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I just received my seat from Joe and it has transformed what was for years a painful kayaking experience into a lounge chair-level of comfort. For a couple of years my left leg would become numb and painful after about 20 minutes of paddling in my Walrus kayak with a seemingly form-fitting fiberglass seat. I tried every trick I could think of - adjusting the backhand, moving the foot braces, adding thigh support, adding a seat pad - but nothing worked, until I got the Redfish seat from Joe. It fit perfectly and instantly solved my leg issue. I've been able to stay in the boat for hours without the need to stretch my legs and the integrated backrest (which I wasn't sure I'd use) has also turned out to be amazingly comfortable. It is also beautiful and the suede texture he give the seat helps keep my butt planted when edging and in rough water. I've been kayaking for 25 years in all kinds of high tech and skin of frame boats and this purchase was probably the single most game-changing thing I've ever bought for kayaking. I am totally impressed and would recommend Joe's seats and his process to everyone. He's also a pleasure to work with and was immediately responsive to every question I had. Thanks Joe!