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When reading a review, it is…

Submitted by: mhotz on 12/27/2023

When reading a review, it is good to get an idea of the reviewer's perspective. I have owned and paddled a bunch of canoes since I was a kid. More than 10, some great some not so great,made of everything from ABS to cedar strips. My longest river trip was 66 miles, I am by no means a guide or outfitter. Just a 55 year old with a wife that likes to get out and see lakes, ponds and slow moving rivers from a canoe. We lost 2 canoes and a kayak to an ice storm at Christmas time,(btw don't store canoes under trees) and I decided it was time to get a forever boat. We wanted something light fast and easy to handle. The Ranger Otter is perfect! Michael was a huge help through a the entire buying process. He made it easy, and the day we picked it up and it was shining away in the workshop was incredible. His advice on paddles has also made a huge difference. He got us a pair of Fox worx bent paddles. They are light and amazing to paddle with. Now to the boat itself, I was nervous about a lake canoe without a keel. Would it track well, or handle wind. Michael's design is amazing. It is stable getting in and out. Just came back from a trip with a 10 to 15 kt wind from the east, on a river that is fairly wide and meanders, so we had wind from all directions. Didn't matter to our Otter, it just went where I aimed it. Something about the efficiency of the hull that when you get going it wants to keep going. Makes everything easier. Then when I get to the ramp it is so nice to flip it onto my shoulders from the water so the bottom only ever touches water or air, don't want to scratch that incredible shine. Thank you again Michael for our forever boat.


My wife and I love our…

Submitted by: paddler2399880 on 10/4/2022

My wife and I love our Ranger canoe. It is very easy to paddle and tracks well. It turns where I want it to go with very little effort on my part. This is a great New Hampshire made canoe!


A couple of months ago I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2022

A couple of months ago I found Ranger Canoe while searching the internet for Kevlar canoes in New England, where my husband and I were planning a late summer road trip for some canoe camping and backpacking. After speaking with Michael, and reading the reviews, I placed an order for a green Otter. Michael responded quickly to all my questions, even sending me photos of previous canoes he'd made so I could decide on the color. He was ready with our new canoe when we arrived from North Carolina, encouraging us to try it out in Squam Lake first--even using his truck to take the canoe to the water at his own private dock.

We then drove up to Lake Umbagog, at the border of Maine and northern New Hampshire, for a 3 day canoe camping trip. In spite of fairly heavy winds and choppy water, the canoe tracked beautifully and quickly with all our gear. We have canoed for years with our Old Town Penobscot 16, which would have had a hard time making headway under the same conditions. We will still use our Penobscot for river trips, but for flat water and lakes, the Otter is far superior.

Another plus: we drove 750 miles back to North Carolina with the canoe on top of our Subaru Outback, and barely noticed any wind resistence. Our mileage was mildly affected when travelling on interstates over 70 mph, but not at lower speeds or on secondary roads--I assume that's due to the smooth finish and streamlined shape.

Thanks Michael!


We purchased a a new,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/6/2022

We purchased a a new, lighter version of the Ranger Otter directly from Michael after our much beloved older one broke under the weight of snow a few winters back. We loved the new boat at first and enjoyed that it was a bit lighter.

But there have been three related issues with the hull: (1) Either the form has lost some definition over the years or this one is not the best hull from it, but the V bottom of our old boat is no longer well defined. (2) The boat actually has a slight negative rocker, i.e., the ends are lower in the water than the center -- a condition I noted but did not fully appreciate when we first bought the boat. As a result, it tracks beautifully in flat water like all Otters, but it is a bear to turn, particularly in any tight quarters. (3) Like the previous model, it is prone (and has been since we purchased it) to oil-canning, which we successfully prevent by installing a temporary brace below the center thwart each time we go out. It is hard to tell if our problems are a one-off, or this is a decline in the overall quality of the product.

Moreover, the maker has not backed up his product. A couple of years ago, a tree feel on the new boat in the yard, requiring some minor hull repairs. I contacted Michael, who refused to repair it. When I asked him what weight of kevlar I should use for the repair, he said not to use kevlar, but fiberglass. Having seen all the layers of the hull when repairing it, I now believe that the boat is not, in fact, the kevlar hull that we were led to believe it is, but a lightweight layup of fiber glass throughout. Once I successfully completed the repair, I asked Michael (who was surprised that I was able to fix it) what type of gel coat he used, and he would not tell me the brand and color and refused to sell or give me any of the matching color.

I hate to give such a negative review to a boat that in many ways we have loved. We still use and enjoy it it on flat water. We do not baby our boat in the water and I'm now at the point of needing to sand out the scratches and do a new gelcoat on the entire hull, including the repair. I'm also considering adding some stiffeners to the center of the hull.

But we're probably going to just buy a different boat.


We own Otter 16 canoe since…

Submitted by: paddler2108779 on 6/21/2022

We own Otter 16 canoe since 2015. This is the perfect boat. Good looking, great combination of technology and handcrafting. It can handle very rough water and heavy load. Fast and stable. Light enough to carry it on the shoulders. Over the years, I called manufacturer few times and always got help I needed. Recently, I had a pleasure to meet creator of this canoe personally. What a great experience! After rough winter storage, I had to do some restoration. I called Mike and after quick diagnostic with photos, I brought my boat to the shop. Two (!) days later I had my canoe fully restored with brand new gunnels and solo seat. Looking like new again. Mike spent extra time to show how to take care of the boat. Perfect canoe, great experience.


We are enjoying Ranger Canoe…

Submitted by: paddler2108779 on 6/21/2022

We are enjoying Ranger Canoe since 2015. Good combination of high tech kevlar and handcrafted wood gunnels. Fast and stable. Can handle any load and weather. Light enough to be carried solo on shoulders. Over the years I was calling to manufacturer with various questions and always got help. Few weeks ago I had an opportunity to meet builder in person. What a great Experience it was! After bad winter storage mistake, canoe needed some restoration. I called Michael and after quick troubleshooting with photos, I brought it to the shop. In TWO (!) days I had it fully restored, gunnels replaced and solo seat installed. Looking like a brand new again. Michael spent extra time to demonstrate how to take care of the canoe and answered all my questions. FIVE STAR Boat and Service! Thank you


The Ranger Canoe (Otter 16)…

Submitted by: MLarochelle on 9/2/2021

The Ranger Canoe (Otter 16) boat is outstanding. It moves smoothly, tracks well, and turns on a dime. And from an aesthetics perspective, you'd struggle to find a better looking boat (eg, look at the trim!) that has all the functionality of this one. I wanted a quality tandem boat that could be paddled solo as well, and researched/contemplated various canoes for a year - I'd be very surprised if there exists a more versatile, high-quality, thoughtfully designed canoe. It is well worth the trip to Ashland, NH to buy directly from Michael, an expert builder with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He takes the time to talk about the boat, paddling, and transporting (even showed me a better way to strap to my rack). I highly recommend Ranger Canoe to anyone looking for a quality canoe - tandem or solo. (And, by the way, with the third seat installed by Michael, it outperforms popular solo boats I've paddled.) I don't think there's a higher-value tandem/solo boat out there, and certainly not at the price and with the the experience of buying directly from the builder that you get with Ranger Canoe.


