Name: WolfAngler

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I have had my kayak for almost a year now and have logged quite a bit of trips on it so far. Overall I believe the kayak is amazing. I love the stability of the kayak and have never worried about flipping it. I am 6'4" and 215lbs and have stood up in the kayak without any problems. The kayak tracks well and is pretty easy to maneuver. Mine has been upgraded with the Xdrive Pod and the pedal system from Vibe and I have been enjoying every bit of it. I have had a few minor issues with the kayak and they were mainly with the steering lines that are ran through the hull of the kayak. The lines are not tight and pop out all the time and cause the lines to loosen up and limit the rudder control. Not a big deal but it can be a nuisance. The rudder feels a bit too slim and does not allow for some sharper turns or going at low speeds. Havent tested it out with a bigger ruder yet but that is what I have experienced so far. Overall I am really happy with the kayak and its performance. The amount of space it has is great for my use and I know it has the potential to carry 8 rods but the max I carry is 3. I love the rod grooves on the side of the chair that allow me to put the rods down if im going into wooded areas or anywhere that I have a potential of snagging my rods into places. I find myself putting my rods there more than I do in the rod holders besides when Im trying to paddle.

I bought the kayak a month or so ago and have taken it out twice already. The kayak is pretty light and I can toss it on top of my SUV without any problems. First trip I went out I was so excited and failed to check the conditions and I went out in the bay when it was really windy with some 2-3 foot waves. I got into the kayak and the seat was in the top position. Tried to get situated and attempted to turn towards the waves and flipped over. I am 6'4" 215 pounds and first time kayaker. It was not the kayaks fault as much as it was mine and the mistakes I made. I was prepared for it and expected that to happen. Once I got back in and put the seat in the lower position I was pretty happy with it. It moved around fairly well and the seat is incredibly comfortable. Both trips were great and I have been enjoying the kayak so far without any issues. I have not attempted to stand in it and fish since I dont feel comfortable with it just yet but when Im getting in and out of it I have not had any issues. We will see how it holds over time. Again I am a beginner kayaker so take my review with a grain of salt. For the price point and the comfort I am pretty happy with it. Cant wait to get back on the water.