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I purchased the 2 point Harken Hoister system that can lift up to 60 pounds. There was a little work in getting it set up. If you followed the directions though, it wasn't bad. It lifts my 50 pound Eddyline Fathom without issue. Like one reviewer mentioned, following the diagram to tie the proper knots, was the most confusing thing about the instructions.

There is some flexibility in the setup when it comes to the spacing between the wall, and the straps. This was really handy since it enabled me to position the two straps exactly the right distance apart to ensure the straps would be under the kayak bulkheads helping to reduce the chance of hull deformation. Due to the concern of hull deformation, I didn't use the included straps, since they were only one inch wide and the buckle didn't seem very sturdy. When hanging a kayak you want a wide strap to spread the load and prevent a deformed hull. I solved the problem by getting a beefy 2 inch wide towing strap with built in loops on each end. I cut it in two, made properly sized straps, tied the hoist to the handy built in towing strap handles, and used them instead.

There is also a little black guide that the front and rear lines go though on their way to the block and tackle. After experimenting, I chose not to use it since all though it guided the lines, it also cause some binding and friction as the lines rubbed on it on their way though it. I also bought a tie down cleat you would use for a flagpole. This let me tie off the hoist line as a back up safety measure, should the lock on the block and tackle possibly fail some day. I’d rather not find my kayak resting on my car.

Overall it's a great product, easy to use and flexible with the setup. My only gripe is with the included straps. With my boat weighing close to the max that this model hoist could handle, I just didn't feel the straps were sturdy enough, or wide enough, so I replaced them, with something stronger and wider.

This is my second season with my red NRS Clearwater PFD. I absolutely love how adjustable it is. You have several straps that you can adjust for a perfect fit. This current season I put it on, and realized that since last season I must have put on some weight. No problem, I just readjusted the straps and was ready to go. I love the big pockets in the front. One pocket has a little loop inside, which makes it easy to loop the cord to my whistle preventing it from going overboard. I also like the mesh back, it keeps me cool, and I can lay backward on the deck without the jacket in the way. That does mean that there is more flotation around your neck and shoulders, but it doesn't interfere with movement, though it can make your shoulders and the back of your neck a bit warmer.
Over all, the PFD is worth the price.

I bought these after a year of having no place to properly set down my Eddyline Fathom to work on it or clean it. They are simply awesome. They are light easily portable and easy to clean. They aren't cheap, but you do get what you pay for. My Fathom sits on them without any trouble, and the 31 inch height is about perfect for me. Some have said that the little black straps for keeping the legs together while in storage fall off. But, if you put the straps on the way one of the kayak stores shows instead of how I've seen in other pictures, they stay on just fine.

I bought the 1.4 size in black which was listed for my Eddyline fathom. It seems to be a good fit. It fits snug around the cockpit rim without being impossible to stretch and get on. The mesh zip pocket up front is nice for storing anything you need on hand. The integrated suspenders are easy to put on and the trunk is adjustable if you need a little more room.

I've yet to roll the kayak to see if the skirt implodes or not though, so I can't say much about that. It can get a bit warm under the skirt, which can be a little uncomfortable if the temp is really high. I've considered getting the Seals Tropical Tour skirt for those occasions since it breaths better, though according to others isn't as water resistant. That said though, a puddle can form on the skirt and it won't readily soak right though keeping you dry.
Overall a nice skirt.

I use the 835 Pro for putting my Eddyline Fathom on the roof of my car. Overall, it's a nice J Rack setup, and it does fold down when not in use reducing the noise. Now, depending on the crossbars you use and your roof line, getting the kayak to sit properly can be a challenge, but that goes for any rack.

My Thule Aero Blade bars and the car's roof line make getting any rack, including the 835 Pro, perfectly lined up a challenge. Strapping a boat that is not very deep in the stern, can be tricky. The straps go around the top of the J rack like most J racks, but, are required to wrap around the end of the base the boat sits on, actually keeping the strap from contacting the boat on the base of the rack, leaving the boat to move. Look at the picture on the box or the Thule site to see what I'm talking about. I ended up getting another set of straps so that I could wrap another strap around the boat and work it down and around the base of the J rack to snug in the stern of my boat, and give extra security up front.

Once on and adjusted, the boat won't go anywhere. The rack comes with two straps and a bow and stern tie down. I added two more straps to keep the boat still, and for more stability considering the short span between racks my car provides. It's a nice rack, but remember, some boats might not fit as well as others.

I bought the Platypus Hoser Hydration System to replace my beloved lost water bottle that could be strapped to the deck of my Kayak. The Hoser is basically a 2 liter bladder that has a connected hose with a bite valve. It works great. I can keep it behind my seat, and feed the hose up through my skirt and PDF. And unlike my old bottle, it's down out of the sun, so I don't end up with warm water to drink. If I adjust the clip right, I don't even need to take my hands off the paddle to get a drink. It's also BPA free. There was a bit of a rubbery plastic taste, but after a couple washings, and uses, it's almost faded.
Overall a great way to bring your water with you while you're out.