I purchased a beautiful16…

Submitted by: paddler1630812 on 8/9/2021

I purchased a beautiful16 foot ranger canoe in 2013.

i've taken it to many lakes all over northeast US over the years , and it has held up fantastic.

Everyone who sees it is amazed at its beauty, and the canoeing in it is great.

I recommend this canoe very greatly for recreational canoeing.


I purchased a beautiful16…

Submitted by: paddler1630818 on 8/9/2021

I purchased a beautiful16 foot ranger canoe in 2013.

i've taken it to many lakes all over northeast US over the years , and it has held up fantastic.

Everyone who sees it is amazed at its beauty, and the canoeing in it is great.

I recommend this canoe very greatly for recreational canoeing.


This is my one year update.…

Submitted by: Hairy on 7/28/2021

This is my one year update. We've had a good bit of time with it on the lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams of New England, though not enough (there is no such thing). The Otter is still as solid, quick, and stable as she was last year. No creaks in the woodwork, and no indications of any problems with the hull. Though I'm admittedly more careful with her than with others, I've managed to get the expected scratches through the gelcoat in the bow from beaching. She wintered well - we got a custom cover from the Bag Lady - with a little discoloration and thinning of the finish where the gunwales sat on the rack and under the gunwales (facing up during storage). We will be touching up in the next few weeks using tips from Michael (sand with 120grit, then MinWax Tung Oil).

The canoe is a dream. My son calls it the Porsche, and it certainly seems worthy of the name especially compared with our other recreational canoes. Our old Wi-no-Nah Adirondack is awaiting me to have some time to do major rework so I haven't paddled it for a while. From my memory of years of paddling that one, it seems that the Otter is a bit more directionally stable especially on open water and has a bit less volume than the Adirondack.

Overall, I highly recommend both Mike and his canoe!


I have had my Ranger Otter…

Submitted by: WRoxdDFG on 7/8/2021

I have had my Ranger Otter 16 for six weeks now and it is terrific!

People on rivers and in parking lots have stopped me to say how good it looks.

The handling is excellent, both solo and with a passenger.

I do not know much about canoe construction, but my brother is a composites engineer, and he was impressed with the workmanship with the Kevlar layup and the many weight-saving details of the design.

I also like the weight saving details- I can put the canoe on the roof of my car by myself without a struggle. I am seventy years old and got this canoe because my plastic tandem kayak was getting too heavy for me to transport.

It was a pleasure working with Mike. He answered the phone when I called and patiently answered all my questions. Be sure to ask him about the wooden paddles which he sells. The paddles are light and beautiful.


We have had this canoe on a…

Submitted by: paddler1566771 on 6/18/2021

We have had this canoe on a large lake for almost four years. We love it. It is light enough for me to launch easily, is stable, handles and tracks well, looks great, and has been easy to maintain.


Recently purchased a…

Submitted by: paddler898860 on 11/19/2020

Recently purchased a beautiful Ranger Canoe from Mike...builder/owner of Ranger Canoes. My My wife and I paddled in our younger days and are now getting back into it once again. Wanted something lighter to haul and beautiful to enjoy. We found it...handles very well, very fast compared to our old White Canoe and we are very pleased. Mike was great, thoroughly explaining the materials and construction process. Five Stars !


I discovered Ranger canoe in…

Submitted by: PondView on 10/19/2020
I discovered Ranger canoe in early summer 2020 while searching for a standard factory-made economy canoe on-line to no avail. It seemed impossible at that time to find anything outdoors related even in the used market. After a little more research on custom canoes I came across Ranger in Ashland, NH, and got on the phone with Michael to discuss availability and options. Michael was very cordial taking time out of his busy shop schedule to discuss every aspect of the Otter canoe without pushing a sale. After some thought and more research on Ranger I called Michael the next day and placed an order-I am very happy I did. Michael advised me on what would be required to pick-up and transport the Ranger canoe on my sedan rooftop being adamant that he would not allow the canoe to be hauled off haphazardly. I agreed and searched for good quality roof racks and tie-downs. (that’s a whole nutha story) The new roof racks arrived about the same time that Michael finished the new Otter build and once again, he was very helpful in every aspect of the purchase providing his humble expertise on transporting, use and care for this wonderful boat. A trip to beautiful Ashland on a fine sunny summer morning and the new canoe was ready to take delivery. Michael’s shop is amazing and the quality of craftsmanship superb. I arrived with the wrong tie-downs and Mike offered a set with full explanation about the method and ease of use. He also had a set of support brackets to enhance the stability of transporting the canoe which he didn’t push but which made perfect sense and so I added them to the sale and again, so very glad I did. I have had a few basic plastic sporting store canoes over the years, but this Otter is a great leap above in design, materials, form-fit-&-function, on anything you can buy at the box store outfitters. The canoe’s 52 lb lightweight construction makes it feasible to load and unload solo and its well-crafted hull design makes it a breeze to paddle effortlessly on the lake. The balance point for solo carrying is right about shoulder bearing at the center crossbar. I use the canoe primarily for two-person fishing ponds and small lakes in New Hampshire and occasionally for nature photography to reach those difficult spots unavailable by foot. The canoe is very stable and quite easily maneuvered in calm and light to moderately chopped ponds and smaller lakes. I have not taken it out on larger lakes which I believe are best suited for motorboats and the like. The 5 ***** star review is well deserved and certainly earned. This is a high quality, hand crafted canoe designed with state-of-the-art materials for the utmost canoeing experience and longevity. And though nothing is perfect, I cannot think of any negative points to report at this time, save for the scratching on the front and rear hull points, but that is to be expected of any canoe landing on rocky or pebbly shores. One final thought; dealing with Michael was one of the best customer service experiences of all time ~ Great canoe, great service, great experience. ~Kevin G.

