SeaHorse Description

The Talic SeaHorse kayak stand is a portable storage solution for kayaks, canoes and rowing shells. This most unique creation folds easily into a column just 3 inches in diameter and comes with a plastic bundler that keeps it neatly together. Release the bundler and the SeaHorse springs open for use.The self-leveling feature adjusts the SeaHorse to uneven terrain, stony beaches, grass fields, no more wobbling. It’s made of aircraft aluminum with a satin anodized finish so it’s lightweight and saltwater-resistant. They will not corrode. The Talic SeaHorse is a great option for boat maintanance and long term storage at home, indoors or out and holds boats up to 80 pounds. Two heights to choose from 21″ ($104.95) and 31″ ($109.95). The taller 31″ SeaHorse kayak stand brings your boat up to about your waist, while the 21″ SeaHorse is more around your knees. These are sold in sets of two.

SeaHorse Specs and Features

  • Material Description: aircraft aluminum with a satin anodized finish

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I bought these after a year…

Submitted by: SKP on 7/17/2014
I bought these after a year of having no place to properly set down my Eddyline Fathom to work on it or clean it. They are simply awesome. They are light easily portable and easy to clean. They aren't cheap, but you do get what you pay for. My Fathom sits on them without any trouble, and the 31 inch height is about perfect for me. Some have said that the little black straps for keeping the legs together while in storage fall off. But, if you put the straps on the way one of the kayak stores shows instead of how I've seen in other pictures, they stay on just fine.

Love these! Had been looking…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/16/2010
Love these! Had been looking at them on line for a while - last week I noticed there were several of the 31 inch Sea Horses on clearance, so I called Talic for information on them. I was told they had slight scratches but were fine otherwise. I ordered a pair - they arrived today, and are in great condition. It's hard to even see the scratches. Nice to get them at such a bargain - my compliments to the folks at Talic! They've got a fine product and were incredibly personable and helpful on the phone.

I am pleased with the 31"…

Submitted by: Paul_MN_Laker on 5/5/2009
I am pleased with the 31" Talic Seahorse stands I recently received. While I don't use them for storing a kayak, I find them very useful for cleaning or doing other work on my kayaks. It is much easier to do with the boat at waist height. They readily hold kayaks of varying size. They are lightweight and collapse to a small easy-to-store bundle that could be carried in a boat.

I will agree with what a number of other reviewers have said in that they are rather expensive for a simple accessory item. They seem to be well made, but basically they consist of 8 lengths of aluminum tubing, some web straps and a few simple connecting pieces. For that I paid $95, but if you're willing to pay, the product seems to work as described.


The Talic SeaHorse is a good product. They are light…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/16/2008
The Talic SeaHorse is a good product. They are light weight, and take very little space when in use, and when not in use. I purchased the 31" as I think 21" are not so useful. The only problem I have is a minor issue. When they are set up, the rubber thing that holds them collapsed during storage, tends to come off. I fixed this by buying a large velco strap at Lowes. If you think you will like the Sea Horses you will like them. There are no surprises.

I want to correct the comment…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/8/2007
I want to correct the comment of my previous post that I emailed Talic about my problem and they never acknowleged or replied. TODAY I received an email from Tim Tucker of Talic. Apparently he did reply to me and I never received it due in all liklihood of my ISP problems with my email. His offer of sending the Seahorse back for repair for a mere $15.00 is most appreciated and we are now working on it. My sincere apologies to Talic. These are really great little items to have around and I as previously stated, I do highly recommend them.

Bought a pair of these, 31",…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/16/2006
Bought a pair of these, 31", a couple of years ago and yes were great and very nice to work on boats in my garage. However, one day I lost my balance and knocked one over with the boat on it. One leg snapped like a twig. Emailed Talic and asked if I could possibly buy a replacement instead of the expense of a set. Never even received an acknowledgement from them. A Life lesson I guess.

