by: marvcohen2002 on 2/14/2022

This kayak has the features I want, plus is priced as a best buy! Plenty of room for extra gear, food and drink.


This is a great fishing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/23/2021
This is a great fishing kayak. I had a FeelFree Lure 11.5 a fine kayak, but a beast to haul and paddle in choppy conditions. The Catch has more than enough storage space and half the weight of the bigger fishing kayaks. Rod holders are great and nice storage behind the seat. Having had back problems, this seat is the best. Very comfortable with two sitting positions. One high for a bit better view good in calm waters. To paddle hard or in chop put it in the lower position and it become very easy to manage and paddle. I have used mine 75 times or more and I finish a 4-5 outing feeling good and not stiff. Plenty of room for my three poles and fishing bag plus cooler. Yes you can stand on this great stability for a 10 foot kayak. I highly recommend.

I have had the Catch 100 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/18/2021
I have had the Catch 100 for a little over a year now and love it. 95% of the time its used for fishing. I tried it on the Mulberry River in Arkansas and went through some class 2-3 Rapids and it did great. Only thing I have done to help performance is adding a skeg to help track straight

I bought the kayak a month or…

Submitted by: WolfAngler on 12/4/2020
I bought the kayak a month or so ago and have taken it out twice already. The kayak is pretty light and I can toss it on top of my SUV without any problems. First trip I went out I was so excited and failed to check the conditions and I went out in the bay when it was really windy with some 2-3 foot waves. I got into the kayak and the seat was in the top position. Tried to get situated and attempted to turn towards the waves and flipped over. I am 6'4" 215 pounds and first time kayaker. It was not the kayaks fault as much as it was mine and the mistakes I made. I was prepared for it and expected that to happen. Once I got back in and put the seat in the lower position I was pretty happy with it. It moved around fairly well and the seat is incredibly comfortable. Both trips were great and I have been enjoying the kayak so far without any issues. I have not attempted to stand in it and fish since I dont feel comfortable with it just yet but when Im getting in and out of it I have not had any issues. We will see how it holds over time. Again I am a beginner kayaker so take my review with a grain of salt. For the price point and the comfort I am pretty happy with it. Cant wait to get back on the water.

This is a great kayak for the…

Submitted by: Bishop on 7/27/2020
This is a great kayak for the size. Also best in the price range. Kayak is very stable and easy to move around at 54#. Just the right size and weight to car top, or haul around in the bed of a pick up. Seat is very comfortable, and has 2 height settings. One of my favorite things about this kayak is all the open floor space. You can also store stuff under the seat when it's in the high position. It paddles as well as any short wide kayak can. It is set up for fishing with 4 flush mount pole holders, and 2 Scotty rails. Overall, it's a great fishing kayak.

Had it for a few of months…

Submitted by: paddler819809 on 7/24/2020
Had it for a few of months now, but wouldn't classify it as a "GOOD" Fishing Kayak. It does have features I like. but Stand-UP Fishing, is not one of them. Light enough to be carried by one hand, with rods and tackle box in the other. Good on choppy water, GREAT Seat, water-resistant front hatch, good legroom. (I'm over 200 pounds, 6'-4", and this is my 5th Kayak).

I purchased my catch 100 from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/1/2020
I purchased my catch 100 from a sporting goods outlet in northern Michigan. I love this kayak for my purposes(lake and stream fishing). It has great balance while seated, but I can’t really see anyone standing up and casting in this kayak without tipping. It tracks pretty well for its design, but it is noticeably slower/heavier than normal kayaks. Other than that the kayak is perfect. Tons of room for equipment. Love the rod holders and the front facing ones are especially handy when landing a fish. The only thing is say it’s missing is a cup holder! But the Scotty tracks make it easy to install one. Hope this helps!

very comfortable and a great…

Submitted by: DSims2009 on 5/26/2020
very comfortable and a great all around product

This is a great starter…

Submitted by: tooma on 9/9/2019

This is a great starter fishing kayak. Very stable platform to fish from.its not the fastest kayak out there but for what i use it for its the forward facing rod holder, very convienant when unhooking a fish. Plenty of leg room to stretch out. All in all great fishing kayak.


We bought this kayak for my…

Submitted by: Lori_B on 9/4/2019

We bought this kayak for my husband who has limited use of one shoulder. He needed a kayak that would be very stable, and this one really fit the bill! It is very well designed and excellent quality. Lots of accessories and very comfortable seat. Stable enough to stand up in. This is our third Pelican kayak and we have been lucky to find all three on sale! But even at the regular price the Catch 100 is a great kayak of excellent quality and value.


I bought the catch 100 early…

Submitted by: Sbull on 6/11/2019

I bought the catch 100 early this spring. It is far more comfortable that I could imagine. I’m a smaller sized guy at 5’6” 150 lbs. It’s no problem for me tossing it into the bed of my pickup or dragging it to the water. I’ve fished out of it for hours at a time and it’s very stable. The best thing about the catch 100 is the seat, honestly it so comfortable. Worst thing is it’s pretty slow you’re gonna be paddling like a madman to get any where fast.