I had an outfitters shop in…

Submitted by: Solotim on 10/14/2020

I had an outfitters shop in WV for 13 years. We sold Old Town and Mad River canoes. We paddled mostly white water rivers but now at 70 years old decided we needed a light weight flat water boat that we could paddle tandem or solo and was light enough for us to load and unload easily. After a lot of research and finding out that the Henrys were no longer involved with Mad River I found Michael, at Ranger Canoe and I’m glad I did. After spending considerable time talking to him about the Otter we place an order for an Otter with the optional solo center seat installed and picked the boat up in Ashland, NH. This boat paddles more effortlessly than any canoe I have ever been in, and I’ve been in a bunch of canoes. The hull is very stiff without the usual flex I was accustomed to. With the shallow V/shallow Arch design it tracks straight as an arrow. Roll it up on a flat and it turns very nicely. At 52 pounds my wife and I can easily manage the canoe. Micheals customer service is the best I’ve seen in the industry! Thus, 5 Stars for Ranger Canoe and Michael! Thank you Michael!


I have owned many canoes over…

Submitted by: paddler876848 on 9/18/2020
I have owned many canoes over the years from my first old town discovery , mad river revelation to my bell but by far my most favorite canoe is my Ranger 16 ft Otter. This canoe is an extension of oneself while paddling. It tracks, its fast and the workmanship is second to none!

I first spoke with Michael at…

Submitted by: Hairy on 7/16/2020
I first spoke with Michael at Ranger about a month ago in the midst of some frustration in getting parts ordered and delivered to refurbish my ancient but still much-loved Wi-no-nah Adirondack. After talking with Michael and doing a lot of research over the next week, I put my order in for an Otter. Michael was great to work with despite being tremendously busy. The standard options are pretty simple - green or maroon - and I added the third/solo seat, which is positioned about halfway between the stern seat and the yoke. I picked up the canoe yesterday and Michael gave me a tour of the shop, as well as some great pointers to help me get the Adirondack back into service as well. I also picked up two FoxWorx Standard paddles from him. Today we put it through its paces with a three-hour jaunt on Squam lake. My wife and I paddled it out with our 70lb labrador in the center (so with our gear probably right at 380-ish lbs), while the three kids pushed our Old Town "DeathStar" through the water after us. On the way home, our adult daughters paddled it with my wife resting as a passenger in the solo seat (probably close to the same weight) while our teenage son and I drug the DeathStar with the dog. In-between, I took it out and did some moderate solo paddling. Bottom line - it's a dream. The canoe is as described on the website. The craftsmanship is solid. Compared to the Adirondack, which again I love, it feels a bit more stable. It seems to track a bit easier (my daughter said it was very noticeable) yet doesn't feel much more difficult to maneuver, and perhaps even a bit easier when solo because of the width. Even with the weight we had in it, it was fast and efficient. Paddle easily, and you'll sustain a nice pace for a long trip (we have a four-day in a couple weeks we'll be using it on). Push it, and it cruises nicely. It has a low profile in the water, which was nice with the breeze that kicked up in the middle of the lake and especially when I was solo, yet not so low to worry about moderate wakes or waves swamping it. I haven't checked a scale, but it feels right at the advertised 51-52lbs and very balanced on the yoke. No creaking or looseness in the woodwork when hoisting to my shoulders. Though this isn't the canoe I'm going to grab for whitewater, Michael includes bow and stern rope loops threaded through the hull that look to be sturdy enough for moderate river rescues. The endcaps are hand-formed and trimmed epoxied Kevlar which, though not as pretty as a wooden cap, look to be more durable and will be better protection during loading and portages. I will update as we get more time in this boat, but in the meantime we are very satisfied.

We bought our mandarin…

Submitted by: paddler562515 on 10/17/2019

We bought our mandarin orange Ranger canoe years ago and love it. Its wide enough center for stability to fish from and large enough to store our camping gear. It tracks and handles well and it light enough to get you through windblown lakes. We recently needed some new gunwales and reached out to Michael who invited us to the shop in Ashland, NH. We decided to spend the weekend on the coast and Michael offered to replace all of the wood, hardware, seats, foaming... so that we could pick it up on the way home! Oh, and we went in the fall when the foliage from New York to Maine was in spectacular form. Well worth the drive and the "good-as-new" canoe that is now home and ready for the next adventure. Michael really takes pride in his work and does it well and with a traditional New England sensibility. If you don't have one yet - get your family a Ranger canoe! And if you get the chance, pick it up in Ashland, NH. Ranger is the prototypical "little guy" company with a big-time product that won't hurt your wallet.


I bought a seventeen year…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/15/2019

I bought a seventeen year old Ranger canoe that had been stored outside and had seen a bit of wear. The canoe I have is Kevlar. Having canoed all my life this is by far the lightest canoe I have ever used. Some of the gunnel had rotted. I got a hold of Michael up in Ashland NH. He replaced the gunnels, thwart and cane seats. The repair was completed in three days time. Not only was the canoe repaired but he instructed me on the best way to care for and transport that canoe. The instruction alone was well worth the hour and a half trip north for me. I highly recommend Ranger Canoe


We've had a Ranger for about…

Submitted by: PBealo on 6/24/2019

We've had a Ranger for about 10 years. Mike sold us a "blemished 2nd" that none of us (including Mike!) could find!

So this weekend we made the pilgrimage back to buy a new set of gunnels. Mike took a good long time explaining the ins and outs of installing them properly, even selling us some needed hardware and tapered drill bit. He even let me video the lecture to ensure I can review the details later.

Excellent product, true craftsman manufacturer. VERY happy about this purchase!


This canoe is near and dear…

Submitted by: mcranney on 1/28/2019

This canoe is near and dear to my heart. I made the drive to Ashland last spring while I was in the midst of planning a thru-paddle on the Northern Forest Canoe trail. Mike was great, helped me load the canoe, and gave good advice on maintenance and repair supplies. Our canoe survived the 740 mile journey and performed like a champion. She was a speed demon on glassy lakes, could handle herself in wind blown conditions, and was tough enough for class III rapids, strenuous upstream travel, and the more than occasional scraping through low water. And her light weight made the hundred plus miles of portaging a little easier. And when we crunched her on a rock coming through the rapids in Plattsburg and chipped her gel coat Mike was more than happy to take multiple calls and help walk us through the repair process. We've since relocated to Colorado and can't wait to take her through her paces on western waters. The Otter is a versatile craft, and Mike knows his trade and is happy to help his customers.


