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Name: Jon-Waite

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Just bought a custom foam seat from Redfish in Port Townsend today. I live in the Seattle area so I hauled my Cadence kayak over to Redfish’s shop to have them install it. Glad I did! There were some complications with my old kayak seat that required some cutting - and they took care of that and custom-fit a beautiful foam seat in my cockpit and gave me very clear instructions regarding how remove it if necessary and re-install it. No glue required! It just fits snugly in the kayak tight against the rear bulkhead. And oh - comfort at last!!

You see I suffer from a little back sciatica like some of us do as we get older, and my old seat was contributing to classic leg numbness and pain that limited my kayaking to no more than a few hours before I’d have to beach and crawl out of my kayak - writhing in pain. Kayak Academy in Issaquah, WA recommended I go see Redfish and get this custom foam seat which other kayakers in my situation have done in the past - and have gotten terrific results. Can’t wait to get my boat out on the water now. Thanks!!