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Name: NuitsBlanches

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2 of my well-respected paddling friends recommended a RedFish custom seat when i bought a second-hand Pygmy Cohoe - a pretty wooden boat, but with only a very Spartan piece of foam for a seat. I am more than satisfied with the whole process, and with the seat.


Ordering was easy - a couple emails to work out details and pricing, quick check of the website to look at the detailed instructions posted there, one email with 2 simple measurements, done. Joe has done Cohoes before, and already has the major standard measurements for many types of boats. Communication was excellent, and i always got a quick and friendly reply to any enquiry.

ETA was a couple weeks out, but the seat actually arrived within a week. Good package, seat looked great. The box felt so light, at first i didn't think this could possibly be the seat.


Installation in the Cohoe required taking down a couple lateral struts, as Joe had informed me ahead of time, but once those removed, the seat slid into place with just a little bit of force to convince it to pop in under the coaming. 30 seconds, tops, including a swig of adult beverage as mental fortifier. The custom size and shape are perfect, the seat molds well to the hull at the bottom, and to the cockpit on the side and back, and sits securely, jammed under the side and back coaming. Once in place, it is SOLID, no need for velcro, straps, bolts, duct tape, prayer. It stays put when i'm sliding into the cockpit, when wiggling around, or when the boat is upside down, yet can be removed in 10 seconds, say, to clean the boat, if need be. Clever design, well executed.


Proof of the cake is in the paddling - very comfortable, as reported by everybody else. The foam hits the right balance between firm and soft: it is comfortable to the sit bones and the hips, while providing good support below and to the side, enhancing control of the kayak for edging, for instance. Kind of a soft brushed surface, very kind to the skin when paddling naked, if that's your thing. Closed cells, so it's not going to act like a sponge and retain water, and will dry quickly. I might drill a couple holes through to limit standing water in the "butt cups" - if i get the approving nod from the builder. :-) In the past ~2 weeks since receiving it, I've done a few 3- or 4-hour outings with zero discomfort, and i am looking forward to pushing longer. I fully expect a major improvement on those longer paddles, over even decent commercial seats i've used in other boats.

Joe, thanks for the great service, and for the fiiiiiine seat. Highly recommended.