My wife and I made the drive…

Submitted by: paddler473794 on 10/24/2018

My wife and I made the drive to Ranger Canoe in Ashland, NH last week and wow was it ever worth it! We have been researching canoes for quite some time, wanting a canoe that could track well, be lightweight, stable, steer easily, and be the right size for the two of us along with some day-tripping gear. Our checking brought us upon the Ranger Canoe Company. The information on the company's website detailed the canoe with great depth and the reviews that we read were all positive. I called Mike, the owner / builder and we chatted at great length about his design, canoeing in general and following my conversation, we decided this is the boat for us. When we arrived, Mike brought us into his workshop and pointed out all the features of the boat. Aside it being an incredible design, the overall craftsmanship is amazing. Mike has great attention to detail from bow to stern! After we decided to purchase the 'stately' Hunter Green boat, Mike took the extra time to explain and physically show us the little ins and outs for the proper maintenance on the boat to keep it in tip top shape for years to come. He also talked to us about a pair of bent-shaft paddles…. and hooked us up with a great set on-line. We can't say enough positive things about the canoe and our entire experience with Ranger Canoe. The canoe far exceeds that of a Mad River and blows an Old Town offering. We love our new canoe and would recommend a Ranger Otter canoe all day. The owner/builder has a wealth of knowledge, making you feel welcome and the boat speaks for itself.


Bought a Ranger Canoe last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/11/2018

Bought a Ranger Canoe last year mid-summer, and got out on the water nearly every weekend exploring ponds, lakes, and rivers in Vermont. It was great to be able to buy from a local business, and work with a real person, Michael, owner-builder. We have extensive paddling experience in the Boundary Waters and multiple Canadian Provincial Parks, but for this purchase were looking for something primarily oriented to day-trips on local lakes while also being able to handle the occasional short camping trip. Ranger fit the bill. I've built several cedar strip canoes, so know a bit about canoe design and construction, and appreciated talking with Michael about his build techniques, materials, etc.

Unfortunately, we found gel-coat cracks after winter storage, but Michael was great to work with and promptly offered to provide a repair. He did great work to carefully repair the gel coat where it had cracked, and we're back on the water.

If you seek quality craftsmanship from someone who knows canoes and truly stands behind their work, you can't go wrong with Ranger Canoes.

Patrick, Vermont


Ranger Jean explores the Mississippi

Submitted by: Fonzie on 9/27/2017

The canoe itself was worth its weight in gold (which was a cool 52 lbs to be exact). It handled everything we threw at her with ease; which is saying something since we were crazy enough to take her down the entire Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana. Ranger owner/craftsman Mike could not have been more helpful in the buying process, and I can't tell you how many people along the way marveled at his craftsmanship. We left him with not only a quality boat but new found knowledge on canoes, paddling techniques, and transporting the canoe.

However, the reason for the four stars comes with our issue with the seats. Three days into our journey the webbing started to come undone, and a few weeks later two of the screws holding the seats snapped in half. Thankfully we were able to find makeshift fixes, but this experience left a slight sour taste in our mouths.

Overall, a fine canoe for a reasonable price.


Simply a beautiful boat. From looking at its fine woodwork in the garage…

Submitted by: sweerek on 7/26/2016

Simply a beautiful boat.

From looking at its fine woodwork in the garage, to carrying it to the van on a yoke comfortable without padding, to gentle strokes across a sunset-soaked lake, to zipping down a quick river this canoe is just plain enjoyable.

BMW's mottos have been 'Ultimate Driving Machine' and 'Designed For Driving Pleasure' which focus the driver's joy. Ranger canoes do the same on water.


I bought my ranger otter over…

Submitted by: paddler235445 on 7/5/2016
I bought my ranger otter over five years ago. Since then I have used it not only in my lake but also in the Merrimack river where it is tidal, both for summer fishing and winter duck hunting. The light weight combined with a very fast hull has made it my favorite out of my three canoes. It has held up over the years despite heavy use. If you want the best product for your hard earned money look at ranger canoe.

I purchased a Ranger Canoe…

Submitted by: dnault on 6/10/2016
I purchased a Ranger Canoe Otter 16 approximately 2 years ago. This is the best boat of several canoes and Kayaks I have owned. It is stable and fast while paddling with ease. At one time large wakes from power boats made me nervous, not any more, the Otter 16 handles them predictably with composure high and dry.

Overall I prefer the versatility of a canoe over a Kayak; cargo, passengers, fishing, camping and under a variety of paddling conditions, the Ranger Otter 16 does them all well.


Great purchase! I grew up…

Submitted by: paddler236774 on 5/19/2016
Great purchase! I grew up canoeing in my fathers boat and now being a father myself I figured it was time to make the investment in a boat of my own. The canoe I grew up using was roughly 70 pounds and was quite a pain to portage so while searching for a boat I wanted something lighter that I would be able to handle and move by myself. When I came across ranger canoes it felt like right fit given the weight, materials, and price.

I reached out to Michael(Ranger Canoe) and ordered one. It took roughly 2 weeks from the date of order until it was ready for pickup. During that time I consulted with Michael on paddles as well as the roof racks I was about to order. I am glad I did as he changed my mind on the racks I was about to purchase. I spent a bit more money to get a better well known brand that has a canoe portage kit. So glad I did! It makes transportation easy and secure. After consulting with Michael on paddles he talked me into purchasing some bent shaft paddles(Fox W orx). I had never used bent shaft paddles but was extremely happy I purchased them. When I picked up the canoe Michael helped fit me with the right size paddle for my wife and I. This was very helpful and I am super impressed with these paddles.

I have been out in the canoe several times now with the whole family of 4 (including 4&6 year old children). The canoe is great! It handles well, moves fast, and is stable enough to handle 2 younger children moving about. One of my favorite parts of this Canoe is the weight. I love being able to move and store it without help. For the price this boat is a great value given what other brands/retailers charge for similar features. Don't forget the excellent customer service as well.