Glad I finally purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2006
Glad I finally purchased a pair of these horses. They are very light and “packable.” I use them both at home and at put-ins. It’s much easier to clean off my kayaks at waist height rather than on the ground. Very convenient.

Bit the bullet and bought…

Submitted by: carldelo on 7/17/2006
Bit the bullet and bought these and am glad I did. I have a wood flat water boat with understern rudder, and like to keep it off the ground as much as possible. I use it as a wash stand and also to work on the boat, installing float bags, fiddling with the footboard and rudder, etc. The 31" units get the boat up to ironing board height. When folded up the unit is around 39" long which may be an issue for small cars - I can't fit mine in the boot of my Mini. I thought about getting the shorter ones, but decided to save my back and just tuck the long ones behind the seat with my paddle.

Nice product which handles…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/13/2006
Nice product which handles our Romany boats just fine. We use them as a washing stand which makes cleaning up the boats easy to manage. They fold up nicely which lets me stick them in the Element when travling. They take up very little space! I am glad I made the purchase.

I bought the package five…

Submitted by: jayfwms on 12/27/2005
I bought the package five boat rack, and it is outstanding. The lead times are short, the quality of workmanship is outstanding, and the material is very high quality. The whole line is pricey, but worth every penny.

Excellent product excepting…

Submitted by: MedicineMan on 10/11/2005
Excellent product excepting the cost but they should last a long, long time. Currently I've got a rowing shell 'parked' on them awaiting a kayak tower to be built. The SeaHorses are such that you will take them with you if for no other reason than keeping the boat off the ground when camping. Besides they make a great work platform when you are tinkering/outfitting your yak. The take down size is the beauty along with its ability to fit many but not all boats...I don’t think I’ll get my square stern canoe on them.

Great item. Really light and…

Submitted by: philzee2 on 9/29/2005
Great item. Really light and easy to use. It fits my Lincoln 17 ft. sea kayak great. I store it outside in my yard with a Danuu cover and it is ready to load on my car.

These are excellent. They fit…

Submitted by: paddler231186 on 7/6/2005
These are excellent. They fit my Klepper Classic II perfectly. Hope I can turn the Klepper upside down on the Seahorses. Would be perfect for applying polish to the bottom.

I have a sit on top kayak,…

Submitted by: paddler230846 on 10/14/2004
I have a sit on top kayak, Wilderness Tarpon 100. Tried a friends set of stands and because of the configuration of my kayak, it was less than satisfactory. I found a viable alternative in mounting a set of foam blocks on a pair of saw horses. They work great and offer more than adequate stability.

This is a product that I've…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/10/2004
This is a product that I've been very happy with. While the higher cost of $78.95 may be a downside, the upside is that you get a very high quality product. The construction is superb and it's easy to use. Opening and closing, as well as storing, is a breeze. The saddles cradle the kayak gently, and even when I'm doing a lot of work on it, it holds the kayak firmly. I washed my boat today and waxed it while these horses firmly held it up. I also use them for storage, so that my kayak doesn't have to sit on the ground in the garage.

I don't intend to bring them with me on trips, but they are so light it wouldn't be a hard decision to pack them. I got the higher 31" horses and it actually seems higher than that when I used it. Imagine it's the height of your typical ironing board. Great ergonomically if you're working on your boat.


These horses are a little on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/3/2004
These horses are a little on the expensive side, but I'll always pay a little more for a quality product. These are truly a great product for any kayakers accessory list.

These are excellent stands.…

Submitted by: Greyak on 3/3/2004
These are excellent stands. Very light, very compact, and very nicely designed and made. Self opening which really helps set-up and when moving them around. Good on hard or soft, level or uneven ground. The taller ones put the boat at a great height to work on it. These could easily be put in a hatch and take up very little room. Might not need stands for tripping - but would help keep the critters out and make field repairs on the boat a snap. Would not be hard to think of other uses...

These are not for the thrify minded that prefer the 2x4 look to everything, but if you appreciate quality lightweight gear these are worth a look.