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Name: pmozbert

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I got this seat for my Current Designs Slipstream. It's a huge positive improvement. The old seat had been giving me back pain. When I contacted Redfish, Joe let me know that he already had the templates for my boat. After submitting a few added measurements, the seat arrived in under 2 weeks. The Slipstream has vertical supports in place to hold the stock fiberglass seat. Joe gave me detailed instructions along with some photos on how to remove the supports to make room for the new seat. The new foam seat is very tight fit. It needs to be carefully centered to press it into the boat and quite a bit of force was required to get the sides in and under the cockpit rim. Once in, it fits perfectly. I've had about 10 hours on it so far. It's very comfortable and well worth the investment. It's cured all the back pain I was having before and given me a couple inches of extra legroom.