Classy ride, and very capable…

Submitted by: paddler236676 on 3/26/2016
Classy ride, and very capable tripper. Bought mine off the owner and builder at his home/shop for a song considering the product. It's a multipurpose platform that's good to take out on the lake/river for a relaxing paddle or a challenging multi day trip. The pros here are it's price, weight, and overall flexibility as both a practical and lightweight tripping boat and as sweet little thing to look at perched ontop of any car - transcendental on Vovlos and Saabs - to take on a leisurely day paddle on the lake. It's a comfortable ride and well designed to carry over portages and you'll find it reliable, stable with a low profile, and a quick mover on the open water considering it's modest length.

Disadvantages are mainly due to it's smaller dimensions meaning that paddling next to a 17 or 18 footer it's a little more challenging to keep up, and it does not have the capacity to handle trips much longer than 10 days. It's capable of shooting rapids, but not specialized as a white water boat. I've given it plenty of good bumps/scratches and moved it down some questionable river sections - but you should do so with the care one would take in any kevlar boat.

Concluding here, this boat has outstanding value - maybe the best at $1,500. I would recommend it for all but for the most extreme tripper who may need more space or those focusing on running rivers and rapids. Mine is primarily for moderate trips in the 7-10 day range on lakes and rivers where portaging needs to be accomplished at a minimum effort. No shame - I'll skip most rapids over a class 2 to avoid damage.


We liked the Ranger Canoe so…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2015
We liked the Ranger Canoe so much that we just bought our second one; it's even better than the first. It is light, easily steered, stable, tracks well, fun for our usual habitat - flat water or quiet rivers. Our old one, circa 1992, will now go to our son, who is delighted to get it. We paddled all over MA, NH, ME, AND VT in it. But, for some strange reason, as we have gotten older, the old canoe got heavier. The new one, a Kevlar-fiberglass hybrid, at 51-52 pounds, is much lighter and easier to hoist atop our Outback. The hull is basically the same - it's a well proven design - but the modern materials are the secret "sauce". And it is beautiful. We got many admiring comments from fellow paddlers when we took it out on it its maiden voyage here on a small lake in Vermont today.

Ranger Canoes are hand-built by the owner in his workshop in New Hampshire. What a rare treat to go over and meet Michael last week and learn about how he builds them, then return to pick up our new boat this week. I understand he ships them nationally, but for those of us in the NY, and New England region, the trip is worth it. Oh, and the price is right; actually, more than right. His price is well under most other companies' comparable boats, especially buying direct, while the quality is well above.

In a world of mass-produced low quality imported junk, hand-built Ranger Canoes are rare gems. I am so glad to be able to own a new second one.


Warning: This is a long review but well deserved!!! My wife and I…

Submitted by: mwtanis6411 on 8/4/2015
Warning: This is a long review but well deserved!!!
My wife and I made the drive to Ranger Canoe in Ashland, NH yesterday and wow, was it ever worth it! We have been researching canoes for quite some time now as we were looking to make a paddling change from kayaking to canoeing. Wanting a canoe that could track well, be lightweight (yet not incredibly fragile), stable, steer easily, and be the right size for the two of us and some gear for an overnight paddle, we stumbled upon the Ranger Canoe Company. The information on the company's website detailed the canoe with great depth and the reviews that we read were all positive. I called Mike, the owner and builder, about a month ago and we chatted at great length about his design and canoeing in general and following my conversation, we decided this is the boat for us.

When we arrived, Mike brought us into his workshop and pointed out all the features of the boat. I have been around canoes my whole life as my parents have been avid paddlers since the early 70's and never have I seen a boat with such a perfect blend of a versatile and touring canoe. The incredible design aside, the overall craftsmanship is amazing. Mike has great attention to detail from bow to stern! After we decided to purchase the boat, Mike took the extra time to explain and physically show us the little ins and outs for the proper maintenance on the boat to keep it in tip top shape for years to come. He also talked to us about paddles….We have always used straight shaft paddles and honestly thought that the bent shaft were for racing only. Mike explained how much more beneficial the bent shaft paddles are, but we wanted to try first hand. Mike let us borrow his own paddles and utilize his dock on Little Squam Lake to try out the paddles (and the new canoe!).

The canoe handled even better than we ever would have expected, both in the quiet water and out in the middle of the lake with power boat wake and strong winds. Never once did the boat feel unstable, it excelled in tracking, and glided through the water with ease. And to add, what a difference the paddles make! We ended up purchasing 2 bent shaft paddles before we left as the type Mike has available far exceed the quality you will find elsewhere.

We can't say enough positive things about the canoe and our entire experience with Ranger Canoe. The canoe far exceeds that of a Mad River Explorer (my parents have one they bought when the company was still in Vermont) and blows the old Grumman out of the water! We love our new canoe and would recommend a Ranger Otter canoe all day. The owner/builder has a wealth of knowledge, makes you feel welcome and the boat speaks for itself within 5 minutes on the water.

Normally I don't leave reviews but I hope this review has and will help many other paddlers looking for a tip-top canoe and an unbeatable price. The drive to get there is worth it and then some (there was even a family from Florida and Canada looking at the canoes the same day as well)! I myself do my research and read reviews before purchasing so I know how important a detailed review is.


I have been researching…

Submitted by: paddler236286 on 6/23/2015
I have been researching canoes for several years. Although there may be several with subtle differences - the Ranger Otter 16 is outstanding! It tracks beautifully and handles wind perfectly. We only wish we had time to be on the water in it DAILY because it's so much fun to paddle. She glides through the water with so much ease you can feel the care and thought put into her design.

I stopped by the Ranger shop in NH and could've hung out there for days - the owner was welcoming and showed me around while we talked about any and everything. If you're looking for a canoe you won't go wrong with the Otter 16 - it's everything the website says it is and more. VERY HAPPY with my purchase! (and the paddles he sells are excellent too!)


First off, nobody gets a 10…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/23/2015
First off, nobody gets a 10 rating review. Nothing is perfect in all paddling conditions, all areas of water or weather unless it's specific in design, but that would racing.

The Otter (fiberglass layup) is clean, appealing to the fussy, strong in areas that need it, and minimal in areas that count for a light weight boat. Shouldering the boat (50lbs) is appreciated getting it to and from portages or the racks. The ash wood is finely fit and sanded to a quality furniture finish. The boat is eye candy.

Paddling it solo is a pleasure. Mind you, the boat had an added third seat for specific purpose. Also nice as a makeshift table when two up paddling. Head to wind the boat likes it's nose up, what boat doesn't? In 1 foot chop, 8 knots of true wind, I felt confident and unthreatened with 35lbs of gear. Padding for the knees would have been helpful while kneeling/bracing against the sides. A few creaks here and there from the new wood settling into the fitment, but after wet, it all went away.

