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Name: mcranney

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This canoe is near and dear to my heart. I made the drive to Ashland last spring while I was in the midst of planning a thru-paddle on the Northern Forest Canoe trail. Mike was great, helped me load the canoe, and gave good advice on maintenance and repair supplies. Our canoe survived the 740 mile journey and performed like a champion. She was a speed demon on glassy lakes, could handle herself in wind blown conditions, and was tough enough for class III rapids, strenuous upstream travel, and the more than occasional scraping through low water. And her light weight made the hundred plus miles of portaging a little easier. And when we crunched her on a rock coming through the rapids in Plattsburg and chipped her gel coat Mike was more than happy to take multiple calls and help walk us through the repair process. We've since relocated to Colorado and can't wait to take her through her paces on western waters. The Otter is a versatile craft, and Mike knows his trade and is happy to help his customers.