12'6" Breeze Wing

by  TAHE
12' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

12'6" Breeze Wing Description

The Breeze 12’6 Wing inflatable paddleboard package features ultra-light, durable and extremely rigid construction for performance typically found only in rigid boards. By adding a non-stretch stringer along the top and bottom center line together with double layer rail construction we’ve reduced weight, dramatically increased rigidity and improved ease of re-rolling and packing the board after use. The 12’6 Wing inflates to a rigid 15psi and comes with an oversize wheeled backpack for ease of transport and storage, adjustable paddle, rugged two-way pump with gauge, packing straps, removable center fin and repair kit. Touring performance in all conditions, travel-ready and easy to store.

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12'6" Breeze Wing Specs and Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Versatile for all-round use and touring
  • Ultra-light construction
  • Deck bungee storage area
  • Carry handles at nose, tail and center
  • 9" removable center fin
  • Soft EVA embossed traction pad

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12'6" Breeze Wing Reviews

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So very easy to transport.…

Submitted by: bweisenstein on 6/24/2016
So very easy to transport. Set up fairly quick. Break down very quick. Handles well on flat water and with moderate winds. Overall very pleased so far after about five hours of water time. Pros Portability. Cons Upper body workout to get up past 10 PSI. Usage Exercise on lakes, touring.

After on summer on my SUP Air…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/4/2016
After on summer on my SUP Air 12'6" Bic I enjoyed this board alot. I used it 5 out of 7 days a week because of the convenience of having it in my trunk. I do plan on investing in a hard board and keeping the SUP Air in my truck for what ever comes up. I will still use my SUP Air on lakes and rivers. Pros On the lakes and rivers I really enjoyed being higher in the water and found glide to be 5 out 5. Great balance and easy to carry to and from the water. Cons I found the SUP Air to sit high in the saltwater, with lots of practice and low tide I found the inflatable to be easier to stay balanced, but the board sits higher and this made it a little tiring to get back up on the board. Usage I am using my Sup for Touring and Exercise, this is why I did not mind pumping it up each time I use it. I use it 70% on fresh water and 30 % ocean.

I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/30/2015
I recently purchased this board slightly used after two weeks. I had a friend who wanted to change over to a hard board. This board is great. It's as fast as my Cruiser V-Max Air which is my reference. I wanted a second inflatable and couldn't be happier for the money. It's sporty lookin and performs well on flat and chop. The backpack that comes with it is a great size and actually will hold two inflatables without the accessories. Otherwise, it fits nicely with all the extras. If you're lookin for a fast and sporty lookin inflatable, I high recommend this Bic. Cruiser style boards are faster with less effort. Bic offers great bang for the buck since they have been around for a long time making reliable sporting products. It's the same weight as my V-Max at 23lbs. It tracks well and is very stable too. I bring both boards along and alternate, but usually comes in handy as an extra. Purchased a second set of required goodies just in case I bring a friend. Word from the wise, get a full carbon paddle! Your cadence and technique will greatly improve! As with longer inflatables, it definitely needs more PSI than a 10 or 10'6" board. It's solid at 17PSI which is its max, but will work decently at 12PSI if you forget the manual pump. I use my Bravo pump to get it to 12PSI and then finish it off with the manual pump. This product is getting 4 stars as opposed to five for the simple reason, it takes more effort to pump it to 17PSI than my other board. Performance wise, no complaints. Pros I love how fast it is and how smooth it is in the water during my workout. The red color is super sporty and an eye catcher. Cons My only dislike about the board is it takes more strokes on the manual pump to get it up to 17PSI. 280 liters is it's volume. I think the V-Max Air is 240 or 260 liters and is virtually the same dimensions. Cruiser does not publish it's volume, but it's 1.5" wider than the Bic and is the same length and thickness. It seems like it takes close to 40 more pumps to reach 17PSI. I wish someone could make an electric pump that could hit 17PSI.(This includes Airheads A022 which claims 20PSI) Usage I use the board for exercise, but primarily for friends to come along. I try to use it equally with my V-Max Air. It's my extra that comes in SUPer handy. SUPing is always better with more people!

I tried this board at the…

Submitted by: knudson on 3/28/2014
I tried this board at the Outdoor Retailer show in Utah. It is relatively light and easy to carry. It is nice and firm for an air filled model, with slight flex. Tracks well in calmer water and would be great for kids and adults of all skill levels. Stands high on the water too. Pros Good handling capacity. Comfortable to stand on for long periods. Cons Higher priced for an air filled model, but still resonable compared to other brands. Usage Use in local lakes around Utah.