This Otter by Ranger was a nice find. Made in NH by a "REAL" artisan, hell yea USA! and reasonable. Yep reasonable, I'll repeat it once more, "reasonable" cause a comparable boat of the same quality, add another grand. Shooting photography from the water, well, lets say there's nothing to shoot? Then shoot the boat, it's that nice.

A great find and a passionate Builder, Michael from Ranger and his Otter is well worth a consideration for purchase.


My wife and I have been…

Submitted by: paddler235742 on 7/13/2014
My wife and I have been canoeing for 42 years together. During that time we have owned two canoes. The first was a "state-of-the-art, in 1972" 18 ft. Royalex that weighed in at 80lb. No keel, flat bottom and no hope of getting it across a lake in a breeze.

In 1998 we bought a new Ranger 16 (at 64lbs, also state-of-the-art in it's day). While they say there is no perfect canoe for all conditions, this Ranger comes about as close as you are going to get. It has traveled from coast to coast several times, been in the ocean, glacial lakes in upper Alberta, the Everglades, sounds of North Carolina, and countless rivers and streams in between. It always puts a smile on our faces.


We bought a fiberglass Ranger…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/30/2014
We bought a fiberglass Ranger Otter probably 15 years ago from someone who used only a few times. As soon as we got it on the water, we realized why - it did indeed creak. We tracked the problem to the varnished wooden thwarts and seat hangers working against the vinyl gunwales. We came up with a simple and effective fix: we unbolted the thwarts, inserted a piece of an old belt as a leather washer, and reassembled it. No problem after that. I wonder if this is less of a problem with the wood gunwales.

In virtually all other respects, we LOVE this boat and are thinking about moving up to the kevlar model. We've had it out on wide lakes with strong winds and 2-foot waves with no problem. Have also bounced off a few rocks in some riffles in light river rapids. In flat water it tracks like a dream.

After all the flat-bottom beasts of my youth, we also found it a little tippy at first, but quickly got the feel for it.
Great boat, great value.


I have had my ranger otter…

Submitted by: paddler235445 on 2/24/2014
I have had my ranger otter for 2 1/2 years. In that time I have gone Striper fishing in the mouth of the Merrimack, Duck hunting in Joppa, and lake fishing by my house and elsewhere. Mike made an all-around canoe that I can not be happier with. It's light, tracks well and is a dream for cresting wakes. Couldn't be more pleased.

I am a quietwater paddler, I…

Submitted by: paddler235311 on 8/25/2013
I am a quietwater paddler, I love fishing and the tranquility of just being on the water. I was looking for dollar value in a canoe that I could use on extended wilderness camping/fishing trips. I started looking for a canoe early in 2012. The Ranger Otter sparked my interest immediately. I shopped on the internet and visited some paddling shops, researching and comparing price and features of every canoe I could find. I kept coming back to the Ranger and decided to give Michael a call. He was very informative and helpful. After shopping for one year, I made one last vain attempt to give any other boat a chance.

I ordered my Otter in January of 2013, and had Michael install the optional middle seat as I paddle mostly alone. I took delivery in April 2013 and immediately put her in the water. My initial impression was very good, although I was only on a small pond. Shortly thereafter I packed up for an extended trip to the Turtle-Flambeau flowage in northern Wisconsin. I was there from the time that the ice was just going out (May 1st.) until August 1st. I camped and lived out of this canoe for three months, going to town to resupply every 10 days- 2 weeks. I had this canoe in every type of water from 3ft. heavily windswept waves to perfect glass (no whitewater- she's a lake canoe), and she performed wonderfully in every situation.

There is plenty of room for all my gear even though I always take a lot of bulky "luxury" gear that I really could do without. I think if pressed I could stay out for 1 month in this canoe and at 16ft., 34" beam, 52lbs., it is not a big boat. She almost effortlessly glides through the water,and with a tailwind you're really making time. With a quartering headwind you need only to hold your bearing, and she's easy as pie directly into the wind. The Otter is a dream to fish from and absolutely no problem to load alone. I had an absolutely awesome trip and highly recommend the Ranger Otter to anyone looking for a tripping canoe. I am going back in late September/October for some autumn fishing and class 1 river floating, and am really looking forward to getting her in the water again.

I could have spent a lot more money on a lot less boat and am absolutely in love with my Ranger Otter! Thank you Michael! Happy paddling to everyone!


Our Ranger Canoe cuts through…

Submitted by: paddler235130 on 7/22/2013
Our Ranger Canoe cuts through the water beautifully and seems to like it's nose into the wind. We paddle in California on lakes, rivers and sloughs, mainly flat water. sometimes in the evening on the return trip we are faced with afternoon winds. At the end of a trip this can make the trip so much work that it overshadows a great day on the water. Not so with our new Ranger Canoe. This boat plays into a headwind as if it likes it, making the whole day better. This boat also interacts with with wakes and waves in such a manner as to dissipate their energy much better than my old royalex Explorer. It does involve a minor learning curve if you are used to a flat bottom boat.

The only thing I will change is to tip the cane seat a little because I paddle mostly on my knees and the leading edge cuts into my rear end a little, Raising the back edge of the seat about 1 inch will most likely remedy that problem.

We love our new boat. Shipping from back east was no problem. the network of manufacturer to shipper, to delivery here in California was excellent. I met people who were helpful, kind and generous.
Thanks Michael O'Hara!


I recently purchased my…

Submitted by: paddler235088 on 7/10/2013
I recently purchased my second Ranger canoe. I left the first one behind when I moved across the country years ago and have long regretted it. These are good all around boats. I can't add much that hasn't been said in all the other reviews that rated it 9 or 10 out of 10.

I cant help myself. I need to comment about the review that rated it 3. That's bizarre. He couldn't hear his buddy 8' away over the creaking? Extremely tippy? I've been paddling with my 55# dog. She wasn't too crazy about it at first... We've managed to slip up to geese, mergansers, ducks, painted and snapping turtles. I've never heard a creak, or thought it was tippy. Ranger hasn't stayed in business nearly 50 years by building 3 star canoes. If you disregarded that review, as well as mine, it would get a rating of 9.66/10. That's pretty good.


