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Custom Foam Seat Description

The Custom Foam Seat is a accessory brought to you by Redfish Custom Kayak & Canoe Co.. Read Custom Foam Seat reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Custom Foam Seat Reviews


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Redfish Custom Kayak & Canoe Co.
Custom Foam Seat Reviews

Read reviews for the Custom Foam Seat by Redfish Custom Kayak & Canoe Co. as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I love Redfish’s custom foam…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/18/2020
I love Redfish’s custom foam seats. I first purchased one for my new-to-me Kevlar Gulfstream. The fit is perfect. As an added bonus, I no longer worry about is seat-back/backband “flop-over” during entry (or re-entry). I’m y’all & the new seat allowed me to move it back a scootch,, adding a very welcome inch of room for my tired, old legs . But it’s not just comfort & fit; it is light, athletic, & is itself additional flotation. Plus, when I screwed up a measurement on a new seat for my old plastic kayak , Joe called me when something seemed out of whack to him. When you receive a superior product with that level of service, you have really tapped into a special value.

Just bought a custom foam…

Submitted by: Jon-Waite on 9/5/2020

Just bought a custom foam seat from Redfish in Port Townsend today. I live in the Seattle area so I hauled my Cadence kayak over to Redfish’s shop to have them install it. Glad I did! There were some complications with my old kayak seat that required some cutting - and they took care of that and custom-fit a beautiful foam seat in my cockpit and gave me very clear instructions regarding how remove it if necessary and re-install it. No glue required! It just fits snugly in the kayak tight against the rear bulkhead. And oh - comfort at last!!

You see I suffer from a little back sciatica like some of us do as we get older, and my old seat was contributing to classic leg numbness and pain that limited my kayaking to no more than a few hours before I’d have to beach and crawl out of my kayak - writhing in pain. Kayak Academy in Issaquah, WA recommended I go see Redfish and get this custom foam seat which other kayakers in my situation have done in the past - and have gotten terrific results. Can’t wait to get my boat out on the water now. Thanks!!


I've always liked Pygmy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2020

I've always liked Pygmy kayak's inflatable thermarest seats, but bought one of these custom seats for my wife's new boat. Investing in the comfort of one's spouse is never money wasted. He told me he was a week out before shipping, and I wouldn't want to create unreasonable expectations for him (and I do live in the same state), but let's just say it was way faster than that. And when I put it in her boat and sat in it, I knew I was going to have to have one. Much better fit at the hips makes it feel like you're one with your boat. And nice on the tush as well! Fit snuggly and perfectly so no need for velcro or anything else to keep it in place. Lots of buoyancy as well. Highly recommend!


I now have four of Joe…

Submitted by: paddler858545 on 8/21/2020
I now have four of Joe Greenley's (Redfish Kayaks) custom foam kayak seats. The latest is for an Outer Island strip build I"m just completing. As usual, Joe's seat fits perfectly, looks great, and weighs almost nothing: just under 14 ounces--pretty amazing for a full seat with backrest and hip braces. Comfort is the best of any kayak seat I have experienced, which also still holds true for my Shooting Star (Laughing Loon Kayaks) seat, which is now over 15 years old, and my wife's One Ocean Storm SLT seat, which is nearly as old. My daughter's seat in her Wood Duck (CLC) is also no exception. I should also comment on service, although maybe Joe would prefer I'd keep it a secret. I needed the seat in less than a week, as the new kayak is part of a fund-raising effort on Lake Tahoe that's due to start soon. Joe happened to be building seats the day I called him, so he bumped me to the head of the line and built and shipped the seat the same day I called. As I write this, the boat is set to splash three days from now, complete with its new seat--a new seat that arrived early. Please put me down for SIX stars. Thank, you, Joe!

On the recommendation of…

Submitted by: paddler845132 on 8/7/2020
On the recommendation of friends I went into the Redfish workshop of Joe Greenly to purchase a custom foam seat for my Eddyline Fathom. He has the template for this boat and was able to get it done and installed the same day. These seats are molded to support your butt bones and relieves the pressure. The seat also transfers all of your peg push to drive you forward. The stock Eddyline seat pan slipped out of position frequently and was a little annoying. If you get a chance to visit his shop you will be blown away by the custom boats he has for sale, really floating art pieces, and will give you yak envy. He was most helpful and his service was first class. I will recommend his products and service to all who are in need of his products and talents.

