Name: paddler819809

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Had it for a few of months now, but wouldn't classify it as a "GOOD" Fishing Kayak. It does have features I like. but Stand-UP Fishing, is not one of them. Light enough to be carried by one hand, with rods and tackle box in the other. Good on choppy water, GREAT Seat, water-resistant front hatch, good legroom. (I'm over 200 pounds, 6'-4", and this is my 5th Kayak).

Great little 'Yak for stand-fishing, or going on a "long gaunt" on big lakes. Extremely Stable, but needed better steering (fixed now!), and Best for installing a Lowrance Triple-Shot Transducer on. Have mine for nearly 2 years, and very satisfied. Seat is more comfortable that nearly all the others. and can go fishing/exploring for up to 10 hours (that's "saying something", as I'm 6'4" @ over 200#, and in my mid 70's...!).