I purchased the Otter canoe…

Submitted by: paddler234499 on 4/17/2012
I purchased the Otter canoe by Ranger in the fall of last year. After using it several times I have found myself getting more comfortable with it. Because it does not have a keel it tends to rock a little more than my other canoe. However, now that I have acquainted myself more with this canoe I am more than pleased with the canoe and love its' functionality. the curved caned seats are extremely comfortable and I have added canoe backs to make it even more enjoyable. this canoe is well designed and well built. I'll be keeping this one for a very long time.

We purchased a Ranger canoe…

Submitted by: paddler234494 on 4/13/2012
We purchased a Ranger canoe in 2009. We have been very pleased with it. We use it for short trips on the local river and have used it for multi-day camping trips. We have had it out on relatively large lakes and small streams.

We have been quite happy with this purchase. The canoe has taken everything that we could throw at it. It does quite well with big loads (camping gear, two adults, and one child) and is an excellent canoe for our short, local excursions and fishing trips. It tracks quite well. It is fairly maneuverable, but it is a long boat so it is not going to win any slalom races. So far it has held up quite well, and the owner was very fair and nice to us!

Also, it is a beautiful boat. We still get comments on it, and it is still in great shape. I highly recommend this boat and this manufacturer.


I am so pleased with my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/30/2011
I am so pleased with my Ranger, and especially with the re-fit that the owner, Michael O'Hara, did recently, that I felt I must post this review and recommend the Ranger canoe line most highly.

My Ranger is a 2004 model, 16' in fiberglass with Kevlar re-inforced bow and stern, slotted ash rails and woven cane suspended seats. I bought it used 2 seasons ago and fell in love with it this first time I put it in the water. It is a great all-around boat with a smooth, flattened-U hull, no keel ridge, 34 inch beam and very slight rocker that makes it very stable and comfortable in the water. I can lean it with gunwalls practically in the water and it will not tip. It is slightly asymmetrical and tracks best going forward. With my buddy with me in the bow, we can make that 55 pound boat fly through the water! Paddling it solo in the backward direction, it did well enough so I did not mind that approach. But on the current refit, I asked Micheal to put in a third seat in the solo position so I could send it the right way through the water. Now, she responds so beautifully going solo that my solo Wenonah Rendezvous will stay in the shed more than in the past.

I really want to comment here on the excellent, helpful, expert, friendly, and reasonable service Michael provided on the refit. He replaced the ash rails, re-cored the stern and bow stems, replaced the thwarts and original seats and added a third seat (all in gorgeous wood and cane). That's what I brought the canoe up to him to do. But he really went above and beyond in his labor and service. He compounded the hull himself by hand before fitting the new rails on, re-cored the ends as I said (a free, extra job), and applied many coats of the 303 anti-ultraviolet treatment. The result of the latter (in addition to the compounding) was that the faded red gelcoat lost its oxidized layer and returned to close to the original color. Michael performed a labor of love on my canoe, and for that I am very grateful. His work was worth every penny of his fair and reasonable price. The result is now I have practically a new canoe, and it is truly a beauty. Unlike in the past, it will now reside permanently in my garage and I look forward to many happy years on the water with it. Thank you, Michael!


Ok so I just bought my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/28/2011
Ok so I just bought my first canoe in 12 years+, but have paddled my whole life up until then. I bought a Ranger Otter 16' epoly/kevlar canoe from its original owner. I have been to the Quetico 3 times and am looking to make my 4th trip this summer. After a lot of reading around, and missing out on 2 other similar boats, I lucked out and picked up the Ranger.

Growing up all we had where allumacraft beasts, used during all three trips to canada, my first when I was 13, since I have been in various rentals, and friends canoes of various models, and hands down the Ranger beats them all... 1st trip yesterday, with my buddy, and some fishing gear, seemed real tippy at first, and alls I thought was I made a mistake, then when you get used to it and the motion of her, man is she amazing! Cut through the water like a fish man, tracked great, and we even fished out of her no prob. At one point we both leaned right, and paddled right hard, and had her almost vertical with the water brushing the gunrails, and she still didn't tip!

So then I wrote a review today and was concerned about upkeep and some of the inner fibers seeming dry and rubbing off a bit, just a few, but that doesn't really belong here, and besides after getting wet the fibers on the inside are fine, and stuck back like glue, must of just been dry from not being in the water for a year.

I took her back out today solo, just after a storm front went through, we had tornado warnings so you know the kinda day I'm talking about, but I thought hell. lets really put her to the test.. So I took her out on Lake Normandy (Tennessee) with 1'+/- waves with small white caps, not another soul on the lake, and man did she shine! again, best canoe ever! cut cross wind, against the wind, back with the wind with straight broad side against the waves, I pushed her, and No oil canin, no wobble, it was gorgeous! I am hooked and a Ranger man for life! great boat... Can't wait for the trip this summer!
Rating 9 1/2 out of 10 because I haven't had her in rapids yet....


I have used this canoe for…

Submitted by: paddler233209 on 7/2/2009
I have used this canoe for two years now and have been impressed with every aspect of it. I researched canoes a good deal, and had good knowledge of canoes in general before I bought the Ranger. The canoe was actually my second choice, at the time I was an REI employee working in the paddling/cycling area. I ordered a Mad River Explorer, but after waiting almost a year for them to send it to me I canceled my order.

The owner/builder of Ranger Canoes assured me I would be pleased with the design because its very similar to the Explorer. The Ranger paddles very nicely, maneuvers nimbly, and is a great looking boat. The bow of the canoe is not as high as some, which make paddling in windier weather better than with other boats; the downside is that large waves/ boat wakes may cause the bow paddler to get a little wet.

I've had myself and a friend out in the canoe with a weight of around 420lbs between us and had no noise or flex issues like a previous reviewer had. I have canoed with my three year old golden retriever mix in the bow and me in the stern several times with great success. The boat will feel tippy to some as it is a shallow V and not a rounded/flatter bottom. The shallow V tracks better and has good primary and secondary stability.

The price is reasonable, its a pleasure to paddle, and its a quality piece of equipment. I would recommend it to anyone with canoeing experience. Beginning paddlers may find it a bit tippy, but once they're used to it the shallow V will perform much nicer than any rounded bottom canoe.


I purchased a white…

Submitted by: paddler232915 on 10/8/2008
I purchased a white fiberglass layup Ranger Canoe 1993. It has a solo kneeling thwart and ash gunnels. I sold it to a friend some years ago - yet I still paddle it more than he does!