I just finished building a…

Submitted by: Deano0055 on 5/18/2020
I just finished building a wood-strip high-deck Night Heron, and ordered a custom seat from Joe Greenley at Redfish. It took him about a week to make it, and it just arrived this weekend. It is sculpted from a thick piece of closed cell foam, and has hip pads and and a backrest built right onto it, and a rear extension that goes under the coaming and presses against the bulkhead. Joe's website has instructions for the measurements he needs to fit the seat to your boat, and how to measure the hull cross-section if he's never built one for your type of boat. Anyway, I compressed it a little to get it down into the boat. Then I pushed it to the rear of the cockpit against the bulkhead, and popped the hip pads under the coaming sides. It fits the boat so well that you can't slide it a millimeter in any direction. Sitting in it makes you one with the boat.

I purchased a custom foam…

Submitted by: howard on 1/25/2019

I purchased a custom foam seat from Joe Greenley at Redfish Kayaks....and I am wowed and delighted!

I have been paddling and building high performance kayak's for a number of years and was a regular buyer of Joe's seat blanks which were very comfortable and easy to finish with three other boats i had built.

But most recently, I was working a very special project where I wanted a very light weight build and a very high standard of fit and finish, So I basically sub-contracted the seat part of the project to Joe.

Because i was looking for a very light weight boat, the idea of an integrated seat with back support and thigh support in a single package was intriguing. In this approach, using Joe's custom seat, there are no back-bands, cheek plates or associated structure weight is saved. it is also a very clean and professional look.

The only question I had was, "how is Joe going to make a good fitting seat working on the west coast when i am building on the east coast?" Anyway, after some pictures, measurements and conversations, Joe set out about the work and a couple weeks later a box arrives with the seat in it. I put it in the boat and it fits perfectly. I simply mean, perfectly.

Anyway, this boat is a 'show' project and the seat matches the fit and finish of the work. As I said when I opened my review, I am delighted and I get a lot of great comments. Price wise, this is incredibly reasonable for this level of work, and, if you add it up, not a big uplift from buying any other quality seat offering when you also consider a high quality back band needs to be factored into the comparison as well.

Thanks Joe.


I worked with Joe and got a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/30/2017

I worked with Joe and got a perfect fit for my squall GTS. It was almost 3 pounds lighter and the form allows me to enter and exit much easier. I like that I can pop it out to easily clean out my cockpit. It doesn’t fit perfect, but I even cut out the seat in my classic Phoenix whitewater boat and move my redfish seat between the two. This year I’ve paddled over 2,000 miles and recommend this seat.


Though I didn't finish the…

Submitted by: terrydavison on 8/8/2012
Though I didn't finish the MR340 I did put in 150 miles on this incredible seat. The comfort of this seat is wonderful. Besides saving 3 lbs on my Epic 18X it also makes it bearable on long distance endurance kayaking!

Here is a follow up om my…

Submitted by: terrydavison on 6/14/2012
Here is a follow up om my previous review on this incredible seat.

I've been training for the upcoming MR 340 canoe and kayak race.
Monday I put in 25 plus miles on my Epix 18X with the newly installed seat that Joe made for me. I never got out of the kayak and when I finished my back and butt felt fine! (I'm almost 60 with an extremely bad back)

I will report back after the MR 340 which will be the ultimate test.


I bought a new Epic 18X in…

Submitted by: terrydavison on 5/18/2012
I bought a new Epic 18X in November and as much as I like it I just couldn't make the OEM seat comfortable.
After many hours of research, and reading many reviews I contacted Joe Greenly at Redfish Kayak. I gave him the kayak info that he needed and within a week the seat was delivered.

After taking the OEM seat out, I weighed both seats and the Redfish seat weighed 3 lbs less. The first run I went 2 hours, and the next day I put in a very taxing 3 hour run. I just cannot believe how comfortable this seat is, and support it offers!

Joe, you really should get in the motorcycle seat business as I would gladly have you make me a couple of them.


Recently installed this great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/23/2003
Recently installed this great seat in my NC 17LT Daytripper. Pressure fit exactly. Good backrest just below cockpit coaming, built in hip braces, greatly improved stability, control, and comfort for my cranky (surgically renovated) back. Joe Greenley makes a quality product designed to fit exactly. Saved me time, labor, and well worth it.