Name: knudson

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A stable and fun beginner to intermediate board that handles well and has high load capacity. It is molded plastic, hollow inside and has gear cords on the front. It is a bit heavier, so might require 2 people to carry it, but is great on lakes and calmer water. Pros High capacity and stable in calmer water. Cons A bit heavy and slower than slimmer and lighter boards. Usage Use on lakes for users of all ages. Great beginner board.

I purchased 2 of these for my family. They weigh in about 45 pounds each dry, and have a nice hand-grab notch in the middle for carrying. They have 4 gear-strap screws on the front end top that bungies can be attached to, but they also loosen without warning, allowing water to enter the cavity of the board. They are styrofoam and aluminum-slat filled. When the sun hits the board from behind, I can see about 1 foot of space at the very front of the boards that are empty of any filling. I guess the foam did not completely fill it. The boards are very stable and safe for all ages, up to about 250 pounds capacity. One of my tail fins lost a screw and the fin actually fell off (they do not float). Luckily, the water was only about 2 feet deep and we found it. I have since epoxied it back into place and it is holding well. The board does flex a little, so it is about medium on the stiffness scale. The end of the board has fill hole caps where it was injection filled, then sealed. One of my boards leaks at that point, so after several hours of use, it will take on a couple gallons of water. Standing the board up after use will drain it out. Pros Easy to use, very durable. Great for all ages, and safe for kids. Great beginner to intermediate board. Reasonably priced. Cons Heavy. May take on water after several hours of use. Screws are not secure and can be lost. Tail fins can be lost. Usage Use mostly in local lakes around Utah. Exercise and family fun. Have even towed rider on it behind boat with ski rope.

My brother and I purchased this board last year. It is hollow plastic and weighs in about 20 pounds, making it very easy to carry. When they say YOUTH board, they definitely mean it. Maximum weight limit is about 150 pounds. Above that you lose all stability. Great for kids and smaller frame people, good starter board for calm water. Pros Low cost, under $100. Lightweight, great for kids. Cons Will not safely handle a larger body rider. Dents easily. Usage Use in Utah lakes for exercise and recreational use.

I tried this board at the Outdoor Retailer show in Utah. It is relatively light and easy to carry. It is nice and firm for an air filled model, with slight flex. Tracks well in calmer water and would be great for kids and adults of all skill levels. Stands high on the water too. Pros Good handling capacity. Comfortable to stand on for long periods. Cons Higher priced for an air filled model, but still resonable compared to other brands. Usage Use in local lakes around Utah.

This is a plastic molded paddleboard, making it lightweight and easy to carry. It sits high on the water and handles a good amount of weight. I am 250 lbs, but it is a bit narrower than other boards so it is not quite as stable with tall riders. Has a storage compartment. Shorter riders would have no problems at all. Pros Light, and tracks well on the water. Good for calm water. Great beginner to intermediate board. Fast in the water. Cons A tall rider might find this less stable than wider models. Usage Use on lakes and reservoirs where water is calmer.

Have had 2 of these boards for 2 years now and they are a blast. Great for any age, any size, any class of rider. Handle makes for easy carry for most users. Pros Strong material, durable, easy to clean. Very fast and smooth on the water. Cons Small leak allows water into core material. Have to store them standing up to drain after use. Have talked to reps and they say to use epoxy sealant around mold spots in back. Also, screws and center plug comes out easily. We have lost 2 of them already. Somewhat heavy for smaller users. Also, bottom fin came out on one of the boards when we hit the shore (fins do not float). Luckily we found it, and will glue it back into place. The board did not come with paddle, had to buy extra. Usage All around use mostly in lakes for family recreation.