What makes a Ranger such a wonderful craft is it's versatility. It handles beautifully as a solo, but is also a fine wilderness tandem canoe. It turns well, glides straight ahead at brisk pace and in general is a responsive, elegant boat. My unique wood/canvas solo canoe is my favorite cane of all I've ever owned or paddled - but the Ranger holds a special place in my heart - and in my memory, given all the places I've paddled it. And it's a pretty QUIET canoe!!


I've had fair amount of time…

Submitted by: paddler232769 on 7/23/2008
I've had fair amount of time paddling both a Mad River Explorer and an Old Town Discovery. My Ranger takes top honors. My boat came equipped with a kneeling thwart for solo paddling. I would strongly recommend this option for anyone who paddles solo on regular basis. The hull is asymmetrical, and performs best when paddled solo in the forward direction.

I've paddle in a wide variety of conditions: salt water tidal ponds, bays, harbors, lakes, and rivers. I've encountered big waves and high winds, and have never been disappointed with the Ranger's performance. I regularly fish, while standing, and secondary stability is excellent. Primary stability might be a little deceiving to for the less experienced paddler, but this boat is stable.

Concerns of boat being noisy are likely the result of fiberglass construction. If silence is a priority, try a royalex boat and be prepared to sacrifice performance and add weight. I must admit, I often consider buying another boat - another Ranger (perhaps in kevlar).


I just took my Ranger on a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/12/2008
I just took my Ranger on a 100 mile trip down the Everglades Wilderness Waterway. My friend and I carried 20 gallons of water plus our gear, and covered it all with a bungeed tarp. The canoe handled beautifully, through the twisty mangroves of "The Nightmare," into the Gulf of Mexico, through the waves of Oyster Bay and the Joe River (a front came through). I couldn't have asked for more. I love my Ranger!

O.K. I've owned an Otter for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/25/2007
O.K. I've owned an Otter for about 5-6 months now. I used it in just about every condition in that time on ~25-30 different long and short trips.

I absolutely love this canoe. It performs remarkably in most situations. I've paddled in on slow moving rivers, still lakes, fast moving rivers with class II+ rapids, and severely wind blown lakes. The only time it wasn't fantastic was in the heavy rapids and to be fair, that is not what it's meant for. On a three day trip on Lake Umbagog in NH, I took on some water, but the waves were about 2 1/2-3ft. and the canoe was fully loaded, so no real surprise there.

I think this canoe really shines in wind versus any other canoe I've owned or paddled. I love how low its profile is on the water, which helps to keep it from being blown around. In general, this is a very fast canoe (we easily keep up with kayakers on trips). It is a little tipsy for initial stability, but once she's moving she's like a rock. that being said, she's not really a great canoe for fishing (although we have fished very comfortably from her, and caught many fish without scaring them as in the other review!)

As for the other reviewer saying that he wouldn't even take his dog out in an Otter, well he probably doesn't have a very well behaved dog. My 65lbs. dog has been on every trip that we've taken in this canoe, even when it's fully loaded and it's never been a problem.

I also think it works great as a solo canoe either reversed or with my dog weighing down the bow. I love this canoe and would recommend it to anyone that knows anything about canoeing. It probably wouldn't be a good canoe for someone who has never canoed before or plans to use it primarily for hunting or fishing. I even have a friend who is considering selling his fancy 17' sea kayak for one of these next season. He's been on 4 or 5 trips with us and can't believe how sweet this canoe is.
So, no I don't work for Ranger Canoe, but I really do love this canoe that much.


I bought the non-kevlar…

Submitted by: paddler232237 on 8/7/2007
I bought the non-kevlar version about 4 weeks ago. I have owned a kayak for five years but wanted to buy something to share my love of the water with my 7 year old daughter. Everyone recommended the Ranger and they were right. It is a fantastic all around canoe. It has the perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, tracking, and stability. I highly recommend this canoe. I even take it out solo and it performs fine!

I was looking for a great…

Submitted by: paddler232187 on 7/13/2007
I was looking for a great canoe to go fishing in. I tried out the Otter on both a still pond and the Connecticut river up in VT. The Canoe was extremely noisy, my buddy and I had trouble hearing each other over the creaking, and any fish that were around most likely got spooked. I also found the canoe to be very wobbly, the seat (not reaching the side of the canoe, but rather screwed into the top) would constantly shift with and upper body motion. Contrary to what Ranger claims, the canoe was extremely tipsy as well. I would never want to take my year and a half old niece out on the lake in this canoe, or my dog for that matter. We would surely both be swimming. I would recommend shopping around a bit more.

Bought a Fiberglass Ranger in…

Submitted by: wildernesswebb on 11/6/2006
Bought a Fiberglass Ranger in May and have used the canoe for a season now, so ready for a review. Have paddled it tandem from the bow facing the stern with a bit of weight (cooler works well) in the stern. Also paddled it tandem on day trips and overnights. Tracks very well, turns easily enough with a light load or day tripping, but can be a bear to turn on a river with a heavy load. I love the lower stems to shed the wind more easily and haven't found them to be an issue in waves up to 1.5'. The combination shallow-V/shallow-arch is comfortably stable, and is faster than I thought it would be. Having paddled hundreds of different boats over the last 25 years, this is definitely my favorite tandem in the 15-17' class. As for similar boats, it reminds me of a Mad River Malecite with a bit more stability. Having Owned a Mad River Explorer, Souris River Quetico 16, and Wenonah Adirondack, the Ranger is a bit faster than all and as stable as the Explorer without being as affected by the wind. Fit and finish was good; I would prefer real wood decks, but that adds weight. The ash gunnels are well made as were the contoured seats. I did switch out the seats due to my wifes complaints but I found no fault with them. Supposedly my boat was a "Blem," but don't remember what it was it was so insignificant. Very well made canoe and was an excellent "Value." And the owner/builder/designer/ was great to deal with. Giving it a "9" as nothing is perfect except maybe a Kruger. It's definitely the best 15-17' flatwater tandem that can also be pressed into some river paddling. WW

Great value for the money! As…

Submitted by: paddler231587 on 5/24/2006
Great value for the money! As a long-time whitewater and sea kayaker I've never owned a canoe before, although I've paddled many casually through the years. This boat paddles nicely with good stability, and its shallow vee hull gives it good tracking but still allows for good maneuverability. Although it's a tandem boat you can paddle it solo just fine. The worksmanship is top-notch. The layup is light, about 55 lbs. in the poly-eglass I got, and other layups including all Kevlar are available.

I am very happy with the design and performance of my first canoe. It looks elegant even next to my sleek kayaks, and I know it's going to get a lot of use.