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Beale Solid WRC paddle: A work of art. Very well executed. Fine edges give quiet clean catch, very good bite, and clean release for fast efficient paddling. Sculls very nicely and when on edge slices through the water with the least resistance I've felt (like the blade disappears). Nice neutral balance in the water. Comfortable soft shoulder. Paddle is very solid, feels quite strong. Color is deeper than other solid WRC paddles I've seen. Very nice.

This video/DVD is a must have for Sea Kayakers. Awesome footage of paddling in surf and tidal rips! Many locations. Names you've heard before like Justine herself, Chris Duff, Maligiaq Padilla, Greg Stamer, both Nigels - and many more.

It's a great portrayal of sea kayaking as an active and exciting sport. This is entertainment - not training/lectures/lessons - but maybe even more instructive by example.

Just get it (I am not involved beyond being a happy customer).

These are excellent stands. Very light, very compact, and very nicely designed and made. Self opening which really helps set-up and when moving them around. Good on hard or soft, level or uneven ground. The taller ones put the boat at a great height to work on it. These could easily be put in a hatch and take up very little room. Might not need stands for tripping - but would help keep the critters out and make field repairs on the boat a snap. Would not be hard to think of other uses...

These are not for the thrify minded that prefer the 2x4 look to everything, but if you appreciate quality lightweight gear these are worth a look.

See the following, as pictures speak better than words on this product: For…

See the following, as pictures speak better than words on this product:

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